Lyon Airport (LYS/LFLL)

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Other Major reasons to serve this airport


  • 1er Economic region in France
  • More populated than Finland, Ireland or New Zealand
  • Richer than Finland, Ireland or New Zealand
  • Attractive throughout the year: 50 % of the overnight stays in summer & 40 % in winter.
  • Lyon = the 2nd largest city in France & touristic destination
  • Headquarters of Interpol, Euronews, International Research on Cancer & Sanofi….


  • 8.5 million Passengers in 2014
  • All year round traffic potential
  • 45% of LYS’s travelers are travelling for business
  • CargoPort : soon to be connected to the railway with the Carex project
  • Multimodal hub : high speed train station, Tram express to Lyon, Shuttle Buses, Motorways

€430 billion (GDP of the airport catchment area)

    • #1 University & High School Centre (outside Paris)
      • 19,000 researchers, 250,000 students
      • 4 global leaders in biotechnologies: Mérial, Sanofi Pasteur, Biomérieux, Genzyme
    • 17 Clusters of Excellence (international dimension)
    • International organisations: Interpol, International Agency for research on Cancer, OMS…
    • 82 headquarters (over 1,000 employees)
    • Decision centre density higher than Barcelona or Manchester
    • #1 recipient of foreign direct investments in France (outside Paris)
    • Only Lyon Video


Sports & Nature

  • The world’s largest ski field (circa 200 resorts), helitransfer service available as well as three to five daily scheduled coach services
  • Over 800,000 ha (two million acres) of natural park
  • 80 golf courses, mountain bike, trekking, paragliding, canoeing, sailing, spa centers

Lyon Airport Sports and Nature

Lyon Airport  gastronomyGastronomy & Wine

  • World Famous chefs
  • World Famous Vineyards
  • Bourgogne, Beaujolais, Côtes du Rhône

History & Culture

  • Lyon is part of UNESCO World Heritage
    • Lyon historic center: 6,000,000 visitors per year
  • Various festivals (Music, Theatre, Dance)
    • Lyon “fêtes des lumières”: 4,000,000 visitors
  • 20 archeological sites, Antiques

Incentive policy > Time is Money

New Financial Policy & Discount

  • New International Route Discounts off Landing & Passenger Fees. 2 Years Incentive Scheme
Cost Savings Year 1 Year 2
Landing Fees 75% 50%
Passenger Fees 75% 50%
  • Conditions:   
    • Shorthaul : Twice Weekly Non Stop  16 consecutive  weeks
    • Longhaul :  Once Weekly, Maxi 1 Stop 16 consecutive Weeks

Dynamic and effective support

A team dedicated to assisting each airline in its traffic development approach.

1      Analysis for potential of a service, by understanding current O&D traffic departing from or arriving in Lyon (source: Sabre GDD), its changes over time, its seasonality and the mix of traffic in terms of business/first in particular;

2      Transformation of this potential into real traffic projections adapted to the position of your airline and the competitive environment observed (software used: Beontra);

3      Analysis of underlying economic, demographic or cultural fundamentals explaining this potential.
In particular: databases and contacts with the main players of the catchment area: Companies, travel agencies, etc.

4      Identification of passenger profiles by service/destination to better adapt the marketing tools provided
(source: Lyon Airport Passenger Profile, performed continuously on a sample of about 30,000 people per year).

Marketing promotional plan :

  • constructed according to a needs analysis of the
    airline and the study of passenger profiles suited to our market
  • consisting of efficient promotional tools for BtoB as well as BtoC,
    a wide range of communication media
  • Press conferences & press trip
  • Publications and editorial content through various channels : Fly’on Airport Magazine, FLY’on TV, Newsletters, internet and social networks, billboards & displays
  • E-mailings
  • Campaigns targeted at tourists, travel agencies and tour operators
  • Field Sales Assistance
  • Workshops & tourism exhibitions

A wide potential catchment area: 15 million inhabitants within two hours (exclusive of Paris).

Lyon catchemtn 2015

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Catchment Area

12 million inhabitants

According to LYS’ passengers survey lead on more than 30,000 passenger every year, LYS catchment area actually includes a wide area from Dijon in the North to the Mediterranean coasts (Marseille, Montpellier and Nimes)

More than 12 million inhabitants live in this catchment area situated less than 2 hours within Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport either by train or driving,

Lyon-Saint Exupéry is an intermodal hub offering perfect interconnectivity and access to the largest regional catchment area outside Paris.


LYS is located on a highway nodal junction:

  • 90 minutes from the Alps’ ski resorts
  • Scheduled coaches to over 30 ski resorts

Airport high-speed rail station

  • 1:55 from Paris “Gare de Lyon” station
  • 1h40 from Provence: Marseille, Avignon…
  • Italy: Milan, Turin.

Tramway : the Rhônexpress

A new tramway, the Rhônexpress, connects Lyon-Saint Exupéry and the central Lyon Part-Dieu railway station in less than 30 minutes

  • 5 am to midnight
  • Every 15 min

Airport High-speed rail station

  • Paris: in 1h55
  • Alps: Grenoble (1h), Chambéry (1h), Annecy (1h45)…
  • Provence: Marseille (1h40), Avignon,
  • Italy: Milan, Turin.
Lyon Airport express


A new tramway, the Rhônexpress, connects Lyon-Saint Exupéry and the central Lyon Part-Dieu railway station in less than 30 minutes

  • 5 am to midnight
  • Every 15 min

Euro-Carex: Cargo Rail express

Pioneered by CDG and LYS, the project will link 7 airports. Those cargo hubs will consolidate freight and load it on to high speed TGV trains: same containers for air and rail.

Lyon Airport catchment rail links

Lyon is the biggest cargo airport in France outside Paris and offers advanced and expanding facilities – 24/7 – in a location central to major European economic flows.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Easy reminder for CargoPort LYS

  • Is located in one of the most dynamic region in France
  • Grants a direct access to the European highway network (1 km from apron)
  • Offers an attractive air cargo market (mainly hi-tech industrial production)
  • Is open 24/7/365 for operations
  • Provides a dedicated incentive for freighters
  • Is proud to be a truck friendly airport

Simply the best place in France to launch a freighter operation

CargoPort Lyon-Saint Exupéry, your new cargo home

  • Number 1 in France, after Paris, for cargo
  • An overall tonnage of circa 150,000 tons has been achieved in 2014 by our cargo partners : 49,850 tonnes airborne cargo /100,000 tonnes trucked air cargo (RFS)
  • An exceptional geographical location at the crossroads of major European economic flows. Extensive highway and railway network are located on site to offer you the best connections to Europe‘s main economic centers.
  • The LYON region is the most dynamic economic region in France, and the number 1 airfreight production area.
  • LYON is the Life Sciences region in France. It has the highest concentration of health companies in France, with several World leaders (Sanofi Pasteur, BioMerieux, Merial)
  • LYON is also the birthplace of the French chemical industry. More than 500 companies are already located or developing here.
  • LYON has a long history in the transport industry for both trucks and automotive, vehicles or parts manufacturers

Infrastructure and services

  • 2 runways (runway A 4,000 m long, runway B 2,670 m long). All aircraft are allowed at their MTOW. And no curfew
  • LYS is a major integrators’ gateway with 16 daily flights
  • Weekly freighter service by Emirates SkyCargo with a 777 F
  • Important Road Feeder Service sub hub for air cargo top players
  • CargoPort apron can accommodate 7 wide body freighters simultaneously.
  • A brand new apron, freighter dedicated, has been opened for operations in March 2015. It provides an extra 8 stands for D,E, and F aircraft types.
  • 100 companies have chosen CargoPort to locate their operations. More than 24 airlines and 80 freight forwarders, handling companies, brokers, and truckers are located on site. 1,300 cargo specialists at your service. Their expertise and know-how are a true sign of efficiency for the handling of your flights, and the processing of you cargo.
  • The main terminal has some cool storages units, along with the Border Inspection Post (EU approved). Other specialized storages are available on site for valuables, radioactive products. Health officials (vet), and Customs are located on site.
  • Several private and dedicated cargo terminals have been developed on site: WFS (2 warehouses), Swissport, DHL Global forwarding, DB Schenker, Fatton, French Post.

New growing specialties in CargoPort Lyon-Saint Exupéry

  • With the Golden Mile

As the construction of a new first line will be developed within the next 3 year, thus providing more space for a top quality cargo operation

  • With the Cool Hub project

The community already processes yearly around 10,000 tonnes of healthcare and life sciences products and several infrastructures for cool storage are already available on site. We have daily reefer truck routes operated between LYS and other hubs. Airlines provide on line main deck and belly capacities as well. But we want to do more.

Therefore new cool storages (3 temperature ranges 2/8, 15/25, -22 °C) will be developed, providing 3,000 sqm of state of the art handling space for healthcare products with easy airside and landside access.

  • With the CargoPort Ranch project

A new equine handling center providing both outbound and inbound capabilities for horses’ transportation in LYS, will be created. In 2014, 571 horses (outbound) have been transported in LYS trough an existing infrastructure.

Along with the assets expressed before, CargoPort will have all it takes to become your new cargo home.

Freighters’ incentive program

The route is considered as a new route if it’s not operated at the moment of launch.

The measure applies to the landing fee.

Freighter Routes
Discounts Year 1 Year 2
Landing Fees -75% -60%

There is a 2 hours free of charge parking period, for each flight on the new cargo route during the program.


Lyon Airport traffic chart

Airport Facts

Traffic Key Figures

2000 2008 2014
Passengers 5,8 M 7,8 M 8,5 M
Load Factor 57% 60% 70%
Airlines (schedule only) 37 42 44
Destinations (schedule only) 111 129 133


  • Open 24h
  • 2  runways
    • Runway A: 4,000 m
    • Runway B: 2,670 m
  • Capacity: 53 movements/hour
  • Passenger terminals:
    • 3 passenger terminals
      (68,000 m²)
    • 1 freight platform
      (25,000 m²)

Terminal 2 = minimum connection time of 25 mins., the shortest in Europe

5 minutes maximum from the runway to aircraft parking, from check-in to the departure lounge

48 gates directly connected to the terminals (incl. 16 with bridges)

New fast turn-off taxiways: will increase arrival/departure capacity during peak hours because the aircraft will take off from the runway more quickly.

A new Operational Control Centre (OCC), managing performance in real time:

  • Improving flight punctuality and quality of service
  • Managing major events affecting the platform
  • Combining centres for: Traffic, Access & Transport,
    Technology , Remote information center
  • Involving partners in the decision-making process

Anticipating rapid low-cost traffic growth, Lyon Airport will more than double the capacity of its existing low-cost terminal.

Lyon Airport projects
Lyon Train

(Click to enlarge)

In addition to its own TGV high-speed train station with connections around France and Europe, Lyon Airport's new Rhônexpress train service provides a link to the city centre in 25 minutes.


Future Terminal 1

15 million passengers overall capacity target

  • A vast and welcoming new terminal
  • State-of-the-art international standards
  • Fluid and pleasant trip through the airport
  • Innovative  amenitiest
  • Delivery objective: 2017
  • 70,000 m² expansion planned
  • 40,000 m² in 2016
  • 12,000 m² commercial centre with 4,500 m² of shops and restaurants
  • 7 on-stand parking areas for medium-haul carriers