iGA Istanbul Airport (IST)

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  • Istanbul Airport has probably one of the most central geographical locations in the world. Within three hours from Istanbul, we have connectivity to +120 destinations in Europe, +50 domestic destinations and +60 capitals. That is the reason, we are promoting ourselves as the ‘Gateway to The World’.
  • It is very important for us that besides having a large market size we do provide our airline the best environment in terms of operation and charges. We have among some of the lowest charges compared to many of the airports in Europe that airlines are operating to.
  • The crew hotels in Istanbul are furthermore cheaper so your ‘Total Cost of Operation’ in Istanbul will be lower vs competitor hubs.
  • We have no intentions to increase the charges post COVID-19 or add any aviation taxes.
  • We are proud to say that we were the first airport in the world to receive ACI Health accreditation.
  • Furthermore, we are officially a Skytrax 5-STAR airport and Skytrax 5-star COVID-19 airport.
  • It is important for us that airlines do not face operational challenges when operating to Istanbul Airport.
  • Therefore, as probably the only mega-hub in Europe we are open 24/7, we do not have slot restrictions, no aviation taxes, no operational issues, and we have no intention to increase our charges post COVID-19.
While many airports, especially in Europe, have had focus on cost-cutting and increasing their charges we have had different strategy:

  • We finished the construction of our third independent runway;
  • We developed our Chinese Friendly Airport project;
  • We have converted all our digital signage into 12 different languages;
  • We have launched five new play areas for children and much more as part of our Child and Family Friendly Airport;
  • We would like to make our airport ready for post COVID-19 era where we believe that passengers will be even more demanding, therefore, we need to customise services for passengers according to their needs. We cannot have one-size fits all strategy, but customisation of products is the way forward.
  • We have a strong catchment area of 20 million people within two hours’ drive and over 200 million people within two hours flight to 16 countries.
  • Istanbul Airport is the best-connected hub between East & West and North & South.
  • Istanbul is one of the world’s leading trade centres.
  • Istanbul Airport’s large network between Europe & Asia & Americas creates a potential to develop belly-cargo and cargo airlines’ network to an underserved Istanbul market.
  • The Cargo City within Istanbul Airport covers an area of 1.4 million square metres.
  • Capacity upon completion of ongoing construction is 1.5 million tonnes.
  • By the end of 2021 it will be 4 million tonnes, to reach 5.5 million tonnes by 2023.
  • Growth of export volume 2009-2019                         68 %
  • Growth of import volume 2009-2019                         44 %

Top-20 Destinations from IST (Cargo)

Santiago runwayAs large part of our cargo flow is via many competitor hubs, it confirms again that IST is an underserved Mega Hub.
  • We, iGA Istanbul Airport, are owned by four Turkish companies called Kalyon, Cengiz, MNG and LIMAK. They have invested €10bn in this new airport, which was completed in record time of 42 months.
  • Our terminal building is the world’s largest under one roof. We have an agreement with the Turkish government that we will pay €1bn to the government during the next 25 years. When the period is completed, the government will have full ownership of the airport.
  • We know that mainly in Europe many airports have capacity congestion, which is a huge challenge for airlines’ operation. We have therefore built an airport for the future. We have completed the construction of Phase 1, which means that we can accommodate 90 million passengers yearly. Our passenger figures in 2019 was 69 million.
  • Compared in size with other mega-hubs in the world, we do not have any issue concerning size of our airport, which gives us large expansion opportunities.
  • Our first phase construction is fully completed. We have currently three independent parallel runways fully operational, when we count the ancillary runways, we have five runways. Each runway allows up to 120 movements per hour.
  • Since the completion of the third independent runway, our taxi time has decreased by 50%, which is on average 8-10 min.
  • When all phases are completed, we will have two terminals and six runways. The estimated time for this process expected to be during the next 10 years.