Sibiu International Airport (SBZ/LRSB)

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Romania’s seventh largest international gateway, Sibiu Airport, handled around 200,000 passengers in 2013, representing an 8.3% increase over 2012 figures. The airport serves the city of Sibiu, having an estimated population of almost 150,000 people and being located in the centre of Transylvania.

Several natural and touristic treasures are located in Sibiu County. Paltinis is the highest (1,440 metres) and the oldest resort in Romania, being an excellent destination for both winter sports and corporate retreats. Furthermore, famous for its high concentration of saltwater lakes, Ocna Sibiului resort (also known as “The seaside of Ardeal”) is located 15 kilometres away from Sibiu.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • Sibiu Airport’s average load factor is 84%.
  • SVID Analysis (Seasonal Variation in Demand) shows a constant traffic all year-round, with a slight decrease during winter. The SVID result for 2016 is 6,506 (on a 0-100 scale), which positions our airport as “good”!
  • According to ASM data, in contrast with other airports in the region, Sibiu Airport:
    • Passenger yield is €0.08 (revenue/pax/km), €0.07 higher than its competitors.
    • Average paid fare is €142 /round trip, €23 higher than its competition
  • With a considerable perspective on economic growth, our:
    • GDP is 8% higher than the national average, along with a regional GDP growth of +6.7%.
    • The average wage in the region is 1.1% higher than the national level, while the working active force reached   43%, in 2016.
  • The seasonal variation in touristic demand is extremely lower compared to other regions in Romania – tourism activities suitable for every season (cultural tourism, winter and summer sports).
  • Attracting a large number of upscale tourists, the average daily spend/tourist in the region is 210 euros with an average of 5 lodging nights (Lucian Blaga University of SIBIU Study 2013).
  • Host to numerous international cultural events, Sibiu is recognised for its International Theater Festival (the third festival of its kind in the world, attracting 600.000 spectators over 350 events during the festival), home of Brukental National Museum (the third in Europe after the British Museum and Louvre, receiving 800.000 visitors per year and recognised as the first public museum that was awarded the prize for national branding).
  • Favorable location: Sibiu is located in central Romania (south-east Europe) in the core of Transylvania, with a population of around 430,000.
  • Major infrastructure gateway: Due to its advantageous position, the city is connected directly to the European railway and highway infrastructure (EV, NV) – E81, E68 Timisoara–Arad–Brasov–Bucharest–Constanta.
  • Internationally appraised city: The first choice for a city-break in the country, Sibiu (also known as Hermannstadt) is the only city in Romania to receive three Michelin stars as part of the 2011 edition of the Green Guide, featuring the city as a location to be visited, both in the “Ideas for the weekend” and “an essential tour of Romania” (a journey of 17 days in Romania).
  • Modern airport: Sibiu Airport is one of the most modern, newly equipped gateways in Romania, with a new terminal, runway, taxiways and aprons opened in June 2008.
  • Joint location for cultural tourism and adventure:
    • Hiking: The city is located in the proximity of Fagaras Mountains near the famous Balea Glacier Lake — an important destination for trekking and skiing, where a mini-city with hotels, restaurants and churches made entirely of ice is established each year;
    • Skiing: Paltinis resort (a winter sports destination and venue for business retreat and events) is located at around 37 kilometres away from Sibiu Airport;
    • Retreat: Ocna Sibiului saline resort (situated in the north-western part of Sibiu Country at 12 kilometres from the airport) is famous for its high concentration of saltwater lakes as well as relaxing and rejuvinating effects;
    • Tourism trends — In 2016 where registered over 800,000 tourists.

Following a €57 million ($72 million) rehabilitation programme, Sibiu has been radically developed into a modern and traveller-friendly facility over recent years. Hence, a total of six carriers are currently serving the gateway this summer. Furthermore, benefiting from the airport’s lower charging scheme, Wizz Air launched twice-weekly flights to London Luton on 14 June. ”

Marketing and other support

  • ONLINE/OFFLINE marketing support- allocated budget for specific marketing campaigns to promote all routes operated at Sibiu Airport, within airport’s catchment area (targeted campaigns on social media, outdoor billboards etc.);


  • STATE AID SUPPORT based on EC Decision SA. 35908 – Sibiu Airport approved on 23.05.2013:SBZ and Sibiu County Council offers start-up grants to airlines interested to launch new routes from Sibiu to European destinations. General conditions of the grant include:
    • Maximum three years of operations – eligible time.
    • Up to 50% of the total airport cost (including ramp handling services when secured by the airport)
    • Airlines are expected to submit a business plan to establish that at the end of the three years, the route receiving the aid will become profitable, so that no longer an irrevocable commitment to the airport to operate the route for an additional period is required [Article 147 of the new European guidelines.]

Important announcement:

Sibiu, March 16th, 2015

Dear Sirs,

Hope our message finds you well.

We would like to share with you some positive updates and opportunities to reinforce our prospects for cooperation in a long term partnership.

According to the recent Transport Master Plan for Romania, developed by AECOM, Sibiu International Airport is scheduled to develop into an International Hub, with a potential traffic increase to over 1,5 mil. by 2020, projected based on the following factors:

  • Airport catchment area by population and tourist attractions
  • Average income within the catchment area, considering that high income regions generate more travel per capita
  • Type of air traffic (domestic/ international) and number of flights
  • Projected air traffic demand correlated with GDP growth
  • Airport capacity related to future possible number of flights and capacity of passenger terminal

Further to its modernization in 2008, a new expansion project for Sibiu International Airport includes the following infrastructure capacity and operational facilities required by satisfaction level of air transport services in 2020 and 2025:

- Expansion of passenger terminal by 2020
- Expanding passenger terminal by 2025
- Taxiway extension 2020
- Analysis of the opportunity to develop a cargo terminal by 2020

In anticipation of this expansion process, and in order to support your network development strategy, we have conducted a specialized market survey to identify the advantages of Sibiu airport, in terms of position, services and facilities, passenger profile by business, ethnic and leisure segment, catchment area and destinations of interest for permanent routes and charter flights from SBZ.

We are providing herewith a brief analysis of the study results, along with SBZ general overview 2015.

On the same note, we take this opportunity to inform you about our request for proposals with the intent to configure the forthcoming state aid support tender, for opening new destinations from Sibiu International Airport. General conditions for applying:

  1. State aid support granted for maximum 3 years
  2. Level of support 50% of total airport fees
  3. Eligible costs – airport fees including handling services provided directly by the airport

We hope this is of interest, will be awaiting your response and feedback.

In the interim please advise on further assistance we can offer in developing our cooperation for this part of Europe with a very high economic dynamic and positive outlook towards the future, in terms of tourism, and investment prospects. You may contact Mrs. Iulia Ivancea ( or myself ( at anytime for any additional details.

Many thanks again for your consideration.

Cordially yours,

Marius Ioan GÎRDEA

General Manager

The airport is located three kilometres away from Sibiu, one of the most significant cultural centres of Romania. Besides Sibiu, the international gateway also serves an array of other counties, namely Mures, Valcea, Brasov and Hunedoara, featuring a two-hour catchment area of over three million dwellers.

sibiu airport catchment map

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Airport Catchment area

  • 30-minute catchment area – 230,000 population
  • 60-minute catchment area – 540,000 population
  • 90 minute catchment area – 1.2 million population
  • 120-minute catchment area – 2.3 million population

Sibiu is located in close proximity to major industrial parks. Therefore, a large number of major international companies (Siemens, Marquardt, Phoenix Mecano Plastic etc) generate freight and air travel-related opportunities.

Sibiu location

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Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • Freight opportunities:
    • Excellent potential for cargo intermodal transport;
    • Airport located in the proximity of the main highways; trucks route from Western Europe to Bulgaria and Turkey;
    • Position : centre of Romania;
    • Presence of nearby industrial parks (West Industrial Park: Continental Automotive Systems, Marquardt, Talata Petri, Siemens, Kuhnke, Brandl Ro, SNR Rulmenţi, ROB Systems, MHS Sibiu Truck & Bus, Bramac, Cognor Stahlhandel, Esarom, Phoenix Mecano Plastic, Polisano Pharmaceuticals, TAS, Mewa, RUD Kettenfabrik Rieger & Dietz, Harting, Ambient, Atlanta Ind Sibiu, Boromir;
    • Other industrial parks in Sibiu include companies such as ThyssenKrupp, Bilstein, COMPA and Scandia;
    • Presence of other industrial areas: Blaj (75 kilometres from Sibiu — Bosch), Sebeş (Star Transmission), large agricultural areas with livestock cargo potential (cattle, sheep).

Sibiu’s single runway of 2,630 metres is capable of handling all popular short and medium-sized aircraft. The terminal, which was opened in 2008, features the latest technology, providing passengers with a seamless and memorable experience.


  • 60-minute drive catchment area: one million dwellers (cities covered: Medias, Sebes, Alba Iulia, Fagaras and Victoria);
  • 120-minute drive catchment area: three million dwellers (cities covered: Brasov, Blaj, Sighisoara, Ramnicu Valcea, Hunedoara, Deva, Targu Mures, Petrosani and Campulung);
  • Sibiu is connected directly to the national and European railway and highway system (EV, NV) – E81, E68 Timisoara–Arad–Brasov–Bucharest–Constanta;
  • Airport location close to the city centre (three kilometres);
  • Sibiu County Area: 5,432 square kilometres;
  • Total catchment population: three million dwellers;
  • Demographics:
    • Sibiu County population:  464,319 people
    • Sibiu City Population: 169,480 people
    • Urban population: 312,848 people;
    • Ethnic demographic structure:
      • Romanians 95%;
      • Hungarians 2.6%;
      • Germans 1.5%;
    • Religion: 86% Christian Orthodox.

Infrastructure & Operations

  • New terminal, runway, taxiways and aprons opened in June 2008;
  • Number of runways: one;
    • Runway length: 2,630 metres;
    • Aircraft parking stands: 18;
    • Capacity: 12 ATM/hour and six million passengers without any investment;
    • Largest aircraft hosted: A320;
  • Slot coordinated: No slot constraints;
  • Operating hours: airport open 24/7;
  • Minimum connection time: 30 minutes;
  • Number of Terminals: one;
    • Passenger capacity: 300 passengers per hour;
    • Terminal passenger area: 6,200 metres square;
    • 10 check-in desks;
    • Six passport control desks;
    • 12 airline ticketing offices;

The terminal building offers the following facilities:

  • Restaurants;
  • Bars;
  • Duty paid shop;
  • Business lounge;
  • ATMs and currency exchange machines;
  • Automatic drinks and food dispensers;
  • Car rental offices;
  • Wireless connection free of charge;
  • Car parking (capacity of 300 spaces);
  • Other relevant Infrastructure and operations details:
    • Excellent geo-climatic conditions.

Vital statistics

  • Passenger numbers: around 400,000 passengers in 2016;
  • Number of direct destinations: 9 scheduled destinations, one summer charter destinations;
  • Number of serving airlines: six carriers;
  • Airlines serving Sibiu Airport: Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, TAROM, Wizz Air, Blue Air, Air Bucharest;
  • Scheduled flights to Germany, Austria, UK, Spain and Italy:
    • Good connection to Munich hub — three-daily direct flights with Lufthansa (as of 4 April 2017), six weekly flights with TAROM;
    • Daily operations to Vienna with Austrian Airlines;
    • London Luton served with five weekly flights by Wizz Air (as of 20 August 2016);
    • Stuttgart served with four weekly flights by Blue Air (as of 28 March 2016);
    • Dortmund served with thrice-weekly flights by Wizz Air (as of 28 March 2016);
    • Nurnberg served two/three – weekly flights by Wizz Air (as of 19 August 2016);
    • Milan (Malpensa) served twice – weekly flights by Wizz Air (as of 20 August 2016);
    • Madrid served twice – weekly flights by Wizz Air (as of 20 August 2016)
    • Memmingem served twice – weekly flights by Wizz Air (as of 21 August 2016);
    • Additional summer seasonal charter flights to Antalya with Air Bucharest.

Sibiu Region’s facts and demographics

  • 4.2% economic growth in 2016;
  • Sibiu was the capital of Transylvania for 99 years, from 1692 to 1791. It continues to be one of the most prosperous regions in Romania;
  • GDP per capita 2016:  (€8,880);
  • Population employed in 2016: 186,600;
  • Gross average monthly wage in 2016: 2,930 lei (around €650);
  • Unemployment rate 2016: (3,42%).

Sibiu – Best City to Visit

  • Sibiu is still living up to its title of European Capital of Culture awarded in 2007 along with Luxembourg, status that granted the city a well-deserved international fame, due to numerous arts & culture high quality events.
  • The county of Sibiu is hosting cultural and sport events with an long lasting tradition: the International Theater Festival – the 3rd festival of its kind in the world, with 600.000 spectators over 350 events during the festival,
  • Transylvanian International Film Festival, the world-renowned jazz festival, performances & exhibitions, photography, music and dance shows, century-old customs and traditions, haute cuisine, culinary arts of fine food like Transylvanian Brunch, fairs of handcrafted artifacts, but also legendary competitions like RedBull Romaniacs, Sibiu Cycling Tour or Sibiu Rally.