Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK/ZJHK)

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Europe is a rapidly growing market. 204,023 European tourists visited Hainan in 2010, an increase of 64.1% compared with 2009. Arrivals from Germany reached 17,127 passengers, 42.6% more than on a year ago.
Asia is the second largest overseas market of Hainan. 160,058 tourists from Asia (Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Malaysia, etc.) visited Hainan in 2010.
22,375 American tourists visited Hainan in 2010, rising by 35.1% compared to a year ago.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

Hainan's endless golf courses, long white beaches, and lush spa resorts have long been popular with the Mainland Chinese, but are set to become the next success story in Europe where the market grew by +50% in 2010 alone.

  • Inbound leisure market attraction – Hainan located at the magic 18 degree of North Latitude same as the famous tropical resorts as Hawaii, Maldives, Saipan and Phuket, and is the only tropical destination in China
  • A comprehensive plan of China centre government to build Hainan into a top international tourist destination by 2020.
  • Open sky policy and convenient visa policy
    • The only province which has been granted the 5th Traffic Right and its Stop-over Right by CAAC
    • Foreign airlines are exempted from limitations of Bilateral Agreement to open routes to/via Hainan.
    • Foreign airlines can extend their air routes from Hainan to other Chinese international airports with up to 7 frequencies per week (except Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou).
    • Visa upon arrival can be obtained by most nationals
    • The only province in China allows tourists groups from 26 countries enjoying visa-free policy
  • Tax Refund policy and duty-free policy
    • Since 01Jan2011, Hainan launches tax refund policy for overseas tourists.
    • Since 20Apr2011, Hainan implemented duty-free policy and became one of the four duty-free islands all over the world.
  • With the successful convening and holding of many large-scale international acivities such as Bo’ao Forum for Asia Annual Conference and the 53rd, 54th , 55th, 57th Miss World pageant, Hainan attractis more and more attention of people all over the world.
  • Platform for business traffic stimulated by Foreign Direct Investments.
  • Convenient transit service.The Donghuan (East Ring) Railway Meilan station is located the north side of the airport terminal, and connected with the airport terminal by a 300-metre-length underpass. Passengers will be able to transit directly from Meilan airport to Haikou’s urban area by high-speed railway service, as well as reach to Wenchang, Qionghai, Boao, Wanning, Lingshui, and Sanya city. The railway operates at 20-daily frequency and the trip between Meilan airport and Sanya city takes about 90 minutes, half the time it takes by road.

Last year, Hainan Province became China's first region to introduce duty free shopping to domestic tourists travelling within China. The country's first and only airport-based duty free storess under this new policy are located at Haikou Meilan Airport and offer excellent value and convenience.

Marketing and other support

  • Market Communication
    • Analysis of Potential Route Opportunity
    • Analysis on Operational Performance Monthly
  • Inauguration Ceremony and Commercial Support
  • Tailored-made Service for Airlines
  • Coordination for ALL communication with local government, aviation authorities and the third handling companies
  • All airlines will enjoy financial support given by Hainan province government and Haikou city government respectively.

Financial support from Hainan provincial government (Precondition: Carrier should sign a formal agreement with Hainan provincial government):

  • For newly-open freight route: RMB 400 Yuan/per ton~ RMB 600 Yuan/per ton.
  • For newly-open international route: RMB 4,000Yuan/ per flight ~ RMB 40,000 Yuan/per flight; and the new route from Europe, America or Australia to Haikou will be enjoyed an additional subsidy based on RMB 30,000 Yuan/per flight.
  • A one-time subsidy of RMB 1,000,000 Yuan for overseas key market (to be negotiated).
  • RMB 20,000 Yuan for every flight if the newly-open route is under the 5th traffic right.  (to be negotiated).

Financial support from Haikou city government:

  • Flights from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to Meilan airport will be given an incentive of 10,000 RMB per landing and those from Asian countries 20,000 RMB per landing, while aircraft with a seat capacity of 200 or more will be given an additional 50% incentive.
  • Flights from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to Meilan airport will be given an incentive of 10,000 RMB per landing and those from Asian countries 20,000 RMB per landing, while aircraft with a seat capacity of 200 or more will be given an additional 50% incentive.

The growing number of high-profile events hosted by Hainan has helped establish the island as the ultimate business and lifestyle centre of China.

Catchment Area

  • 30 min catchment area
    • Boao (A permanent site for Asia Forum Annual Conference)
    • Wanning (The site for The Swatch World Women’s Longboard Tour Finals)
  • 60 min catchment area
    • Sanya, Nanning, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • 120 min catchment area
    • Hongkong (The engines of China’s current trade growth)
    • Kunming, Changsha, Nanchang
    • Hanoi (Viet Nam), Gaoxiong (Taiwan)

A four-day celebration of glamorous superyachts, business jets, upmarket properties and high-end brands, Hainan Rendez-Vous attracts ultra-high net worth Chinese by the thousands. 2011 orders to the tune of $400 million confirms Hainan's 'Chinese Rivera' reputation.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • Hainan is the important tropical fruit producing area in China.
  • Hainan has a great competition on the seafood product, such as shrimp, tilapia and oyster etc.
  • Meilan airport undertakes the shipment task of precision aerospace equipments to/from Wenchang Satellite Launch Centre.
  • As one of four duty-free islands all over the world, the logistic industry of Hainan has a strong development potential.
  • The modern logistic industry is a high priority in the development of Hainan province. The government plans to build Guilinyang airport industrial park and Meilan airport industrial park. And Meilan bonded zone is also under designing.
  • All industrial enterprises is distributed on the north of Hainan,  such as Hainan Mazda Motors, Asia Pharmaceutical Group, Yingli Solar Group, Hainan Refinery, Jinhai paper, Samsung Hainan etc, and only one hour drive from Meilan Airport.    

A brand new international terminal has just opened to accommodate future expansion. International services currently account for less than 5% of traffic, presenting vast opportunities for new route launches.


  • Haikou Meilan International Airport (HMIA) Locates at north latitude 1956.1 and east longitude 11027.5, and 25 Kilometres southeast of Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province, P.R.C.
  • In November 2002, Hainan Meilan International Airport Co., Ltd was listed for H share transactions at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK).

Infrastructure & Operations

HMIA was opened in May 1999 and is one of the main airports in China.

  • Runways: Single 3600×60 m runway equipped with modern ILS CAT I/II.
  • Slot Coordinated: No. The same as the other China airports, all slot requirements should be submit to CAAC.
  • Operating hours: 24 Hours.
  • Terminal: The terminal building has a total floor area of 99,300㎡, served by17 aero-bridge boarding gates and 8 ferry bus boarding gates.

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • A New int’l Terminal with an area of 13,200m² will be put into use in late 2012.
  • Expansion project to current terminal is ready, and the terminal area will be up to 130,000㎡ after the expansion work.
  • Other relevant Infrastructure & facilities construction plan – Ramp expansion work with an area of  120,000㎡, new Customs Warehouse with an area of 3035m², and new garage for ground support vehicle with an area of 2178m²
  • Phase Ⅱ Expansion project – Designed according to ICAO 4F and consisted of airport, ATC and fuelling parts. It is planned to built a new runway with a size of 3600m × 60 m, and two parallel taxiways.  The expansion project is also including a new terminal with area of 290,000 m² and relevant Infrastructure & facilities of ATC and fuelling system. The expansion work will enable Meilan airport to reach 30 million passengers a year, serve for flight 267,000 ATM and 300,000 tons of cargo per year.

Vital statistics

Data for 2010

  • Passengers: 8.774 million
    • 354,000 International passengers
    • 8,420,000 Domestic passengers
  • Freight: 154,124.6 tons
  • Largest carrier: Hainan Airlines (HU) & China Southern (CZ)