Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO/UUEE)

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New routes to Kenya could also be a possibility.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

Ultimate makeover: Moscow Sheremetyevo has seen its facilities transformed over the last decade to make it the favourite of upper middle class travelers.

Operational excellence: Moscow Sheremetyevo's brand new Airport Operation Center is a centralised system organizing and coordinating the work of all airport departments in order to deliver outstandingly efficient service for all airport users.

SVO’s competitive advantages:

  • Strong home carrier
    • Russia’s biggest national airline, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, a member of Skyteam, provides a stable domestic and international route network and traffic flow.
  • Location
    • Closest airport to the city centre
  • Wide network of European schedule destinations
    • A historically-developed rich European network contains 52 schedule destinations to main European capitals and cities, more then 15 are unique in Moscow market of air travel.
  • State support and aviation security
    • Being 100% government owned, SVO offers consistent operations and stable relationships with clients, it has effective communications with authorities and provides the best aviation security service in Russia. Moscow Sheremetyevo is an official partner of the Winter ulympic Games 2014. Guarantees exist for development and growth.
  • No overcrowded terminals and no queues when passing formalities
    • Increased processing terminals throughput, evenly spread passenger flow, and advanced technulogies allow queue avoidance on passport, customs control, and fast baggage delivery.
  • Rich management experience
    • Moscow Sheremetyevo’s capability is sought-after and it is now the managing company and developer of Vladivostok International Airport on Russia’s Far East where it is performing full modernisation of the airport facilities.
  • Catchment Area
    • Moscow Sheremetyevo is located on the Northern part of Moscow and its catchment area covers regions with biggest concentration of business headquarters and the highest income per capita – the North, North-West and West part of the city and city center.
  • Affluent passenger market
    • Due to specificity of airport route network, and airline pricing pulicies, the airport’s average economy class passenger is upper middle class, quite sulvent, has a high level of income, education, and life quality, and flies a minimum of twice a year.
  • Passenger brand essence
    • SVO provides a safe and reliable travel experience from Russia’s historic main air gate; not mass market travel.
  • CRM and committed marketing team
    • Entering a new market is not easy. That is why SVO offers a wide range of individual incentive programmes and marketing and communication support for new clients.
  • Leading air cargo hub on Moscow market
    • 305,000 tonnes in 2011, market share 56% (Moscow market)
  • Wide domestic network
  • Moscow is becoming an ever more popular tourist destination. An impressive amount of unforgettable historical and architectural landmarks; the beautiful Moscow Kremlin, monasteries and churches! Plenty of opportunities to take any excursion around Russian historical cities including the centre of Russian culture – St. Petersburg.
  • Moscow is an illustrious cultural centre: 83 theatres including the Bolshoy Theatre, 445 museums and galleries including Tretyakov Gallery and Pushkin Fine Arts museum, over 130  cinemas, over 3,000 restaurants with international cuisine, karaoke bars and nightclubs, 21 parks with many staging open air festivals and national holiday celebrations. The famous Moscow Zoo, two world famous circuses, more than 100 trade centres with world famous brands.
  • There are 250 4-5-star hotels in Moscow  city centre. Cheaper 3 star quality level hotels are located in the suburbs of the town (30-40 minutes to get to the centre by public transport). Average price in a 5 star hotel, located in the centre of the city is $320 and more for a single room; $400 and more for a double room.
  • The main hotels of Moscow include the renowned Hotel Metropol, National, Golden Ring, and Peter I. The best international hotel chains are also widely represented in Moscow: including Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn etc.

Marketing and other support

Russia's luxury goods market is booming – and Moscovites also like travel and shop abroad: Moscow Sheremetyevo offers seamless travel experience geared at the high-value segment, including new, dedicated passport control for business class.

Moscow Sheremetyevo’ s objective is to establish strong long term relationship with airline customers. To support your start up and business development in the Moscow market SVO offers a wide range of individual marketing support including communications, advertising and events, consultancy and establishing cooperation with travel agents in the Moscow market. For your maximum benefit we offer individual incentive programmes with terms and conditions depending on size of operations and development plans.

  • We also provide informational support for your entry in the Moscow market (press releases, special announcements about new route, promotion in our newsletters), your banner placement on airport internet site.
  • Instruments of PR support include press conferences and local and social. We will be glad to present you with an individual approach and maximise the efficiency of your launch!
  • Market information: statistics and market analysis on request.
  • PR support: inaugural flights and activities for press, passengers and VIPs, etc.

Catchment Area

18 million potential passengers with high propensity to travel including the world's second- highest concentration of billionaires. Moscow Sheremetyevo's experienced marketing team will help you cut into this market.

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport Catchment map

Moscow – easily the largest city in Europe.

Moscow – destination with high potential

The leading air traffic hub in Russia:

  • 50% of Russia’s passenger air travel and 53% of freight market
  • More than 550 international and domestic destinations
  • Population – 12 million + 6 million in Moscow Region (population of Russia – 143 million)
  • Average monthly income per capita $2,000 (in 2011)
  • High level of consumerism

Moscow accumulates:

  • 70% of Russian finance flows
  • More than 14.5 million registered companies
  • Headquarters of most international corporations
  • More than 50% of banks registered in Russia
  • More billionaires than in any other city except for New York
  • Sheremetyevo is located on the north part of Moscow and its catchment area covers regions with biggest concentration of business headquarters and highest in Moscow income per capita – north, north-west and west part of the city.
  • According to demographic and economical researches, most of Moscow economic activities, and people with high income, are concentrated in the centre and north part of Moscow.
  • Most of Moscow citizens are accustomed to flying on vacation abroad no less than twice a year; that excludes business trips!
  • Moscow consumers are getting more and more positive about their future and is getting more and more interested in quality planning of their days off.
  • There are more than 18 million people in the catchment area of Sheremetyevo, including 12 million of Moscow citizens, and an additional six million living within a 100km radius of the airport.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

70% of Russia's financial flows are concentrated in Moscow , while Sheremetevo's two cargo terminals process 80% of all air freight in the Moscow area market. A new multimodal terminal will open in 2012.

Sheremetyevo is the leading cargo hub and the largest cargo complex in Russia:

  • 80% of Moscow air freight traffic
  • Two cargo terminals offer capacity more than 500,000 tonnes per year
  • Capacity to handle 12 x 747F in parallel
  • Good transport accessibility both rail and road
  • Excellent modern IT-software for cargo tracing and document processing
  • “E-Freight” launched in test mode

New cargo apron at north part of the airfield will be launched in the end of 2012:

  • Total surface area: 20,000 square meters;
  • 10 wide-body stands


The Moscow Sheremetyevo Master Plan will see the airport capacity grow to 35 million by 2015, and then almost double by 2030.

  • The closest airport to the city centre
  • 29 km to the centre of Moscow
  • 11 km from Moscow Ring Road (MKAD)
  • Air-rail link connection with the very city centre (Belorussky Railway station)
  • Modern electric trains of the AERO series
    • High frequency, train leaves every 30 minutes
    • Journey time 35 minutes
    • Business-class service
    • Convenient transfers to all Moscow’s airports by other Aeroexpress air-rail links
    • The Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo air-rail link is integrated in Moscow Rapid Transit System

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Two parallel runways:
    • R1 3550m PCN=64/R/B/W/T
    • R2 3700m   PCN=62/R/А/W/T
    • Construction of a third runway will begin this year
  • Slot Coordinated
  • Operating hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • The largest airport terminal complex in Russia – five modern terminals, covering 476 thousand square metres
    • Southern terminal complex – under-one-roof concept – consists of NEW terminals D & E and renovated F connected by pedestrian galleries with travelators both landside and airside
    • Northern airport complex consists of two terminals – B & C
    • Terminal complexes connected by free shuttle bus via airside and public bus landside
  • The airport terminal capacity – 35 million passengers a year
  • Min. connection time: 40 min

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • New Airport Operation Center:
    • Launched in December 2011 is a centralised system dedicated to organise and coordinate the work of the airport departments and other operators 24 hours 7 days a week and increase efficiency of cooperation in critical situations
  • New terminal A for general aviation:
    • Launched in January 2012
    • Total surface area: 2,700,000 square meters
    • Passenger traffic capacity – 75k passengers per year
  • Enlarged terminal infrastructure and improved navigation:
    • No queues at formalities points
    • Comfortable recreation areas
    • Easy transit procedure
  • Optimised baggage system:
    • 1st baggage issue – 12 min;
    • Last baggage issue – 20 min after aircraft parked
  • Free business lounge for PRM – unique in Russia: full package of necessary services for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

SVO tomorrow:

  • New Cargo Complex will be constructed in the northern part of the airfield by the end of 2012.
  • By 2015 Sheremetyevo plans to become the leading hub in Europe in terms of quality of passenger service; to serve up to 35 million passengers a year; to raise non-aviation revenue share up to 60% of total income.
  • In line with the General Development Master-Plan 2030, new terminal facilities with capacity of 64 million passengers a year will be opened by 2030; passenger transfer traffic will rise up to 25%; business-aviation movements will increase to 36,000 a year and total amount of cargo traffic will raise up to 1.2 million tonnes by 2030.
  • According to the Master-Plan, Sheremetyevo Airport will be connected with new toll highway Moscow-St. Petersburg, construction of which will start in late 2012.

Vital statistics

  • Sheremetyevo operates two parallel runways with length of 3,550 and 3,700m serving any type of aircraft including A380 and 787 Dreamliner
  • More than 50 years on the market
  • Passenger traffic 2011: 19.3 Mio passengers, one of the biggest growth among European airports (17%) market share 40% of Moscow market
  • Cargo traffic in 2011: leader on Moscow Market with 56% market share and 305,000 tons of freight in 2011
  • Connectivity: More than 200 domestic and international destinations all over the world
  • Transit passenger flow 20% of total annual airport traffic