Nürnberg Airport (NUE/EDDN)

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Tradition and modernity – significant inbound business and leisure tourism potential – NürnbergMesse (fair) alone represents 1.5 million visitors annually, meanwhile, Nuremberg holds various important historical sites for leisure tourists.

Nuremberg is rich in sights and events – various museums as well as the annual “Klassik Open Air” (Europe’s biggest classic music open air event) and “Rock im Park” (rock music open air festival) are highly frequented.

The Airport:

  • Perfect geographical location in Southern Germany with excellent road and rail accessibility and a strong catchment area
  • Attractive market opportunities (key un- and underserved routes, such as LHR, NYC and MAD) and low level of direct airline competition
  • Blue Ocean Bonus – attractive incentives for unserved routes
  • Efficient airport operation: 24h operation, no slot restrictions, fully flexible infrastructure for the needs of Full Service, Low-Cost and Leisure Carriers

The City and Region:

  • Nuremberg ranks amongst the Top 3 of European medium-sized cities in terms of economic potential.
  • Large corporates are located in the region (e.g. adidas, SIEMENS, Puma, GfK, etc.).
  • NürnbergMesse (Nuremberg Trade Fair) is one of the Top 15 largest exhibition corporations.
  • Nuremberg is a tourist magnet, offering a wide range of historically relevant and scenic attractions, such as the old castle of the Imperial City, one of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets as well as the Documentation Centre on former Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

Routes Marketing Award: Nuremberg Airport has won the Routes Marketing Award twice –in the category of airports up to 4 mppa at the World Routes 2017 and in the category of airports with 4 – 20 million mppa at the World Routes 2018. The jury recognised the consequent approach to enter new markets and the trusting cooperation between the airport and its airline partners.

Blue Ocean Bonus as a very competitive incentive opportunity for all unserved routes. There are various attractive unserved and underserved route opportunities for profitable growth.
Blue Ocean Bonus Example

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Discount on weight-related landing and take-off charges 100% 85% 70% 50% 25%
Discount on passenger charges 60% 55% 50% 45% 40%
Individual Incentives available for:

  • Passenger volume / passenger growth
  • Based aircrafts

For further information, see www.airport-nuernberg.de/charges
Wide range of marketing and support activities:

  • Joint advertisement campaigns in the regional press, radio and TV
  • Sales promotion for travel channels
  • Press releases to regional press
  • Advertisements at the airport
  • Online promotion: introduction on the airport website and via newsletter
  • Free editorials and advertisement in airport publications (magazines, timetable)
  • Route opening events
  • Cooperation with local tourist board and chamber of commerce

Within a 90-minute radius, the catchment of the airport represents around 4.2 million inhabitants.

Population & Demographics
Inhabitants by journey time (catchment):

Travel time to the airport Inhabitants
< 30 minutes 945,000
30 to 60 minutes 1,060,000
60 to 90 minutes 2,237,000
Total (90 minutes radius) 4,244,000
  • 3,5 million inhabitants are located in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg and within a 90-minute drive, the catchment comprises a population of more than 4.2 million inhabitants.
  • Significant purchasing power of the population within the core catchment: around 10 % above the German average!
  • The region shows high VFR potential with over 22 % of Nuremberg City’s inhabitants being of foreign nationality. About 45.1 % come from a migration background, leading to a high passenger volume to VFR-destinations from NUE’s catchment, such as:
    • Turkey: 141,000
    • Russia: 88,000
    • Romania: 76,000
    • Poland: 73,000
    • Greece: 20,000
  • Within the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, there are 20 universities with approx. 93,000 students.


  • Nuremberg is the economic and service metropolis of Northern Bavaria in Germany and ranks amongst the Top 3 of European medium-sized cities in terms of economic potential.
  • Nuremberg ranks at place 21 of 100 European regions with more than 500,000 inhabitants regarding business locations.
  • Remarkably high export share of over 50 % (above German average).
  • Main industry sectors are Metal/Machines, Electrics and Chemicals.
  • Nuremberg city and region are important business gateways, with global players such as Siemens and Bosch located in the region. The headquarters of adidas, Puma, Diehl, Faber-Castell, GfK, SCHAEFFLER and Uvex are situated in the region as well.
  • Approx. 199,000 companies and enterprises are located within a 90-minute driving distance from the airport.
  • NürnbergMesse (Nuremberg Trade Fair) and the according convention centre are highly frequented business locations and one of the Top 15 largest exhibition corporations. Annually, around 35,000 exhibitors and up to 1.5 million visitors attend the exhibitions of NürnbergMesse Group.

There is high cargo potential due to corporate demand as well as the high export share of the region.

Nuremberg airport offers tailor-made solutions for cargo services. Flights can be operated highly flexible.

  • Opening hours of Nuremberg airport: 24/7
  • Space availability: 14,000 m2 storage, 7,000 m2 office

Cargo handling services:

  • 24/7 computer-based import/export customs
  • Processing of cargo documents
  • Professional loading of (dangerous/HUM/radio-active) goods on trucks as well as into containers
  • TACT-accounting safety (vacuum chamber, x-ray)
  • Availability of warehouse facilities, pallet and container shelves and pallet build-up station

Cargo sales services:

  • Processing cargo handling requests
  • Calculating charges and providing tailor-made solutions
  • Contracts for cargo handling
  • Compilation of cargo offers for cargo charters
  • Individual assistance and liaise with the right partner if required
  • Marketing of service offers and capacities

Users benefit from the airport’s 24 hour operations. The airport is easily accessible by road and rail.

  • Mppa: 4.11 (2019)
  • Cargo tonnes: 7,179
  • Ratio of business / leisure travellers: 20 % / 80 %
  • Top 5 Airlines: Corendon, Ryanair, Eurowings, Lufthansa, TUI


  • Located in Central Europe
  • Coordinates: 49° 29′ 59″ North, 11° 04′ 45″ East

Transport Links

  • The airport is located 7 km (4.3 miles) North of the city centre of Nuremberg and close to the A3 motorway.
  • The city is surrounded by a network of motorways, i.e. the following: Berlin – Munich, Frankfurt – Vienna, Stuttgart – Prague.
  • The airport is linked to Nuremberg main station with a direct underground connection, running every 8-10 minutes and over a total journey time of 12 minutes. Nuremberg main station is a key railway junction with high-speed trains to all directions.

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Operating hours: 24/7
  • No slot restrictions
  • Runway: 28 / 10 (2,700m x 45m or 8860 ft x 148 ft)
  • 26 aircraft stands of which four are served by air bridges
  • Full service handling
  • Two departure halls and one arrival hall (all linked), 34 check-in desks