Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ/EDDP)

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New routes and frequency possibilities and why these routes would work

  • The annual market between USA and Leipzig is 200,000 passengers, a high potential route (further connecting within the USA), 67% German-originating traffic, 33% USA, currently suffering from inconvenient, long journeys via the hubs, high monopoly pricing, and bad connections.
Northern Italy
  • The annual market between Northern Italy (Milano, Bologna, etc) and Leipzig is 60,000 passengers, offering high potential routes with 45 % German-originating traffic, 55 % Italian, currently suffering from inconvenient, long journeys via the hubs, high monopoly pricing, and bad connections.
  • The annual market between Norway and Leipzig is 20,000 passengers, offering high potential routes, 52 % German-originating, 42 % Norway. Currently suffering from inconvenient, long journeys via the hubs, high monopoly pricing, and bad connections.
  • The annual market between Sweden and Leipzig is 35,000 passengers, offering high potential routes, 35 % German-originating, 59 % Sweden. Currently suffering from inconvenient, long journeys via the hubs, high monopoly pricing, and bad connections.
  • The annual market between UAE and Leipzig is 49,000 passengers, offering high potential routes (some also further connecting to Asia), 87% German-originating traffic, 13% UAE. The incoming market can be pushed! (cars, culture, shopping). Currently suffering from inconvenient, long journeys via the hubs, high monopoly pricing, and bad connections.
  • Annual market between Vietnam and Leipzig is 25,000 passengers. This is a potential VFR/ethic traffic route – 45,000 Vietnamese live in the catchment. It offers 87% German-originating traffic, 13% Vietnam, currently suffering from inconvenient, long journeys via FRA, high monopoly pricing and bad connections. Connection could also be routed through BKK (very high leisure traffic potential of 20,000)

Leipzig/Halle: New facilities serving a re-invented city with a substantial demand for new air services.

The new Leipzig: The entirely new airport, and the Leipziger Messe exhibition pavilions – famous for the city’s 800 year old trade fair – and now host to some 50 major exhibitions and 120 other international conventions attracting 1.6 million visitors. One single event alone – the annual Games Convention Online– is visited by over 200,000.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • Location and adorable surrounding area (right in the centre of the three federal states Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia in the Eastern part of Germany)
  • High potential, growing region
  • No fierce competiton!

Excellent uncongested facilities:

  • Parallel runway system – 3,600m each
    • Ideal accessibility by rail, road and air
    • Maintenance for all major A/C types available
    • Favourable weather conditions (in 2008 only 24 hours under CAT III conditions, in 2007 only 22 hours under CAT III conditions)

Cargo reasons

  • No. 2 in Germany behind FRA, No. 7 in Europe
  • Unrestricted 24/7 operation for cargo flights
  • Intercontinental flights without any payload restrictions
  • DHL European hub
  • Cost and time-effective road feeder services (especially towards the east and north)
  • Cargo railway link

Leipzig/Halle offers very attractively priced packages and EU-compliant marketing support and risk-sharing.

Marketing and other support

Benefits of our powerful local market grip:

  • Strong political backing in Leipzig
  • Direct links with travel managers, travel agencies and tour operators
  • Tight cooperation with Leipzig Tourist Marketing and the Saxony Tourism Marketing Company
  • Direct mailings to customers and cooperation partners
  • Organisation and participation in local events, regional travel and trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences
  • Market research and surveys
  • Marketing support….

Press- and Media Relations

  • Press releases and press conferences
  • Publications in airport print media (newsletter, timetable)
  • Inauguration flight promotion
  • Advertising (radio, print media)
  • Internet support (banners, news, direct links, etc.)
  • Circulation of promotional materials (flyers, booklets, etc.)
  • Tailored strategy to penetrate local market

Leipzig/Halle Airport is situated in the heart of Central Germany comprising the States of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia – population 9m – and within 90 minutes of Berlin and four other state capitals. The main centres are: Leipzig (513,000), Halle (231,000), Chemnitz (241,000), Magdeburg (230,000), Erfurt (200,000)

Catchment Area

Distances to population centres:

  • 40 km: 1.7 million
  • 60 km: 2.8 million
  • 100 km: 6.8 million
  • 150 km: 14.9 million (Germany only)
    • (+ 1.5 million inc. Czech Republic)
  • 250 km: 28.6 million (Germany only)
    • (+ 9.1 million inc. Czech Republic and Poland)

A heavy lift Antonov arrives as DHL waits to depart: Germany is Europe’s most powerful economy and Central Germany is packed with freight-users which is why Leipzig/Halle is DHL’s chosen European hub.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Leipzig/Halle is Europe’s DHL hub, with 50-60 DHL cargo flights per night. Additionally acknowledged companies such as Welter, Jan de Rijk and others operate regular trucking lines to other European cargo hubs including Frankfurt (daily), and Munich, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Brussels three times a week. Superb airside infrastructure is matched by brand new freight facilities including the €30 million Garbe World Cargo Center – a 20,000 meter, 200,000 tonnes annual capacity facility already undergoing further expansion to meet demand.

Superb dedicated road and rail connections.

Stunning infrastructure includes two the spacious independent parallel runways and new passenger and freight terminals all embracing two arterial autobahns and a rail link.


Regional express trains connect the airport every 30 minutes with downtown Leipzig’s central station (for the ICE high speed rail) and the famous fair grounds, and to Halle every 60 min. The airport itself borders the main A9 Berlin-Munich arterial autobahn.

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Runways: Leipzig/Halle boasts independently usable twin runway system comprising the new (2007) North Runway 08/26 (Length 3,600 m, Width 45 m), and South Runway 08/26 (Length 3,600 m, Width 60 m) both ILS precision approach CAT IIIb in both directions. There are no restrictions.
  • Not fully (slot) coordinated!
  • Operating hours: Passenger flights: 05:30 – 23:30 (local time), Cargo and military flights 24/7 – no restrictions.
  • PAX Terminal built in 2000
  • Directly connected to two autobahns and downtown rail link
  • Direct access from train station
  • Multi-storey car park
  • Convenient lounges
  • Conference centre
  • Parking Positions (Passenger Apron)
  • Boarding bridge parking positions: 6
  • Remote: 19
  • Design provision made for doubling terminal capacity from 4.5m to 9m.

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

In addition to $2bn of investment in recent years current spending includes €100m on Cargo Area South, a 25,000 meter building to provides safe shipment, storage, handling and distribution of high-value products and industrial goods. Open access for all potential users and an Air Cargo rail station – providing an unbroken intermodal chain connecting Leipzig/Halle with Frankfurt within four hours with ULD-carrying trains of 140 km/h in the first phase and 200 km/h in a second phase.

Vital statistics

  • Passengers: 1,847,193 (2010) – traffic peaked at 2,385,000 in 2007 before the onset of the economic crisis, illustrating the immediate level of potential
  • Freight: 2009: 542,082 tonnes; 2010: 663,000 tonnes (+ 26.5%)


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