Krasnodar International Airport (KRR/URKK)

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Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • Krasnodar International airport is of great strategic importance for the country, being the largest southern hub airport serving the population of the 3rd largest constituent entity of the Russian Federation – Krasnodar Region.
  • Our achievements:
    • 2014 – First place in the 1st National «Air Gate of Russia» Award in the nomination «International Airport of Regional Importance with Passenger Flow up to 4 Million People a Year».
    • 2015 – First place in the II National Award “Air Gate of Russia” in the nomination “International Airport of Regional Importance with a Passenger Flow of up to 4 Million People a Year”.
    • 2016 – Laureate of the III National Award “Air Gate of Russia” in the nomination “International Airport with a passenger flow of up to 4 million people a Year”
    • 2017 – first place in the competition “The choice of the best employers of Russia among airlines and airports” in the nomination “Salary Level” and third place in the nomination “Climate in the company”

Marketing and other support

  • Market information: statistics and market analysis on request.
  • In accordance with the marketing policy, we are happy to offer and agree attractive incentive schemes for scheduled passenger flights for new airlines and new destinations.
  • For supporting the new flights and for creating awareness about new flights we are ready to:
    • Organize a first flight event (welcome fountain, sweets for passengers, journalists, bloggers, etc.)
    • Organize the necessary support in searching of the local partners (travel agencies, tour operators, etc.)
    • Organize Fam-trips to Sochi for travel agencies, journalists, bloggers, etc.
    • Organize meetings with Krasnodar region tourist communities, operating both on incoming and outgoing.
    • Use our online & offline sources for the flights promotion: airports web page, social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.), terminal banners, terminal light boxes etc.
  • Joint marketing campaigns with tourism authorities of Krasnodar region.
•100 km rad. = 1 500 000 people •200 km rad. = 4 500 000 people •300 km rad. = 8 000 000 people

• 100 km rad. = 1 500 000 people
• 200 km rad. = 4 500 000 people
• 300 km rad. = 8 000 000 people

Catchment Area

There are 3 international airports on the territory of the Krasnodar Region (Krasnodar – KRR, Sochi – AER, and Anapa – AAQ). Total catchment area of Krasnodar region airports – more than 9 mln people. Krasnodar region has one of the largest catchment area. This guarantees a high level of passenger traffic for both domestic and international routes.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • Since 2017, Krasnodar International Airport ranked first in terms of cargo turnover among the airports in the Southern Federal District.
  • Domestic cargo turnover:
    • Arrived cargo: Russian post, courier cargo and consumer goods;
    • Departing cargo – Russian post office, medical cargo, food and perishable products.
  • International cargo turnover:
    • Arrived cargo: consumer goods (cigarettes) and perishable products (greens);
    • Departing cargo: consumer goods and equipment.
  • The Cargo Terminal area is 3,981 sq.m.
  • The maximum Cargo Terminal capacity – 50 tons/day.
  • Aircraft cargo apron stands – 5 pcs.
  • Cargo Volume (2019) – 8 967 tons.
  • Working hours: 24/7


The Key Facts Card


  • Krasnodar International Airport named after Catherine II is located in the eastern part of Krasnodar, 12 km from its center. Today the Krasnodar International airport is of great strategic importance for the country, being the largest southern hub airport serving the population of the 3rd largest constituent entity of the Russian Federation – Krasnodar Region.
  • The airport takes the 9th place in the country in terms of passenger turnover (4,6 mln passengers in 2019). The distance from the airport to Moscow is about 1197 km, the flight time is 2 hours.
  • Krasnodar is about not only beautiful nature and comfort climate. It is also an environment of progressively minded and economically active people. Every year tens of new innovative projects are implemented in our region and important business and cultural events of international level take place. Such large foreign companies as Danone, CLAAS, Knauf, Stihl, Bonduelle, Nestle, Phillip Morris, Metro Cash and Carry, Tetra Pak, Radisson and many others have already become our partners. By reaching high results, these companies continue successful development of their business in our region.

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Runways: 1 Runway – 3000 x 60 m
  • Slot Coordinated:,
  • Operating hours: 24/7
  • 2 Terminals – for Domestic and for International flights:
    • Domestic Terminal Area – 7561,4 m2
    • International Terminal Area – 6723,9 m2
    • Domestic Terminal Capacity – 1000 Pax/hour
    • International Terminal Capacity – 400 passengers
    • 16 checking-in desks (Domestic)
    • 8 checking-in desks (International)
    • 11 self-registration devices
    • 3 reprinters of boarding passes
    • Self-Drop-off desks
    • 18 information desk
    • Luggage trolleys and baggage claim system
    • Infrastructure for people with disabilities
    • Additional services, including mother and baby rooms
    • Free WI-FI internet access
    • Business lounge of domestic airlines
    • International Business Lounge
  • VIP Terminal:
    • separate pre-flight passenger screening directly in the VIP terminal
    • check-in at a separate check-in desk directly in the VIP terminal
    • comfortable departure lounge
    • Bar a la carte
    • press
    • satellite television
    • internet zone
    • delivery to the aircraft by Mercedes Viano
    • the possibility of the presence of mourners and meeting people (for an additional fee)
    • parking
    • individual meeting of passengers at the plane
    • Meeting room
    • Summer terrace
  • Apron Infrastructure:
  • 33 aircraft parking lots: 21 for passenger aircraft, 11 for business aviation, 1 de-icing parking;
  • Krasnodar International Airport is fully equipped with special equipment capable of performing all the necessary tasks to maintain the smooth operation of the airport today, namely:
    • measure the coefficient of grip;
    • provide ornithological support;
    • plow and brush blowing – snow removal;
    • applying a liquid chemical reagent to the surface of the runway and taxiway;
    • watering and washing works;
    • sweeping and cleaning works;
    • There is an excavator for planning the surface of the airfield and other special equipment.
  • Airport official Taxi service, Public transport area

Vital statistics        

  • Passenger numbers (2019) – 4.6 mln/year
    • Domestic – 3.6 mln
    • International – 1.04 mln
  • Freight (2019):  8 967 tons/year
  • Largest carrier: Aeroflot
  • 55 Destinations:
    • 33 Domestic
    • 22 International
  • 35 airlines (Aeroflot, S7, Utair, Ural Airlines, Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, flydubai, etc.)
  • Other relevant Vital statistics…