Lyon Airport (LYS/LFLL)

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New routes and frequency possibilities and why these routes would work

  • Long-haul Opportunities

Four Major Markets are not flown non stop owing to an old Paris centralisation habit and a robust offer to all major European hubs. Experience shows that, once launched, a strong induction effect multiplies by 2 to 3, the initial tracked potentials. We need at least one connection to each USA and far east market.

The Rhône-Alpes #4 economic partner. The overall LYS-US Market amounts to 350 000 Pax of which 45% travel for Business reasons. The profiles show 70% Pax originate from Europe. We are looking preferably for a North Eastern US gateway offering connections to the rest of the country. A daily operation will generate an average of 105 000 Pax to 110 000 pax to hubs like JFK, EWR or PHL. New York on its own shows circa 25% of our US Traffic.
YUL is underserved with just 4 weekly during summer. Strong annual market with Ethnic, Biz & Leisure traffic from both side. 47 000 pax carried in 2012 + 6th Freedom generate over 120 000 Pax.
The Rhône-Alpes host a community of 220 000 residents originating from Far East Countries. Owing to the variety of countries concerned (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos etc …), a major hub in South East Asia would enable to address this VFR Market on top of strong Business & Leisure flows. China is a major Rhône-Alpes economic partner with 6 € Billion annual exchanges. 140 Rhône-Alpes corporations settled down in China, 15 Chinese in the Rhône-Alpes and this dynamism led Chinese Authorities to open a General Consulate in Lyon. The current market is 130 000 Pax prior to any induction effect. We are looking for a service operating to Beijing & Shanghai or Hong Kong.
The Rhône-Alpes generates 19% of India-France exchanges. 750 € billion of commercial exchanges in 2011. 26 regional corporations settled in India. Some Indian TOs already propose Tours in our region. We are interested to start a service to either Delhi or Mumbai generating roughly 80 000 Pax.
  • South East Asia

The Rhône-Alpes host a community of 220,000 residents originating from Far East Countries. Owing to the variety of countries concerned (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos etc…), a major hub in South East Asia would enable to address this VFR Market on top of strong Business & Leisure flows. As an indication, we already have annual traffic of 37 000 Singapore, 90 000 Bangkok, 60 000 Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia or 10 000 Kuala Lumpur exclusive of any induction nor onward connections.

  • Gulf Area

EK launched service in December 2012.

  • Short & Medium Haul Opportunities

Most European Capital Cities in neighbouring countries have been operating to LYS for many years and each of them generates 200 to 400 000 Passengers every year. Short-haul is now addressed by legacy, low-cost carriers and hybrid carriers.

Mediterranean Basin
The Mediterranean basin represents a lot of opportunities. A few carriers seized some (Transavia to Heraklion, Vueling to Palma and Barcelona) but a lot remains open!
Athens & Greece
Summer charters every year bring 120,000 pax to Greece whilst 50,000 fly sixth freedom routes via European Hubs. Heraklion has been served since 2010 (twice weekly) by Transavia, but the Greek capital city is still awaiting a year-round scheduled operator to handle from 60,000 to 90,000 per annum, depending on aircraft & frequency.
The highest market potential shows a large offer to London (LHR, STN & LGW) but nowhere else further West. Cardiff or Bristol(served only for ski season), 90 000 Pax who still have to drive to LHR or BHX. Edinburgh has been launched by easyJet in Winter 2009-10 but Greater Manchester deserve a much larger capacity for its 110 000 TOD. Those UK destinations offer a wide segmentation with Business, Leisure (both ways) or language groups.
Too late for Berlin (Berlin served as of December 2010 by easyJet logo)! Already operated by both easyJet and Lufthansa. The top economic partner of Rhône-Alpes features 6 scheduled routes. Hamburg is still unserved, despite a 40 000 potential (35 000 Air France Pax in 2011).
Nordic Countries
Only Gothenburg and Copenhagen (Copenhagen served as of April 2010 by SAS Scandinavian Airlines) are operated non stop between LYS & Scandinavia. Stockholm or Helsinki would assuredly generate a larger traffic with a potential of 50-60 000 TOD each. On top of Business travel, leisure flows are guaranteed both directions.
France is the first investor in Poland, a country from which a lot of migrants flooded into France in the early 20th century. The 3rd & 4th generations are now completely integrated in all levels of the French Community. High business flows expected as well as Leisure & huge VFR. Warsaw: 40 to 60 000 TOD, Krakow: 30 to 45 000 TOD.
Eastern Europe
Moscow has seasonal operation for the ski market. We need a daily service to the Russian capital. Other markets like Hungary and Romania also have potential but insufficient offer.

Other Major reasons to serve this airport


  • #1 economic region in France (outside Paris)
  • #7 highest GDP in Europe (among 268)
    • In 2010: 187.4€ Bn and €30 500 per capita
  • #1 exporting region in France (outside Paris)
  • Foreign trade represents almost €100 billion with positive balance trade
  • #1 disposable income in France outside Paris; €18,997 per inhabitant

€430 billion (GDP of the airport catchment area)

    • #1 University & High School Centre (outside Paris)
      • 19,000 researchers, 250,000 students
      • 4 global leaders in biotechnologies: Mérial, Sanofi Pasteur, Biomérieux, Genzyme
    • 17 Clusters of Excellence (international dimension)
    • International organisations: Interpol, International Agency for research on Cancer, OMS…
    • 82 headquarters (over 1,000 employees)
    • Decision centre density higher than Barcelona or Manchester
    • #1 recipient of foreign direct investments in France (outside Paris)
    • Only Lyon Video


Sports & Nature

  • The world’s largest ski field (circa 200 resorts), helitransfer service available as well as three to five daily scheduled coach services
  • Over 800,000 ha (two million acres) of natural park
  • 80 golf courses, mountain bike, trekking, paragliding, canoeing, sailing, spa centers

Lyon Airport Sports and Nature

Lyon Airport  gastronomyGastronomy & Wine

  • World Famous chefs
  • World Famous Vineyards
  • Bourgogne, Beaujolais, Côtes du Rhône

History & Culture

  • Lyon is part of UNESCO World Heritage
    • Lyon historic center: 6,000,000 visitors per year
  • Various festivals (Music, Theatre, Dance)
    • Lyon “fêtes des lumières”: 4,000,000 visitors
  • 20 archeological sites, Antiques

Marketing: LYS PROCESS

Developing our Partnership at Aéroports de Lyon

  • Market Research
    • Traffic analysis: MIDT, SRS Analyser
    • Market Intelligence
    • Recommendations
  • Route Network Development
    • Opportunities
    • Prospection
    • Commercial Policy
  • Trade Marketing & Distribution
    • Marketing your product

New Financial Policy & Discount

  • Incentive for Launching a New International Route
Year 1 Year 2 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Landing Fees 75% 50% 75% 50% 40%
Passenger Fees 50% 30% 50% 30% 20%
  • A Loyalty Bonus for Airlines Developing Traffic
    • Up to €1.50 per Incremental Departure Pax

Marketing Toolbox

  • Press conferences & press trip
  • Publications and editorial content through various channels : Fly’on Airport Magazine, FLY’on TV, FLY’On Business Magazine, Newsletters, internet and social networks, billboards & displays
  • E-mailings
  • Campaigns targeted at tourists, travel agencies and tour operators
  • Field Sales Assistance
  • Workshops & tourism exhibitions
Lyon Airport catchment map

A wide potential catchment area: 15 million inhabitants within two hours (exclusive of Paris).

Catchment Area

Lyon-Saint Exupéry is an intermodal hub offering perfect interconnectivity and access to the largest regional catchment area outside Paris.


LYS is located on a highway nodal junction:

  • 90 minutes from the Alps’ ski resorts
  • Scheduled coaches to over 30 ski resorts

Airport high-speed rail station

  • 1:55 from Paris “Gare de Lyon” station
  • 1h40 from Provence: Marseille, Avignon…
  • Italy: Milan, Turin.

Tramway : the Rhônexpress

A new tramway, the Rhônexpress, connects Lyon-Saint Exupéry and the central Lyon Part-Dieu railway station in less than 30 minutes

  • 5 am to midnight
  • Every 15 min

Airport High-speed rail station

  • Paris: in 1h55
  • Alps: Grenoble (1h), Chambéry (1h), Annecy (1h45)…
  • Provence: Marseille (1h40), Avignon,
  • Italy: Milan, Turin.
Lyon Airport express


A new tramway, the Rhônexpress, connects Lyon-Saint Exupéry and the central Lyon Part-Dieu railway station in less than 30 minutes

  • 5 am to midnight
  • Every 15 min

Euro-Carex: Cargo Rail express

Pioneered by CDG and LYS, the project will link 7 airports. Those cargo hubs will consolidate freight and load it on to high speed TGV trains: same containers for air and rail.

Lyon Airport catchment rail links

Lyon is the biggest cargo airport in France outside Paris and offers advanced and expanding facilities – 24/7 – in a location central to major European economic flows.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • 37 000 metric tonnes flown air freight
  • 105 000 metric tonnes flown truck freight
  • 167 000 metric tonnes multimodal.

CargoPort Lyon-Saint Exupéry, your new cargo home

  • Number 1 in France, after Paris, as a cargo airport. An overall tonnage of circa 139,000 tons has been achieved in 2011 by our cargo partners both airborne and trucked cargo.
  • An exceptional geographical location at the crossroads of major economic flows to and from all European regions. Extensive highway and railway network are located on site to offer you the best connections to Europe’s main economic centres.

Infrastructures and services

  • Open H24 – D7 – 365
  • Curfew for noisiest chap III : 22h15-06h30
  • Coordinated Airport : Slot requests through COHOR
  • 2 000 ha including 900 ha of land reserve
  • 2 runways :
    • Capacity :
      • 52 Bidirectional mvts/h
      • 36 Directional mvts/h
    • A : 4 000 meters – ILS Cat. III
    • B : 2 670 meters – ILS Cat. III
  • Aircraft Hard Stands:
    • 16 Airbridges, 25 Gates with Virtual Contact, 38 remote stands
    • 134 Check-in positions
  • 2 Full service Passenger Terminals 1 and 2
    • Total floorspace : 55 600 m², Capacity : 8 800 000 Pax
  • 1 Simplified Services Passenger Terminal 3
    • Capacity : 3 M Pax
  • CargoPort : 150 ha

A mutation is under way in CargoPort Lyon-Saint Exupéry.

From the cargo area to the multimodal one stop shop: this is what is going to take place in CargoPort:

  • With the launch of the CAREX project, the first European high speed train network, cargo dedicated.
  • With the construction of new cargo and logistics terminals, but also new apron for freighters.
  • With the stepping up of CargoPort truck friendly approach.

Along with the assets expressed before, CargoPort will have all it takes to become your new cargo home.

Your Benefits
  • Exceptional location: at the crossroads of major European economic flows
  • CargoPort is an area of 150 hectares dedicated to cargo and intermodality
  • CargoPort is a key part of Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport’s master plan, stressing the importance of air cargo and logistics in the airport’s development.
  • CargoPort Lyon-Saint Exupéry has all the mandatory assets to become your new multimodal logistics base in Europe.
Lyon Airport traffic chart

Airport Facts

Traffic Key Figures

  • 8 451 039 passengers (+0.2%)


  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Curfew for noisiest chap III : 22h15-06h30
  • Coordinated Airport : Slot requests through COHOR
  • 2,000 ha including 900 ha of land reserve
  • 2 runways
    • A: 4,000 meters – ILS Cat. III
    • B: 2,670 meters – ILS Cat. III
    • Capacity: 52 Bidirectional mvts/h, 36 Directional mvts/h
  • Aircraft Hard Stands
    • 16 Airbridges, 25 gates with Virtual Contact, 38 remote stands
    • 134 Check-in positions
  • 2 Full-Service Passenger Terminals (1 and 2)
    • Total floorspace: 55,600 m², Capacity: 8,800,000 pax
  • 1 Simplified Services Passenger Terminal 3
    • Capacity: 3,000,000 pax
  • CargoPort : 150 ha

Anticipating rapid low-cost traffic growth, Lyon Airport will more than double the capacity of its existing low-cost terminal.

A proven record of excellence for quality and performance

  • Best Airport Awards 2008 and 2010 delivered by ACI EUROPE for its quality of services and operational performance
  • Quality Award 2008 for the 1200 “Airports Helpers”
  • The shortest connecting time in Europe: less than 25 minutes
  • Connecting success rate: >99%
  • An efficient low-cost Terminal with a 20 minute turnaround
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) for 90% operating airlines
  • European Business Aviation Awards 2009 (LYON-BRON)

LYS committed to minimize the ground time to optimize the flying time

By 2014:

  • CDM Label (Collaborative Decision Making) : a dynamic partnership between LYS, local ATC, Eurocontrol and airlines
  • Additional Runway Fast Lane Exists : less time on runway and taxiways, more runways slots
  • OPC Centralised Ops Management Unit : Anticipation and fast reactivity

A long-term vision: Between 12-15 million passengers foreseen in 2020

Lyon Airport projects

In addition to its own TGV high-speed train station with connections around France and Europe, Lyon Airport's new Rhônexpress train service provides a link to the city centre in 25 minutes.

Terminal 3 (in service) – Fully tailored to low cost Airlines

  • 5 000m²
  • 3M pax capacity
  • 10 aircraft stands
  • 10 lounges
  • 400 Hz

Keynotes projects by 2016

A new Terminal 1-3:

  • 70 000 sqm at completion
  • 40 000 sqm in 2016
  • A 12 000 sqm commercial center
  • Including 4 500 sqm shops and restaurants
  • Located 25km East of Lyon, on Highway A432, LYS is easily accessible from any place in Southern France & Europe.
  • The airport high speed train “TGV” station links LYS to 15 cities in the Rhône-Alpes, Provence, Paris (1h55) and even Milan.
  • Regional “Satobus” coaches operate to 8 cities. Shuttle services on request also available to 12 cities.
  • “Rhônexpress” trains link the airport with Lyon Central in 25 minutes, with trains departing every 15 minutes.
  • The easiest gateway to the French Alps with up to 5 daily scheduled coach transfers to over 30 winter sports resorts.
  • Helicopter transfers also available on request.