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Other Major reasons to serve this airport

Poznań is modern city looking forward to the future, remembering about its roots'

Poles have a high propensity to travel – the Paris route could command over 115,000. The city itself is an ideal blend of new and old attractions ranging from its 1,000 year old cathedral to the Stary Browar retail complex – voted the International Council of Shopping Centers' 'best mid-size shopping mall in the world.'

Poznań Airport has developing infrastructure for passengers'

  • Poznań Airport is one of the leading polish regional airports located in the middle between Warsaw and Berlin, with a catchment area of 4.5 million within a 150 km radius (two hour drive).
  • In terms of its population, Poznań is similar to Boston, Lisbon, Helsinki and Stuttgart. The City itself has 545,000 inhabitants rising to 1,000,000 in the metropolitan area. Poznan city has lowest unemployment rate in Poland, as well as Wielkopolska region, which is capital of.
  • With over 60 fairs and exhibitions (for which Poznań boasts a diverse conference and congress infrastructure), 140,000 students attending 31 universities and colleges, and 160 frequently-held sports and cultural events, Poznań is known as “the city of business, sport and education.”
  • Poznań is also home to many foregin investments including the automotive industry (Volkswagen, Bridgestone, MAN, Exide, Kimball Electronics), pharmaceutical industry (GlaxoSmithKline), food industry (Lorenz Bahlsen Snack World, Wrigley, Unilever, Uniq Lisner), shared service centre (SCC) outsourcing services (Carlsberg, MAN, GlaxoSmithKline, Franklin Templeton Investments) and other enterprises in the industrial processing sector – SAB Miller, Imperial Tobacco, Beiersdorf etc
  • Poznań with its over 1,000 years of history, is a unique city, not only because of its cultural and business traditions, but also thanks to its citizens who create the city’s ambience: The capital of Wielkopolska is one of the oldest and most dynamically developing cities in Poland.
  • Poznań Airport generated significant passenger growth in 2015 and in 2016 will offers 28 international routes, one domestic service and 40 charter destinations during summer and winter.
  • Overall Poznań Airport maintains the second largest local charter market in Poland. The one of the top business passenger markets. Constant growth from 2013 and good prognosis for future.

Marketing and other support

Poznań Airport Team works hard for their partners comfort

Poznań Airport offers a wide range of marketing support to our airlines partners who decide to open new routes or increase frequency on existing routes:

  • Full market and region information – statistics, analysis, economic data
  • New route PR support – inaugural flight, press conference, additional activities for press, pax and VIP
  • Airport marketing – web site and terminal banners, airport LCD’s campaign, adverts in airport magazine, etc.
  • Campaign in city and region
  • Close cooperation with local business and tourist organisations – newsletters, inner campaigns, study tours

Catchment Area

Poznań Old Town and sport events attract huge amount of people every year. City population is 545,000, rising to 1,000,000 in the metropolitan area. Great accessibility and convenient transport solutions are major reasons of catchment area reaching even to Germany!

  • Poznań is situated at the junction of major international roads – the E-30 from Berlin via Warsaw to Moscow and the E-261 from Gdansk via Wroclaw to Prague.
  • Poznań is an attractive location for all types of investments. Independent international and local ratings confirm the city’s high position among Poland’s largest cities
  • Poznań’s major advantages include: an exceptionally good location; the effectiveness of the economic transformation process in the city; the absorptive power of the local market; the quality of the labour market; as well as a good technical infrastructure and a favourable social climate for inward investment.
  • The other assets that investors find important include transportation accessibility and the extensive transport infrastructure.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Several multi-national companies take advantage of the city’s skills base to use Poznań as a manufacturing base .

Main industries:

  • automotive industry (Volkswagen, Bridgestone, MAN, Exide, Kimball Electronics)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Food industry (The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack World, Wrigley, Unilever, Uniq Lisner
  • Industrial processing (SAB Miller, Imperial Tobacco, Beiersdorf)
poznan freight

Cargo movement in thousands of tones 2010-2019. CLICK TO EXPAND

Cargo Facilities:

  • Warehouse: area 1455 sq.m., import and export sections, valuable and hazardous cargo section, terminal registered in Lufthansa Cargo codebook
  • Equipment: transfer corridors, Heimann equipment, office area, custom offices

Cargo Statistics 2007-2015:

  • Poznan air cargo segment  is underserved, although potential is big


Several multi-national companies take advantage of the city’s skills base to use Poznań as a manufacturing base .

Poznań Airport is located in the heart of European transit routes with perfect access to the major points of city and region:

  • City centre – 7, 0 km
  • Poznań International Fairs – 4,5 km
  • Railway station – 5,0 km
  • A2 motorway junction – 3,0 km
  • Logistic centres – 9,0 km
  • Public bus services – 4 lines (incl. fast & night line)
  • Selected TAXI operators
  • Secured parking area
  • Major rental car operators
  • Road distance to major cities of region: Bydgoszcz – 131 km , Gniezno – 48 km , Gorzow Wielkopolski – 132 km , Kalisz – 124 km , Lodz – 203 km , Pila – 102 km , Wroclaw – 177 km , Zielona Gora – 130 km, Leszno – 79 km, Konin – 106 km

Infrastructure & Operations

Constant growth requires adequate infrastructure – Poznan Airport has it all!

  • Runways (number and length):
    • 1 runway (28/10) – 2503 x 50 m
  • Summertime schedule for night hours only coordination
  • Operating hours: 24 / 7
  • Terminals: Passenger Terminal – 14000 sq. m, 2 floors, Cargo Terminal –1455 sq. m., General Aviation Terminal
  • Other relevant Infrastructure & Operations details:
    push-back service, CUTE platform

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • Runway renovation September-October 2015
  • Additional parking spaces from Summer 2016, total 2000 parking spaces
poznan vital statistics

Passenger growth by years 1996-2019. CLICK TO EXPAND

poznan vital statistics

Monthly passengers 2016-2019 . CLICK TO EXPAND

Vital statistics

  • Total pax in 2008: 1,500,000 (+3,8% vs. year 2014 including runway modernization in September and October 2015)


For airport charges & financials please contact Poznań Airport Ltd. Marketing Department.


  • Planned route network for  2016
    • 28 regular destinations
    • 40 charter destinations