Skopje Airport (SKP/LWSK)

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In addition to good point to point traffic potential, Government of Macedonia is subsidizing newcomer airlines and tour operators with great subventions in order to encourage foreign tourism market. Government of Macedonia is providing 65 EUR to tour operators for every single passenger; with tour operator partners, airlines will be able to get 65 EUR/pax in Macedonia additional to TAV’s incentive programs from airport side. Please contact TAV Marketing team for more information.

Macedonia has already lifted the bilateral agreements and is on its way to join the ECAA soon, which will boost the air traffic and create many new opportunities for airlines.

Some potential new destinations from SKP:
Frankfurt Helsinki
Madrid Moscow
Tel-Aviv Prague
Copenhagen Budapest
Oslo Amsterdam

Please contact our marketing specialist for information on other possible destinations and opportunities.

Skopje reasons

Macedonian air travel is getting liberal and easy. Bilaterals are already lifted

Other Major reasons to serve this airport

  • Skopje is an important crossroads of trade, strategically located at the center of Balkan region’s highway and railway networks.
  • Skopje is the country’s political, cultural, economic, and academic center.
  • Skopje is the cultural hub of the Republic of Macedonia and, therefore, is home to many of the country’s most important museums.
  • Skopje has a diverse nightlife. There is a large emphasis on casinos, many of which are associated with hotels, such as that of the Holiday Inn. Other casinos include Helios Metropol, Olympic, Bon Venon, and Sherry.
  • European Parliament has adopted the visa liberalization for Macedonia. 25 of 27 EU member-states with 500 million citizens will be accessible without visas.
  • Macedonia is on its way to join the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA). This leads to: Free market access, freedom of establishment, perfect competition, and common safety and regulation rules.

Marketing and other support

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skopje catchment

SKP’s catchment area includes Kosovo, Eastern Albania and Northern Greece, all together combining an estimated population of 5 million


  • Skopje is located in the northern Macedonia, in the center of the Balkans, approximately halfway between Belgrade and Athens.
  • The Vardar River, which originates near Gostivar, flows through the city then flows south passing the border into Greece and eventually flowing into the Aegean Sea. The Vardar valley consists primarily of hills and mountains.
  • The city covers an average length of 23 km from east to west and 9 km from north to south. Skopje is located at an elevation of 225 m above sea level. The city’s land area is 1,854 km2.

Catchment Area

Skopje has a population of 0.5 million. It is the capital city of Macedonia, hosting the Government and all foreign embassies. Skopje is an important crossroads of trade, strategically located at the center of Balkan region’s highway and railway networks.

Within 120 min driving time, Skopje Airport captures 5 million catchment area with Kosova, Greece ve Bulgaria.

Driving Time Population (millions)
30 min 0.5
60 min 1
90 min 2.8
120 min 5

Please download our Macedonian Airports Brochure for detailed information.

Freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Skopje is located on the upper course of the Vardar River, and is located on a major north-south Balkan route between Belgrade and Athens. It is a center for metal-processing, chemical, timber, textile, leather, and printing industries. Industrial development of the city has been accompanied by development of the trade, logistics, and banking sectors, as well as an emphasis on the fields of culture and sport.

SKP Terminal Facts & Figures

  • Terminal Capacity (Annual): 4,000,000
  • Terminal Area: 40,000 m²
  • Runway length: 2,950 m
  • Check-in counters: 23
  • Boarding Gates: 11
  • Baggage Claim Carousels: 2

Vital statistics

Skopje Airport (SKP)

2013 2014 2015
SKP Pax 980,729 1,208,379 1,456,387
SKP ATM 11,308 13,147 14,453


Airport Services

SKP Fees & Charges
Up to 30 tons € 7.2 / ton
Over 30 tons € 7.7 / ton
Parking Fee (first 4 hours) None
Parking Fee (after 4 hours) €1.6 / ton day
International Passenger Fee € 11.50 / departing pax
Security Fee € 6 / departing pax
Transfer Passenger € 4.00 / pax