Malmö Airport (MMX/ESMS)

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Malmö Airport's wealthy and ethnically diverse catchment area offers a number of unserved business, leisure and VFR routes with great potential.

Citizens of the Malmö catchment area: Zlatan Ibrahimovic draws large crowds of Swedish football fans to watch him play in his new home town Milan, while Wallander fever has hit Europeans as the Ystad police detective drama series is broadcasted across Europe.

The new Concert and Congress Center in Malmö as well as the ESS and Max IV advanced research centres in Lund attract delegates and scientists from all over the world.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • A research study conducted by Markör Marknad och Kommuniation shows that passengers living in the catchment area of Malmö Airport rather travel out of MMX as it is a smaller, faster and more flexible airport.
  • Malmö Airport is also a faster and more flexible airport for airlines. We handle 25 minute turnarounds and apply a joint domestic and international, arrival and departure terminal.
  • Malmö, Skåne and the Öresund region is a fast-moving, vibrant region with large business developments within 30 minutes from Malmö Airport – see more about ESS and MaxLab.
  • Malmö and Skåne already today host a long list of large Swedish and international companies with global business: ABB, Brio, E-on, Gambro, Honda, IKEA, Kemira, Mercedes-Benz, Perstorp, Sony Ericsson, Tetra Pak, The Absolut Company, Trelleborg and more.
  • Malmö and Lund together forms one of the world’s strongest research and development regions. The universities attract approx. 75,000 students and a range of research networks and villages are located here: Ideon, Ideon Life Science, Medeon, Medicon Valley, Öresund Food Network, Öresund IT and more.
  • Skåne is an Upcoming Tourism Destination, attracting visitors from all over the world

Malmö Airport offers a highly competitive incentive scheme with generous discounts for both new routes and passenger growth. A well-coordinated marketing support network is also in place as well as discounts and package deals for Danes crossing to Malmö Airport by the nearby Oresund Bridge. The attractive marketing support is one of many reasons why Ryanair has launched routes to Malmö Airport.

Marketing and other support

  • Malmö Airport applies a 5-year incentive programme of 100% discount on take-off and passenger charges.
  • Airlines introducing new routes or increasing traffic on existing routes qualify for marketing support where the size depends on destination, weekly frequency and if it is year-round or seasonal traffic.
  • Intermediate stop discount is granted to airlines flying from any airport via Malmö Airport on its way to its final destination. 50% of the take-off fees in both directions are rebated.
  • Also, Malmö Airport has a separate marketing support programme helping to share risk with airlines during a start-up period.
  • Tourism in Skåne, Malmö Tourism, Visit Sweden and Malmö Airport has established a joint marketing fund for new airlines and/or routes at Malmö Airport. The size of the support depends on the destination, frequency and size of fleet operating on the route.

Southernmost Sweden is densely populated and while only making out 3% of the country's area, it has 13% of the population. The region's golf courses attract players from all over the world, including for international events such as the 125,000-spectator SAS Masters.

Catchment Area

  • 30 min from MMX: 602,100 people
  • 60 min from MMX: 1,000,500 people
  • 90 min from MMX: 1,301,100 people
  • 120 min from MMX: 1,546,300 people
  • Including Greater Copenhagen: 3 305 800 people

In addition to a large number of international companies headquartered in Malmö Airport's catchment area, the airport functions as a low-cost, uncongested cargo airport for all of southern Scandinavia.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • Malmö Airport provides a cheaper, faster and more flexible service in southern Scandinavia due to no extra charges from Eurocontrol, no slot coordination, and no congestion.
  • The airport is located “at the end” of Sweden, meaning that large cargo volumes pass Malmö Airport on their way to other airports and continental Europe. Use Malmö Airport and cut bridge tolls, terminal charges, and airport costs!
  • Sweden has the largest outbound charge market in Scandinavia – 38%
This large market is created through the many large companies in the country:
Ericsson Astra Zeneca ABB
Saab Atlas Copco SKF
Volvo Husqvarna Trelleborg
Tetra Laval Alfa Laval Gambro
And more…
The largest cargo markets (all over 3,000 tonnes) for Swedish cargo in 2008 were:
Chicago Shanghai Tokyo
New York Delhi Singapore
Johannesburg Toronto Sydney
  • Looking at the South Swedish region, the following markets are the largest in terms of imports and exports (Nordics and Europe excluded)
USA Russia China
Japan Brazil South Korea
UAE Australia Singapore
China US Japan
Hong Kong Russia Taiwan
Malaysia South Korea Thailand

A fully facilitated airport within easy reach of Malmö and Lund; both only 25 minutes away. Ground transportation will improve further to allow for the traffic boom generated by the future ESS research facility.


  • 25 minutes to Malmö and Trelleborg
  • 35 minutes to Lund and Ystad
  • 50 minutes to Copenhagen and Landskrona
  • 60 minutes to Helsingborg
  • Airport buses to Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Slot Coordinated: No
  • Operating 24 hours
  • 25-minute turnarounds
  • 8 gates with jetways (3 suitable for code E)
  • No more than 4 minutes waiting time in security control
  • No TNC from Eurocontrol
  • Airport built for approx. 4 million pax (annual pax in 2010: 1.6 million)
  • 3,400 parking spaces; indoor and outdoor, short term and long term, valet and low cost.
  • Taxis right outside terminal.
  • 6 rental car offices right outside terminal (Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Mabi, Sixt).
  • Terminals: 1 joint terminal for international and domestic, arriving and departing PAX (possibilities of separating non Schengen passengers)
    • Landside: restaurant, bar, convenience store, Visitor Center (tourism office/airport information), currency exchange and Internet (WiFi as well as SideWalk Express).
    • Airside: restaurant, bar, café, tax free, bookstore and Internet (WiFi as well as SideWalk Express)

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

ESS and Max IV to Lund

European Spalliation Source, is a research facility which will not only complement at least two handfuls of research centers in the world but it will also be the biggest investment within research and development in Sweden in 25 years!

ESS can be seen as a huge microscope where neutrons are shot through pieces of materials in order to learn how and what it is made up of. This instrument will give totally new opportunities within chemistry, nano technology, environment, food research, bio technology, medicine etc.

The placement of Max-IV, the upgrade of Max-Lab and a sister facility to ESS, will positively influence each other.

The ESS lab alone is estimated to generate 700 more job opportunities per year from 2010 and onwards, meaning that there will be about 3500 people employed in direct connection to the research facility already in 2015. Add to this, thousands of visitors per year. This has already created a demand for new office space and following this a need for about 500 new houses and/or apartments.

It is guaranteed to be a vast growth of population within the region due to ESS. This will create a need for more health care services and the public sector have to expand in order to be able to take care of the larger amount of inhabitants. Sports and other recreational activities will have to expand their programs. The number of schools and daycare centers has to increase both with Swedish and international units for families moving to Lund for ESS. The university and technical college will also have to increase their educational programs as well as their facilities.

A side from the “musts” above the city of Lund will also build innovation centers like IDEON and MEDEON as well as science centers and science adventure parks. Finally, except for all the jobs created in direct connection to ESS there will be numerous job opportunities in public transport, stores and shops, restaurants and cafés etc.

Skåne is an Upcoming Tourism Destination

Malmö is the biggest city in Skåne – a small province in southern Sweden but yet a big holiday paradise in Scandinavia. Maybe the best thing about Skåne is its climate. Here, the summers are longer and the winters not as cold as in the rest of Sweden. So, why wait?

Very much due to the fine foods in the region, some of Sweden’s best restaurants and most highly qualified star chefs work in Malmö and Skåne. Add to this a province that has been characterised for generations by healthy agriculture and a great interested in food and you have Skåne, Sweden’s own larder. Skåne is known for the food and drinks it has produced for many generations, for instance Absolut Vodka has been produced here for more than hundred years.

Malmö is easy to explore by foot or bike and everything is close at hand.  Make your way to Ribban, Malmö’s lovely sandy beach with seaside swimming. Go for a long walk along the beach. Make a stop at the beautiful Kallbadhuset from 1898, a popular destination for swimmers and café guests alike, who can enjoy saltwater swimming and a wood-fired sauna year-round.

The Turning Torso in Malmö is Sweden’s tallest building it is located in the Western Harbour, a former harbour area that has recently been turned into a meeting place. Take a few moments to look around, this district has been awarded its innovative city planning.

Malmö and Skåne also has many interesting museums including Malmö Museum, which combines Skåne history with nature, technology and shipping. See an old Viking ship, a medieval ship or a submarine! Malmö hosts the only subsidiary of Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the art museum is located in one of Sweden’s most beautiful exhibition premises.

Malmö is a great city for shopping, with large shopping centres and smaller, more exclusive boutiques. Malmö holds about 800 shops and boutiques so you won’t run out of shopping opportunities!

Malmö has a nightlife to suit every taste. If you want to give it a try remember, Malmö is a compact city and it is easy to get around. You can hit several spots in one night! Lilla Torg is popular both in the summer and in the winter. Summertime, the square is a fabulous place with tens of outdoor restaurants and bars. Close to Lilla Torg several night clubs and bars are located. Etage, Hipp, Paddy’s, Swing Inn, Koi, Skeppsbron2 and Prins Bernhard just to mention a few. Not far from Lilla Torg is Casino Cosmopol, try your luck!

New Concert and Congress Center in Malmö

Located at Universitetsholmen within walking distance from the Central Station in the popular district of Western Harbor a new concert and congress center with a belonging hotel, offices and residential areas will be built and finished 2014.

The Western Harbor has, during the last handful of years, been developed to a vibrant meeting point and city park, a sustainable urban zone and an attractive housing area. The concert, congress and hotel venue shall act as a link between the city of Malmö and the expansive harbor area, a tie between business and entertainment, a connection between work and relaxation.

Construction of the venue will start in 2012 and be finished by 2014. The concert, congress and hotel will cover a total of 43 000 sqm and be able to host 1 600 people in concert audience, 1 500 congress delegates and 375 bed in the hotel.  Including an additional basements, apartments and offices the total space that will be built is of 80 000 sqm. The venue will employ about 250 people, the offices will hold 750 employees and the housing about 200 residents.

Host of Eurovision Song Contest

Maybe you remember that Sweden and Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. Next year the event will be hosted in Sweden, and more exactly – in Malmö!
Malmö was chosen due to the city’s multiculturalism and great infrastructure. Between the 14th and 18th of May singers and bands from 40 countries will compete in Malmö Arena and visitors are expected from all over Europe.

Vital statistics

  • Total of 1,946,000 pax in 2010
  • Domestic 1,200,000 and international 746,000 (of which charter 441,000)
  • Domestic business: 51%
  • International business: 6%
  • Freight: Express mail, post and heavy freight
  • Largest carrier: UPS, TNT and Swedish Post