Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT/KPIT)

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New routes and frequency possibilities and why these routes would work

Cargo Flights

South America
  • With most of the perishables destined for the Northeast and Midwest, PIT’s location makes the perfect hub distribution point. Airport has refrigeration, USDA, U.S. Customs and Agriculture available 24/7. Incentives apply.
Asia/Pacific – China
  • PIT operated thirty 747-400 charters from Asia with over 2.5 million pounds of inbound cargo. This lane could sustain twice weekly cargo flights. Incentives apply.
  • With congestion at major hub airports and long expensive taxi times, PIT can save you money and has sustained cargo flights to Europe. Incentives apply.

International Flights

One of the few U. S. Airports approved for charter flights to/from Cuba. Large number of universities, religious groups and non-profits in Pittsburgh.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

Pittsburgh tops the rankings: The airport has been included on OAG Worldwide’s shortlist of the world’s leading airports for four consecutive years, while also placed among J.D. Powers and Associates’ top 5 airports by customer satisfaction. The city of Pittsburgh itself, with its thriving businesses and entertainment offering, is ranked as the most liveable city in the US by Forbes, The Economist and several others.

In keeping with the city’s historical links with the steel industry, the headquarters of US Steel – the world’s tenth largest steel producer – is based in Pittsburgh, while Heinz Field, the home of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, is just 32km from the airport.

For 2012, National Geographic “Travelers” has ranked Pittsburgh among the 20 “Best of the World” to visit and one of only two American cities to be included Pittsburgh International Airport continues to be ranked as one of the world’s elite airports, accruing rankings from Official Airline Guide Worldwide (OAG), Conde’ Nast Traveler, J.D. Powers and Associates as well as the Airport Revenue News The Pittsburgh region is within a day’s drive or 90-minute flight time of nearly 50% of the North American population The region sits within 500 miles of 23 of the country’s top 50 metro retail markets making it a strategic location for transporting goods. In recent months, natural gas drilling has started on airport property and the majority of the revenue will be applied to the airline rate base, making it even more affordable to operate at PIT.

Marketing and other support

Pittsburgh Airport offers a wide range of incentives and support to airlines launching new routes, including TV, radio and print media coverage as well as marketing on the airports official website.

  • PIT’s Incentive Program offers reduced operating fees to new or current airlines that establish routes to un-served markets from PIT
  • Introductions to key CEOs and business leaders via the Regional Air Service Partnership
  • Host reception with business, travel leaders, and targeted demographic groups for new service
  • Provide contact database of media, travel agencies, corporate travel planners, CVBs and chambers
  • Provide a “Best Buys Pittsburgh, Advertising Menu” with various options to advertise in the Pittsburgh market
  • Staff support on route and market analysis to monitor route performance, pinpoint point of sale for passengers and enhance revenues
  • Advertising on key websites and airport newsletter.
  • Airport Authority awareness programmes
  • Co-operative marketing staff and financial support to assist carriers with start-up costs
  • Day of Inauguration Flight Event

Catchment Area


  • 90 min catchment area – 3.9 million people
  • 150 min catchment area – 8.8 million people
  • Secondary catchment area includes:
  • Akron-Canton, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Cumberland, MD

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Existing warehouse space is available. Multiple ground transportation and logistics companies located near the airport.

Pittsburgh International Cargo Assets and Opportunities

  • Corporate headquarters for FedEx ground
  • Worldwide Flight Services is certified to inspect all cargo on airport
    • They have all the equipment and trained personnel to load/off load all size cargo aircraft.
  • US Customs advantages
    • All U.S. Customs agents are crossed trained to handle cargo, perishables and agriculture products.
    • AMS/AME available
  • Facility available:
    • Cargo A is located on ramp and has over 39,827ft2 in a column free building
    • There is an active “Cargo Task Force” group comprised of forwarders, corporate traffic managers, brokers,  ground handlers  and trucking companies


Pittsburgh was chosen as the site for the 2009 G-20 summit with over 26 countries and heads of state attending, allowing the airport to show its capabilities.

Airport Landside Amenities

  • Pittsburgh International Airport is located 14 miles west of Pittsburgh, with direct access to interstate highways going north, south, east and west
  • Taxi and public transit are available to downtown, local routes, University campus locations, and all neighboring  communities
  • Rail and barge access within 5 miles from the airport
  • Rental car pickup adjacent to baggage claim
  • Hyatt hotel with conference space connected to landside terminal for easy passenger and crew rest
  • Gas station on airport property for quick service with “street pricing”
  • Four on-airport parking options: valet, short term, long term and extended
  • One of the first airports in the country to partner with ridesharing companies for the ability to pick-up and drop-off passengers.

Airport Airside Amenities

  • Street pricing at all restaurants and shopping locations
    • No tax on clothing purchases
    • Wide selection of stores and eating facilities
  • Full service U.S. Post office
  • Military Personnel Lounge
  • Airside pet relief area
  • Family Assistance Restrooms
  • Reflection Room
  • Centrally located and fully staffed information desk
  • Easy access to all gates from core
  • Wide selection of stores and restaurants ranging from national, well-known brands to regional favorites, catering to the diverse interests of travelers.
  • Currency exchange locations strategically positioned for both arriving and departing international flights.
  • New Terrazzo floor installation modernizes airside core and complements the assortment of award-winning concessions.

Infrastructure & Operations

Runways (number and length in feet):

  • 10L/28R = 10,502 x 150
  • 10R/28L = 11,500 x 200
  • 10C/28C = 10,775 x 150
  • 14/32 = 8,101 x 150
  • Simultaneous CAT II/III ILS approaches available
  • Average taxi time is 7 minutes to/from terminal

Airport operations per hour:

  • Optimum weather = 152-160 per hour
  • Marginal weather = 143-150 per hour
  • IFR weather = 119-150 per hour
  • Can handle more operations per hour than Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Baltimore or New York.

Slot Coordinated?:

  • None

Operating hours:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Terminals (Number, type and last major refurbishment):

  • One airside terminal with four concourses with a total of 69 domestic gates and 7 international gates.
  • PC Air and Ground Power Units provided at each gate
  • Airline lounge space available
  • Airline operational and crew rest/lounge space available in airport core with adjacent proximity to all gates
  • In-ground fuel hydrant system available

Min. connect time:

  • Domestic to Domestic: 45 minutes
  • Domestic to International: 45 minutes
  • International to Domestic: 90 minutes
  • International to International: 90 minutes
  • FIS facility can process 1,200 passenger per hour
  • International baggage recheck available inside FIS facility with FIS/TSA screening performed in the same facility – no additional screening needed to connect to other flights.

Other relevant Infrastructure & Operations details…

  • FTZ Fuel available for qualifying international flights translating into significant fuel savings
  • Airspace encompassed in Class B and ZOB (Cleveland Center) Airspace providing efficient operating environment
  • Approved for charter flights to Cuba
  • PIT can land any size aircraft
    • Jet bridge dimension, PC air units and ground power can service A-380 aircraft

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods World Headquarters and corporate jet hanger is located on airport property with direct access to the airfield.
  • Pittsburgh has hosted major national and worldwide conventions including: National Veterans Wheelchair Games, MLB All-Star Games, G-20, World Affairs Council, Airports Council International -North America Annual.
  • The Marcellus and Utica Shale natural gas drilling is increasing local economic strength and surging traffic to small, medium, and large hub cities from Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh is the regional home of over 200 natural gas companies from across the U.S. and world. Over 200,000 jobs are projected to be created in the next decade.
  • A master planned industrial park on Pittsburgh International Airport property is located with direct access to I-376, providing an excellent location for regional distribution and is located in a Foreign Trade Zone #33. Phase one of the park includes two buildings totaling 325,501ft2.
  • Currently under development, the park can accommodate real estate requirements ranging from 24,757ft2 to 59,201ft2.
  • Over 90 acres of land ready for cargo and warehouse development.
  • New warehouse park with over 1,001,044ft2 of new buildings.
  • Pad-ready sites are available on site to allow quick construction to begin for all types of development needs.
  • $7M pledged towards the development of a trade center complex, on airport property, that includes an office park, hotel, conference center and corporate hangars.

Foreign Trade Zone #33

  • The airport has 5,300 acres available for development and activation
  • Shovel ready space available for inbound warehouse development
    • From submission of application to authorization approximately 30 days to activation