St. Petersburg International Pulkovo Airport (LED/ULLI)

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Other major reasons to serve this airport

New terminal Pulkovo will be the only centralised terminal for both domestic and international flights in St. Petersburg. Pulkovo Airport passenger flow will be increased up to 35 million people by 2040.


St. Petersburg is the most popular tourist destination in Russia, which welcomed more than 6 million tourists last year. St. Petersburg is #1 of the top 10 best cities in Russia according to the Travellers’ choice 2013 (Tripadviser).

Today the city is the annual host of the World International Economic Forum. In September 2013, St. Petersburg welcomed representatives of G20 forum as well.

  • The new Pulkovo terminal was opened on 4 December 2013  for its first passengers. The capacity of the new terminal is 17 million people per year.
  • St. Petersburg is the 3rd largest city in Europe (after London and Moscow) and the second largest in Russia with population of about 7 million.
  • About 6,500,000 tourists visited St. Petersburg in 2013 (+6%).
  • St. Petersburg is number 1 of the top 10 best cities in Russia according to the Travellers’ choice 2013 (Tripadviser).
  • St. Petersburg has intensive development in international business world. It is attractive for foreign investments (from 2012 till 2013 +24%) containing large number of multinational companies (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Microsoft, Nestlé, Gillette, IBM, Philip  Morris etc) with strong automobile and pharmaceutical clusters.
  • St. Petersburg is a venue of the biggest world political events. It is annual place for International Economic Forum – a leading global business event, attracting over 4000 Russian and international participants, representing government and business leaders from around the world. In September 2013 the G20 Leaders’ Summit, was successfully held in St. Petersburg.

“Pulkovo” Airport has many possibilities and perspectives for opening new destinations. To get more detailed information, please, contact Aviation marketing department.


Marketing and other support

The launch of TAP Portugal flights from Pulkovo to Lisbon in July, 02, 2014. It is long-expected and important event for St.Petersburg.

The launch of Icelandair flights from Pulkovo to Reykjavik.

The launch of Icelandair flights from Pulkovo to Reykjavik in June 2013. The only airline performing regular direct flights to Iceland from the Russian Federation.

First flight event for the flight to Geneva by SWISS.

First flight event for the opening of a new destination from Pulkovo to Geneva by SWISS on 25 July 2013. Now the carrier has 4 flights per week.

Our events “New destinations of the coming season” and LED TOGETHER let carriers network with city stakeholders.

Marketing support

Due to individual approach to a client and dealing with various marketing promotion instruments such  as surveys of corporate partners, questionnaire poll of passengers, informative reports from several data bases and tailor made advertising campaigns (Internet, outdoor, radio) we assist carriers in getting all necessary information to take positive decision about opening flights and establishing on the market. In our airport we have a transparent scheme of Incentive program for airlines. Bonuses for new comers, new destination, frequency increase and transfer traffic development. More information on the Pulkovo Airport website.


  • First flight event (organization the ceremony of the first flight in the terminal);
  • Advertising banners at the airport terminal;
  • Web banner on the airport website;
  • Promotion in the social networks and blogs (VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, YouTube, Instagram);
  • Article and photo publication in Airport Pulkovo magazine (distributed at the airport terminals);
  • Press releases on Pulkovo Airport website,  distribution within mass media data base;

Partner events

  • Our event “New destinations of the coming season” takes place twice per year before Winter and Summer season. Annual airline award ceremony LED TOGETHER once a year. Giving the opportunity for an airline to present its new destination and schedule, we organize joint promotion meetings for the leading touristic companies and stakeholders in the city, mass media and City Tourism authorities.
  • Organizing FAM trips for tour operators and travel agencies;
  • Promo-events at the terminal.
  • Airport events

Catchment Area

St. Petersburg is the 2nd biggest city of Russia with about 7 million inhabitants.

St. Petersburg is the 2nd biggest city of Russia with about 7 million inhabitants.

Thanks to the city’s favourable geographic position, Pulkovo Airport serves an extensive catchment area: almost 12 mln people:

  • Greater Saint Petersburg + region – 6.9 million
  • Pskov + region – 0.65 million
  • Novgorod + region – 0.6 million
  • Petrozavodsk + region – 0.6 million
  • Vologda + region –1.2 million

It reaches well into neighboring cities of Russian Federation as Pskov, Vologda, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk which are considered very popular historical and touristic parts of North-West district of Russia. Petrozavodsk is the capital of Karelia republic, with 65 % tourist growth every year. Pskov and Novgorod attract tourists as old historical centres.


New Incentive Program for cargo flights in Pulkovo Airport

We are glad to announce introduction of new Incentive Program for Cargo Flights from October, 24 2014.

All new cargo carriers opening regular freighter services to LED and existing cargo carriers increasing frequency of flights will get discounts on airport charges and fees and GH package.

Full text of the Incentive program is available on

50% discount on apron handling and discounted rates for cargo handling will be provided additionally by Pulkovo Cargo Terminal.

Special rates will be offered by fueling companies operating at LED.

Bonus rates for new cargo carriers

Number of flights per week Discount on take-off and landing Discount on aviation security fee Discount on GH package *
1 from 1 up to 4 flights per week 40% 40% 30%
2 from 5 up to 10 flights per week 45% 45% 35%
3 More than 10 flights per week 45% 45% 40%

Bonus rates for existing cargo carriers increasing flight frequency

Number of flights per week Discount on take-off and landing Discount on aviation security fee Discount on GH package *
1 from 2 up to 4 flights per week 40% 40% 30%
2 from 5 up to 10 flights per week 45% 45% 35%
3 More than 10 flights per week 45% 45% 40%

*Discount on GH package is provided for international airlines only

For more information please feel free to contact Aviation marketing department tel. +7 (812) 324 3006, +7 (812) 324 3668,


The Pulkovo Cargo Terminal is one of the largest air cargo terminal hubs in Russia, and the only of its kind in the north-western region.

The Pulkovo Cargo Terminal provides ground handling of mail and cargo carried by regular and charter flights, of foreign and Russian airlines, providing agency services in the booking and selling of air-freight operations, customs clearance for freight operations, as well as rendering a wide range of warehouse, terminal, and specialised services.


Pulkovo Cargo Terminal LLC
Pulkovskoe Highway
Bld. 37, block
St. Petersburg, 196210

Cargo status information

Information on accepted cargo

+7 812 380-69-45

+7 812 380-69-55

Information on shipped cargo

+7 812 380-69-36

Air-freight Operations Sales Department

+7 812 380-69-30

+7 812 336-27-72

Contract Department

+7 812 380-69-44

General e-mail address


Beginning April 29 2010, Northern Capital Gateway, LLC – international consortium operating Pulkovo Airport - carries out major reconstruction of the airport according to the Public Private Partnership Agreement.

  • Pulkovo Airport is located 15 km from the city centre and has highway connections as well as regular bus lines and taxi links to the city centre and metro stations. 15 minutes by public bus to the nearest metro station.
  • St. Petersburg has the biggest sea port in the Russian Federation according to turnover (66% of turnover of Russia). Due to 72 hour stay without visa and the new passenger sea terminal, passenger flow was 503,250 people (+19%) in 2013.

Infrastructure & Operations

The design was inspired by St. Petersburg and its architecture. The ceiling of the arrival area is a reflection of the water surface of the Neva river. The roof design of the departure area and its angular structure was inspired by historical city buildings and the gilded roofs of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. The internal layout of the new terminal consists of well-defined and separate zones connected by individual walkways to echo the external layout of islands and bridges which make up the city.

  • Operating hours: 24/7
  • Runways:
    • 3780m x 60m
    • 3397m x 60m
  • Aircraft stands: 110
  • Check-in desks: 88
  • Jet bridges: 16
  • Passenger throughput: 17 million in 2014 with an increase of up to 35 million by 2040
  • Total area of united terminals: 150,000 square meters
  • Fuell supliers: “Sovex” JSC; “Shell & Aerofuels” JSC

Vital statistics


  • Passenger traffic: 14. 3 million (+12%)
  • Aircraft movements: 137 480  (+9.4%)
  • 70 regular airlines
  • 159 regular destinations


Airport charges: