Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ/CYHZ)

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Halifax – a city and region with under-served demand to Europe and the USA.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

Halifax Stanfield International Airport (HSIA) is the largest airport in Atlantic Canada, offering the highest frequencies and capacities of daily domestic and international flights, with a geographic location that offers a distinct competitive advantage. Situated on the Great Circle Route, HSIA is the closest major North American continental link to Europe – with easy connections to every part of the globe, and the only airport in Atlantic Canada to offer US preclearance, and Canada Customs services on a 24/7 basis.

HSIA is a major economic, fiscal and employment generator valued at over $1.2 billion to the Nova Scotia economy, welcomes over 3.5 million passengers annually, and is an internationally recognised leader in customer service, having received first place awards in the global Airport Service Quality program for the past six years.

  • Under capacity to Europe and USA
  • Cost savings for flights between Europe and North America due to short stage length
  • IATA awards for Customer care
  • Significant cargo demand from Halifax for large volume priority cargo
  • Low cost and high quality services. Easy-access terminal and a great tourism and business regional centre: “The hub of Atlantic Canada”
  • Largest Airport between Boston and Montreal and short distance to Europe. Access to all of North America

Halifax has fully-embraced online opportunities – it’s FlyHalifax.com “Look Before You Book” flight comparison site supports new and existing carriers and has nine million hits per year.

Marketing and other support

HSIA works with our gateway partners in the region to provide marketing support for all carriers. We believe in a partnership strategy to promote a new market, carrier or additional capacity. Our partnership plans are tailored to the service type, frequency and capacity of the carrier and route.

Halifax has a highly educated workforce: 67% have trade, college or university qualifications.

Catchment Area

Nova Scotia’s population is 914,000

  • 50% of the province’s population lives within one-hour of Halifax
  • Halifax itself is Atlantic Canada’s most populous city, home to 373,000 and grew by 3.8% 2001-2006

Halifax could double live/fresh seafood air freight to 50,000 tonnes by competing with available markets – half of the region’s produce is trucked away to Boston and the New York airports for re-export. Potential freight operators could move into new multi-tenanted cargo facilities opened in 2009.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Cargo throughput from Halifax in 2007 amounted to just under 30,000 tonnes but the airport estimates that this could be doubled merely by capturing existing potential markets. For instance the largest air cargo export commodity is live/fresh seafood, much of which is trucked to Boston and New York and then re-exported to international markets by air. Another 25% of the produce is exported by other Canadian airports. The arguments for a quicker, fresher, exporting would appear to be overwhelming.

Halifax preclearance

The new US preclearance facilities – the only airport in Atlantic Canada to offer these on a 24/7 basis.

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • US Preclearance Facility
  • New 2300 bay parking facility
  • In transit hold room
  • 24 hour customs and immigration services
  • 24 hour airport operations
  • No noise restrictions

Vital statistics

MIDT Analysis (2008)
Throughput 3.56m
Canada 1,735,000
USA 600,000
Europe 240,000
Carrib 123,000
Mexico 41,000
Asia 37,000
Middle East 18,000
Connections 740,000
Cargo: 29,000 tonnes
Halifax Stanfield International Airport  Small City of the Future

First place: Halifax was an fDi Magazine North American Small City of the Future 2007/8 winning 1st in Best Infrastructure, and 3rd in Best Economic Potential.