Paderborn Airport (PAD/EDLP)

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New routes and frequency possibilities and why these routes would work

Country markets
  • Leisure traffic
Poland and Italy
  • Business and ethnic traffic

Other Major reasons to serve this airport

Located in a densely-populated 17 million catchment, Paderborn also draws an additional 1.5 million to its ‘fifth season’ – the Libori Festival – an ultimate cultural experience of concerts, church music, exhibitions and other events in celebration of St Liborius, Paderborn's patron saint.

With 44,000 British living nearby, including 10,000 military personnel and their families, UK services are highly desired – London, served until November 2011, has a market size of 43,000.

  • No restrictions
  • More than 3,000 free of charge car parking spaces
  • Market skimming potential – catchment area > 17 million inhabitants within a 2h drive
  • Competitive airport and handling Charges
  • Extensive support for new route start-ups
  • Excellent weather conditions minimise delays
  • 1 service provider: Flughafen Paderborn/Lippstadt GmbH
  • Ground handling compliant to IATA AHM 810
  • Customised handling solutions
  • Fast and efficient turnarounds

Marketing and other support

April 2011: Condor opens its new service to Palma de Mallorca, benefitting from the very local high demand for flights to Spain.

Support for Business Development – New Routes

  • Free advertising and promotion at the airport (inside terminal and outdoor area)
  • Free advertising in airport publications (timetables, flyer etc.)
  • Online advertisement and promotion on airport website and newsletter
  • Joint advertisement campaigns in local media and specialised press
  • Close collaboration and joint campaigns with local tourism authorities, business development authorities and chambers of commerce
  • Joint radio campaigns (trailer ads, editorial contributions, competitions)
  • Promotion of carrier and destinations at trade shows and fairs
  • Launch event to promote carrier and new destinations
  • Regular press releases to regional and specialised press
  • In addition we are open to any other suggestions

Marketing Support for Business Development – New Routes

  • Advertising and promotion at the airport
  • Direct Mailing
  • Online advertisement and promotion, local media and specialised press
  • Close collaboration with local tourism authorities, business development authorities and chambers of commerce
  • Radio campaigns (trailer ads, editorial contributions, competitions)
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Promotion of carrier and destinations at trade shows and fairs
  • Launch event to promote carrier and new destinations
  • We’re open to other suggestions!

Catchment Area

An airport and lots of people! Held dear by its community, as well as its huge 17 million two-hour catchment: The 3nd Paderborn-Lippstadt RUNWAY 06 Airport-Run will take place in November 2012, while another race, the annual Warsteiner Mongolfiade, draws over 80 hot air balloon entries.

Origin of Passengers:

  • North Rhine Westfalia: 59%
  • Southern Lower Saxony: 21%
  • North Hesse: 15%
  • Other: 5%


Population drive times:

  • ½h driving time ca. 2.4 million
  • 1h driving time ca. 7.6 million
  • 2h driving time ca. 17 million

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Paderborn-based technology giant Wincor-Nixdorf's annual in-house banking and retail exhibition, Wincor World, draws 8,000 visitors from 80 countries, including 200 customers in Asia (many flying via Munich because Lufthansa has discontinued its Frankfurt connection). Altogether Paderborn has 5,000 international companies in its catchment.

Freight services at PAD:

  • Regulated agent
  • Freight screening
  • Consignment acceptance (import/export)
  • Truck-loading of bulk and pallet loads

    Economic mix:

    • Agriculture 1,1%
    • Industry 40,9%
    • Service 57,9%
  • 8 strong industry sectors: food, engineering, furniture, energy, health, electronics, plastics, IT
  • More than 5,000 internationally active companies
  • Corporate headquarters of various multinational enterprises
  • Broad base of SMEs (numerous hidden champions and market leaders)


The newly refurbished and extended terminal – airlines also benefit from a single 1 service provider: Flughafen Paderborn/Lippstadt GmbH

Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport is located in the central North Rhine Westphalia region of Germany with perfect accessibility to the country’s main motorway network A33 and A44.

Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport is the closest and most comfortable gateway for a strong catchment area in North-East Westphalia and the population from any other direction within a circle of 100 km: Lower Saxony, North Hesse, Sauerland and near Ruhrgebiet.

Paderborn and every one of its surrounding cities and districts offer a very wide range of attractions throughout the year. Besides the welcoming continental flair, fantastic shopping facilities and many great events, the area (OWL= Ostwestfalen Lippe) holds a treasure box of historical sights and a very diverse cultural environment that is attracting a rising number of visitors from all over the world.


  • Paderborn 17km
  • Dortmund 80km
  • Kassel 85km
  • Bielefeld 60km

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Operating hours: 24
  • Not slot coordinated
  • Modernised terminal (2009) /capacity: 2 million passengers (7 gates, 3 passenger bridges, 18 check-in desks)
  • Runway 24/06 – 2,180m
  • Main apron: approx. 110.000 m²
  • Full service handling
  • Modern high intensity edge and centre lighting
  • Navigation and ILS-Systems
  • Maintenance centre for A320/B737 (Air Berlin)
  • Aircraft maintenance service for minor repairs
  • Rescue and fire fighting services
  • AD category for fire-fighting: 7; 8 on request
  • De-icing facilities, Type I and Type II fluid
  • Modernised terminal (2009)
  • Sufficient parking spaces incl. 3.000 spaces free of charge and 2 multi-storey car parks
  • Airport Hotel (walking distance 2 min. from the terminal)

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

Vital statistics

  • Passengers(2010):
    • Total: 1,030,795
    • Business: 209,854
    • Charter: 790,207
    • Others: 30,734
  • Air transport movements (2010): 38,706
  • Largest carrier: Air Berlin, Condor, Lufthansa


Paderborn Airport Charges