Tbilisi Airport (TBS/UGTB)

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The modern welcome to Georgia – Tbilisi’s new facilities were open in February 2007. The airport is expertly managed by the Turkish airport operator TAV.

Major reasons to serve this airport

  • Ever since the early 2000s significant positive developments have taken place in the economy of Georgia, making it one of the fastest growing economies in Eastern Europe.
  • The World Bank dubbed Georgia “the number one economic reformer in the world” because it has in one year improved from rank 112th to 9th in terms of ease of doing business.
  • Day by day, Georgia is becoming more integrated into the global trading network.
  • Tourism is an increasingly significant part of the Georgian economy. The number of arrivals has reached 5.9 million exceeding year 2015 (www.gnta.ge).
  • Tbilisi Airport is the airport for the Tbilisi region (1.5 million inhabitants), the hub for Georgia’s 4.5 million population, and only 30 minutes to the city centre.
  • Tbilisi Airport is the number one airport in Caucasian region in terms of runway/airport safety and is equipped with start of the art safety/security tools and infrastructure.
  • Many international airlines now operate from Tbilisi, connecting the capital of Georgia to some of the world’s most important cities, including Amsterdam, Athens, Almaty, Dubai, Doha, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Vienna and Warsaw. This also allows passengers flying to or departing from Georgia to benefit from the choice of additional destinations offered by the large European transit airlines who serve Tbilisi from their hubs.

Marketing and other support

Tbilisi marketing

Catchment Area

30 min 1.5 million; 1 hour 4 million; 2 hour 6 million (includes cross-border). Tbilisi and Batumi (also operated by Turkey’s TAV Airports) are the only civilian airports in Georgia serving a national catchment/population of 4.7 million.


Tbilisi Airport is the largest airport of Georgia along with Batumi Airport (also operated by the TAV Airports) – are the only airports in Georgia. Together the airports serve a catchment of 6 million. All the main cities of Georgia are in the catchment area of these two airports, especially Tbilisi’s.

  • 30 minutes to city centre by taxi.
  • 60 minutes to city centre by bus.
  • Available modes of transportation to city centre: train, bus and taxi.

Please download the Tbilisi Airport Brochure.

Tbilisi freight

Georgia GDP for 2013: USD 16.1 billion.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Commanding a strategic position with easy access to sea-air transportation centers, railway and trucking networks, Tbilisi Airport has all the potential necessary to become the cargo distribution center of the Caucasian region.

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Tbilisi facts

Whoosh: It’s just 30 minutes by cab downtown – and more revitalisation awaits – this is Tbilisi’s Marriott Courtyard.

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Runways (number and length): 1 runway/3,000m
  • Operating hours: 24/7
  • Terminals: One terminal; entirely reconstructed in February 2007 at the same time as provision of a car park, improvements to apron, taxiway, and runway and coinciding with the acquisition of new ground handling equipment.
  • Gates: 10
  • Largest Carrier: Georgian Airways

Vital statistics

2013 2014 2015 2016
TBS Pax 1,410,098 1,575,706 1,847,952 2,251,547


16,442 20,492 22,162 23,976


Flight Category Aircraft MTOW till 14 tons (included) Aircraft MTOW over 14 tons
International 2,5 USD / ton 7,5 USD / ton
Domestic 2,5 USD / ton 5,0 USD / ton
Type of fee Charge (per passenger)
Per each international departing passenger 22 USD
Per each domestic departing passenger 6 USD
Per each transit/transfer departing passenger 6 USD

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