Perth Airport (PER/YPPH)

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Major reasons to serve this airport

Wealthy. Fast-growing. High propensity to travel. And quokkas!! As a destination, Perth has got it all - apart from your air service.

  • Western Australia has the highest propensity to travel out of all the Australian states
  • One-third of West Australians were born overseas – contributes to the high propensity to travel
  • Perth is 30% closer than Sydney or Melbourne to west-bound markets
  • Perth is in the same time zone as China, Singapore and much of South-east Asia

Marketing/and other support

On many metrics, Perth is the leading airport in Australia and therefore rightly deserves its title as the country's 'most international' airport. Want to know more? Then contact any one of the business development team for pertinent market data.

  • There’s something truly special about Western Australia. Western Australia is an unpolished gem, unspoiled and a bit wild. Western Australia is brimming with adventures, ready to welcome you in.
  • Team Perth, as part of the larger Tourism Australia collective, works cohesively to attract new and grow existing air services. With expertise within the Team covering tourism, trade, education and business events – we recognise the support of the Western Australian State and Federal Governments.
  • Perth Airport’s acknowledges the start-up and marketing costs associated with a new service and/or a new market. We also encourage our airline partners to increase frequency and introduce product improvements to existing markets. A tailored incentive approach is considered based on the opportunity.

Airport Catchment area

One in three West Australians were born overseas contributing to a high propensity to travel from the near-three million population which is centred on Perth.

  • 85% of the total Western Australian population is clustered within a 3-hour drive of Perth Airport

Freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • Perth is bustling with freight exports, from West Australian rock lobster to China to fresh meat to the Middle East. With mineral wealth, high-value cargo such as diamonds and mining machinery also contributing to a profitable under-the-wing business.


Open 24/7 with no curfews, Perth Airport has four terminals and two runways. It was recently awarded ‘CAPA Asia Airport of the Year’ 2017 (<30 million passengers).

Perth Airport is well located to the Perth CBD and is surrounded by major roads leading to the city and suburban areas.

The approximate distance from Perth Airport to the city is as follows:

  • Terminals 1 & 2 – 17km
  • Terminals 3 & 4 – 12km

A taxi trip from the airport terminals to Perth city centre will take 20 to 30 minutes. Rideshare services such as Uber, Ola and Didi are all available.

Alternatively, the public transport Connect shuttle bus service to the city is a safe and convenient way to travel.

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Runways (number and length): Runway 03/21: 3,444m; Runway 06/24: 2,163m
  • Slot Coordinated?: Yes
  • Operating hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Terminals (Number, type and last major refurbishment): T1 International; T1 Domestic, T2 Regional WA, T3, T4
  • Min. connect time: Standard DD 30 min; DI 90 min; ID 120 min; II 60 min (note: airline variations apply)

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news



Vital statistics

  • Annual Passenger numbers: pre Covid-19
  • International: 4.36 million
  • Inter-State (Domestic Australia): 5.87 million
  • Intra-State (Regional Western Australia): 4.26 million