Porto Airport (OPO/LPPR)

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Other Major reasons to serve this airport

Modern airport; modern art: the brand new terminal and Porto's Casa da Musica plenty of futuristic reasons to start a new service to like-minded centres such as Berlin, Copenhagen, Munich and America.

  • Porto Airport has the largest catchment area in Portugal – 4m within 90min. The catchment area includes Porto and the major cities of the North of Portugal as well as the South of Galicia (Spain)
  • OPO traffic growth average is of 9% for the past five years.
  • There is no special traffic seasonality, an important factor for the stability of our clients. However, there are traffic peaks in July and August.
  • Porto Airport has an outstanding brand new terminal with a capacity of 11MPA with very high standards of quality and operations. In 2014, 6,9 million passengers were served.
  • Porto Airport Commercial traffic is well balanced. In 2014, Low Cost segment has represented 58% of the total traffic. The three major airlines were Ryanair, TAP Portugal and easyJet.
  • Our commitment with service quality has been recognized by ACI Airport Service Quality (ASQ) monitor, as since 2006 Porto Airport was distinguished with eight awards, being one of them as “Best European Airport”, in 2007.

Marketing and other support

Desirable destination: Start a new route here and Porto Airport will help you with a promotional campaign.

Porto Airport Marketing Support:

  • Monthly Traffic statistics provided
  • Market analysis provided on request
  • Promotion campaign for route startups
  • Direct mailing with/to Porto Airport database
  • Free advertising in Porto Airport screens (around 100 screens)
  • Route promotion in Porto Airport Facebook page (+115k followers) www.facebook.com/AeroportoPorto
  • Organisation of promotional press conferences (inc. TV coverage)
  • Daily press clipping
  • Organisation of inbound and outbound press trips

Catchment Area

Porto Airport Catchment

  • Portuguese largest catchment area, 3.8m inhabitants within 90min.
  • 30m: 1.38m
  • 60m: 2.90m
  • 90m: 3.82m
  • 120m: 5.46m


Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Obvious economic impact factors: Port is unique of course and generates more tourism than actual air freight. The airport also does well out of fans travelling to see FC Porto at its 50,000 all-seat stadium. Reigning Portuguese champions FC Porto were UEFA Champions League winners in 2004, when the ‘Special One' Jose Mourinho was manager.

Maia Industrial cluster, within Porto metropolitan area, is one of the most industrialized in Portugal. Major resident businesses include Sonae Indústria (wood products), CIN (paint and coating) and Sonae SGPS owner/operator of the country’s largest hypermarket chain and Portugal’s biggest private sector employer. Maia also includes a motor industry research and development centre – CEIIA – located within TECMAIA Science Park in this area.


Facilities provide for either full-service of low-cost services(currently 40% of traffic).

Guimarães castle – one of four Unesco World Heritage Sites in the catchment. And when you have seen enough Porto has some of the best seafood in the world – gastronomy for unbelievably good value.

  • Excellent road network
  • Metro connection to Porto city centre
  • Airport Layout for different traffic needs (full service, low cost or cargo)
  • All-modern cargo facilities


  • Excellent Airport conditions
  • Easy to find the best slot
  • Quick turnarounds (20min)
  • High level of punctuality
  • The Best European Airport – 2007


  • Very Competitive Incentive Scheme
  • Marketing Support
  • Tourism support from regional bodies and private companies
  • Handling prices
  • Cheap Ground Transportations


Porto Airport stats chart

In 2012, Porto Airport overcame 6M passengers, meaning a traffic increase of 0.8%, when compared to 2011.

  • The region’s pull factors
    • 4 Unesco World Heritage Sites (Porto, Guimarães, Douro and Foz Coa)
    • Ethnic traffic
    • Gastronomy and wines
    • Year round mild climate
    • Tourism opportunities: Tours & City breaks
    • Great facilities to MICE
    • Beautiful beaches and sea coastline
  • Marketing Support
    • Major nationalities are Portuguese, German, Spanish, French and British.
    • Major Travel motivations: Business, Tourism/holidays, visit family and friends.
    • 38.2% of passengers travel two-three times a year. 33.3% only once a year.
    • 49.2% of passengers travel alone. 35.5% travel with their families.
    • The average stay is of 11.1 days.
    • 43.6% of air tickets are purchased in travel agencies. 22.3% are bought on internet
    • 77.8% of the passengers buy only the air ticket.
    • 14.2% of the passengers are senior business executives; 25.6% are highly qualified; 23.9% are company employees
    • 35.4 % of the passengers are 30-39 years old.

Vital statistics

  • Average traffic growth of 9% in the past five years.

2014 Traffic Data

  • Passengers: 6.9m (+8.8%)
  • Flights: 63,942 (+6.1%)
  • Cargo: 36,036 (+4.8%)
  • Largest carriers: Ryanair, TAP Portugal, easyJet


Detailed information concerning Porto Airport charges and other information is available to airlines at: http://newroutelab.ana.pt