Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (TLL/EETN)

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Tallinn continues to grow as an increasingly popular destination for business, family holidays, culture, shopping and weekend breaks.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport was voted the third best airport by passengers among all European airports according to the website Sleeping in Airports.net in 2017. We may not became the busiest airport in the world but we hope to be the cosiest.

Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport was voted the 3rd best airport by passengers among all European airports and 9th best in the World according to the website SleepinginAirports.net in 2017!

We may not became the busiest airport in the world but we wish to be the cosiest.

There are many good reasons to start flying to Tallinn Airport. We shall list a few of them and hope to discuss your next route in a very near future.

  • Full package  – unique tourism destination with a reliable and vibrant business environment
  • Excellent location
    • Geographically best access point for connecting Russia, CIS countries and Scandinavia
    • The closest European Union capital to East Asia
    • Just 4 km from Tallinn city centre
  • Caters for both low cost and traditional carriers
  • 45% of our passengers travel for business
  • Non slot-coordinated airport
  • Competitive pricing, attractive incentives and active marketing cooperation
  • No Security Fee
  • Low competition – many key destinations still unserved
  • High stimulation factors on routes starting from TLL
  • Smooth cruise ships turnarounds (Tallinn Port is only 5 km from the airport)
  • Proximity to a modern business district of Ülemiste with more than 300 innovative enterprises and 6000 employees -  just 500 metres from the airport


  • Estonian economy is stable with lowest public debt in the EU (2004-2016)
  • Fitch rating good A+, outlook stable
  • GDP growth 1,7% (2016)
  • Unemployment is low (6,8% in 2016)
  • Estonia is one of the freest economies in the world – 6th out of 180 countries (Index of Economic Freedom 2017)
  • Major employers: Eesti Energia, Skype, Playtech, Swedbank, SEB, Ericsson Eesti, Tallink Group, ABB etc.

Estonia is a leading country in the world for start-ups per capita and the birthplace of Skype and e-identity. Transferwise, Grabcad, ZeroTurnaround, Fortumo,Testlio, Pipedrive and Click and Grow are just a few start-up companies already well-known in the world.

Estonia is one of the best new locations in the European Union and worldwide for developing, testing, implementing and supporting  ICT services. Additionally, WIFI seems to be a human right in Estonia. Voting online, doing taxes online, E-health services (digital prescriptions etc), mobile parking, e-residency, e-government, e-university, e-school to name a few innovative and widely used e-services in Estonia.

Notable headquarters among others in Tallinn:


Estonia has simply so much to give, from charming medieval heritage to hundreds of kilometres of untouched nature. The following key facts all support the tourism potential:

  • 2 million accommodated foreign visitors in 2016
  • 10.5 million passengers travelled to/from Tallinn port in 2015
  • 2.3 million passengers travelled to/from Tallinn airport in 2016
  • Modern tourism infrastructure with plenty of brand new hotel facilities
  • Top Baltic country in ICCA listings – one of Europe’s fastest growing conference destinations

Tourism highlights

  • Tallinn Old Town  - a real Medieval treasure and the UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Untouched nature – islands, deserted beaches, bogs, forests, bird-watching, hunting
  • White summer nights in June-July
  • Health tourism – medical, spa and wellness
  • Culture – music and film festivals, Song and Dance Festival, opera, modern interactive museums
  • Eat & Drink – wide scale culinary experiences and a vibrant nightlife

Tallin tourism1Tallin tourism2Tallin tourism3Tallin tourism4

Downtown Tallinn is only 4km from the airport, which was substantially modernised in 2017.

Marketing and other support

Our aviation marketing team will help to make your new route heard and talked about in Estonia. We love crazy, out of the box ideas. Let`s get together and make them alive whether a new route or an existing one.

  • Joint events with airlines
    • Inaugural events
    • Travel trade events
    • Special events (anniversary’s, milestone celebrations, birthdays etc)
  • Marketing campaigns to celebrate special occasions and new routes
    • Advertising and promotions within the airport
    • Website and social media campaigns
    • Assistance with planning media campaigns
  • PR support
    • New route/additional frequency announcements, press releases, press events, press contacts, press trips etc.
  • Close cooperation with local tourism authorities
Tallin catchment

Estonia – centrally placed between the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Russia. Total Catchment Area within 300 km c.a. 9.4 million people

Primary Catchment Area

  • 45 min catchment area: up to 500,000
  • 180 min catchment area: the whole population of Estonia 1.3 million

Secondary Catchment Areas

  • Helsinki, South Finland – 82 km, population c.a. 1.6 million
  • Riga, Latvia – 280 km, population c.a. 1.5 million
  • St. Petersburg – 315 km, population c.a. 5 million

Total Catchment Area within 300 km c.a. 9.4 million people

Tallinn is the closest European Union capital to East Asia. Good opportunity to connect Middle East/Central Asia with North America via Tallinn. We are competitive, fast, stabile, cost efficient and flexible.

Freight opportunities

Estonia – highly competitive, fast, stabile, cost efficient and flexible

  • Location
    • Geographically well-positioned for transit and multimodal traffic
    • Estonia is the geographical midpoint of Northern Europe and the most efficient trade route from Asia to North West Russia, Northern Europe and Northern America
  • Infrastructure
    • Facilities and equipment suitable for handling even the largest aircraft types
    • Possibility to develop additional cargo/passenger service area in cooperation with interested parties
    • Non-coordinated/non-congested
  • Operational policy
    • Fast
    • Flexible
  • Tallinn Airport has 4 cargo terminals operated by several freight forwarders, courier and cargo handling companies and the airport is ready to develop additional terminals for the operators
  • Growing economy
    • EU membership, growing economy, ease and low cost of doing business, first among the Baltic States to adopt EURO in January 2011, all make Estonia an attractive destination for investments and trade.
    • Liberal trade and pricing policy
    • Simple and proportional tax system
    • 0% corporate income tax

Downtown Tallinn is only 4km from the airport, which was substantially modernised in 2008. Tallinn Airport facilities are modern, efficient and equipped with latest technology, the layout of the passenger terminal allows fast handling processes and short walking distances for passengers. Free wifi available all over the terminal.


  • TLL is located only 4km south of downtown Tallinn. The city is accessible both by public transport as well as taxis. Journey time to the city centre is approximately 15 minutes. The cost is approximately 2-10 EUR.
  • Main cities of the neighbouring countries like Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga and St.Petersburg are within easy reach from TLL both by air as well as by sea and road (300km). This makes TLL an ideal starting point for trips and tours around the Baltic Sea.

Infrastructure & Operations

  • One runway 3,480m X 45m
  • Nor slot coordinated
  • Operating hours: 24h
  • Single terminal, opened in 1980, last renovated and extended in 2008. This modern and efficient passenger terminal is suitable for handling both low-cost as well as conventional full-service traffic.

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • TLL carried out major reconstruction projects by 2008 including airside and passenger terminal extensions. The newly-extended passenger terminal facilities include numerous shopping and dining facilities, business and VIP lounges, spacious check-in and seating areas, wifi is free of charge for unlimited time.

Vital statistics 2015

  • 2 166  820 passengers (+7%)
  • 88% travelled on scheduled flights
  • 47% of TLL traffic is travelling for business purposes (2016)
  • About 260 000 passengers travelled on charter flights with key holiday destinations being Turkey and Egypt.
  • Close to 1% of the traffic is domestic, mainly to the largest Estonian islands
  • Minimum connecting time: 25 min
  • Freight: 16, 156 tons
  • Top 5 destinations: Frankfurt, Helsinki, Riga, Oslo, London
  • Top 5 Carriers: Nordica, airBaltic, Ryanair, Lufthansa, Finnair
  • More traffic details can be found here