Geneva Airport (GVA/LSGG)

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Genève is recognised as a global leader in a number of fields, ranging from diplomacy and finance, to research and education. As well as being the home city of the United Nations, 930 multi-national corporations are headquartered in the city.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • International City:
    • 29 major intergovernmental organizations
    • 250 non-governmental organizations
    • 30 sports federations.
  • Diplomatic Capital:
    • 242 missions, permanent representatives and delegations
    • 40,000 diplomats and international civil servants
    • 3,000 visits by head of states, ministers and other officials
    • 2,700 meetings and international conferences
    • 173,000 delegates and experts attending.
  • Financial Center:
    • Birthplace and capital of international asset management
    • More than 6,300 firms (banks, independent asset managers, financial intermediaries, insurance companies, etc.) represent the sector and employ 35,600 persons.
  • World Trading Capital:
    • 1st in commodity trading (1/2 of world trade in coffee, ½ of world trade in sugar); in finance of commodity trading as well as in inspection and certification.
    • 500 companies with activities related to trading and shipping employs 8,000 persons and generates a turnover of CHF 800 billion.
    • Annual growth rate of 5%.
    • Generates 2.5% of the total Swiss GDP.
  • Education & Research:
    • Switzerland is one of the leading countries for the quality of its education, research and technologies thanks to its universities and research institutions.
    • Institutions located in Geneva region: University of Geneva, IMD, EPFL, HUG, Webster University, Cern, etc.

Thanks to its geographical location, Genève Aéroport is also perfectly positioned to cater for vast touristic demands. The Alps and Jura skiing regions make up the largest ski area in the world and more than 200 ski resorts are located within less than 3 hours’ drive of Genève.

  • Thanks to its geographical location, Genève Aéroport is also perfectly positioned to cater for vast touristic demands. The Alps and Jura skiing regions make up the largest ski area in the world and more than 200 ski resorts are located within less than 3 hours’ drive of Genève.
  • Many Swiss global leaders are located within the airport catchment area (Rolex, Firmenich, Nestlé, etc.)
Genève Aéroport  Marketing support

Genève Aéroport offers a comprehensive marketing package to promote new services from the airport. Right from the exploratory stage through to long-term commercial support, the marketing team is dedicated to getting optimum exposure for every route.

Marketing and other support

Genève Aéroport offers marketing support and incentives for new airlines serving the airport.

  • Marketing Support:
      • Exploratory phase: Market research and statistics; administrative support (regulation, government, operational contract, etc.)
      • Launching support (promotional support): Communication campaign dedicated to different targets (events, advertising, press conferences, media releases, mailing, leaflet, internet information, etc.)
      • Long-term commercial support: Follow-up of commercial and traffic results; general information (timetable, holiday offers, local touristic fairs, etc.)

Pricing and incentives

  • Long-Haul incentives (general applicable conditions):
    • Flight time of minimum 5 hours non-stop.
    • No intermediate stop (exceptionally open for discussion).
    • Scheduled operation (not applicable to charters).
    • Year-round (not applicable to seasonal route).
  • New Generation Aircraft Support:
    • Scheme that recognises the operation of new generation aircraft on the ‘best-in-class’ principle.
    • Narrow body aircraft categorized in noise class 5, as well as wide-body aircraft categorized in noise class 4 according the Swiss AIP shall be entitled to the following rebates: discount of 20% on the landing charge; bonus on landing charges for incremented movements of NewGen aircrafts; credit on the PSC if the load factor for a given year is greater than or equal 80%


Genève Aéroport Catchment area

Genève Aéroport’s two-hour catchment area extends to three countries – Switzerland, France and Italy – and no fewer than 6 million people.

Catchment Area

The large catchment area of Genève Aéroport covers 3 different countries – Switzerland, France and Italy.

It presents the highest concentration of international organizations and multinational companies and enables access to major touristic areas within 2 hours.

  • 60 min:
    • Switzerland: 1 million people
    • France: 1 million people
  • 120 min:
    • Switzerland: 2.4 million people
    • France/Italy: 3.6 million people

Governance & Stakeholders

Genève Aéroport, since 1994, is an Independent Public Establishment with a Board of Directors.


Genève Aéroport is located just 5km from Geneva city centre and is a truly multi-modal aiport:

  • Rail: Train station within the airport is connected to all Swiss regional and international networks (170 trains daily); 6 minutes to Geneva city centre. TGV connection in Geneva city centre.
  • Léman Express regional rail network launched in 2019 with direct access to 45 train stations including ski resorts in Switzerland and France.
  • Public transport: 6 city bus lines; efficient taxi service and hotel shuttles; shuttles to Grenoble/Chambery (France)>
  • Road: Connected to Swiss and French highway networks.

Capable of handling 80,000 tons of freight per year, Genève Aéroport is well equipped to cater for the demands of the various industries in and around the region – good news for the numerous luxury watchmakers based in the city.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • Cargo complex equipped with all modern facilities:
    • Handling capacity of 80,000 tons/year
    • Swiss and French customs (intra-European customs clearing possibilities)
    • Strong rooms for valuables (650 m2)
    • 40 forwarders within the airport
    • High security level
    • Fast consignment (average 60-90 min.)
    • Warehouse: 24,000 m2
    • Refrigerated rooms (perishables)
    • Handling room for radioactive goods
    • Heated storerooms during the winter
  • Airfreight opportunities:
    • World-class watchmakers – including the likes of Rolex and Richemont Group (Cartier) – are headquartered in Genève
    • Important biomedical industry
    • World leaders of industrial flavours
    • Wafering industry for solar cells
Infrastructure & Operations

  • Runways: A single 3,900m concrete runway (ILS cat. III) with an hourly capacity of 36 aircraft movements and a 700m grass landing strip.
  • Aircraft positions: 51 aircraft parking stands.
  • Operating hours: Arrivals from 06.00 to 00.00, departures from 06.00 to 22.00.
  • Terminal: 1 Main Terminal: 21 air bridges; 55 aircraft parking positions linked to an underground fuel hydrant system.
  • Level 3 slot coordinated airport.


Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

Genève Aéroport infrastructure developments

In order to cater for a continued increase in traffic, Genève Aéroport has a two-stage master plan in place. While €150 million have been invested in the first phase, the second phase  will see the construction of the new East Wing; a dedicated terminal for wide-body aircraft.

  • New “East Wing”: opened December 2021
    • Five years of preparatory work and four years of construction.
    • Six dedicated stands for large aircraft.
    • Inclined building with a total length of 520m
    • Capacity for 2,800 pax/hour in departures and 3,000 pax/hour in arrivals.
    • Total investment of EUR 600 million
    • Sate-of-the-art technology giving positive energy balance.

Genève Aéroport new east wing

Vital statistics


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  • Route network:
    • 141 scheduled destinations
    • 58 scheduled airlines serving 4 continents
  • Passengers traffic:
    • 17.4 million passengers in 2017 (+5.0% compared to 2016)
    • Business passengers and professional trips: 26%
    • Leisure: 59%
    • Family and personal trips: 15%
    • Total movements in 2017: 190,778 (+0.5%)
  • Air freight traffic:
    • 88,971 tons in 2017
  • Airline market shares by December 2017:
    • EasyJet: 44.9%
    • Swiss: 12.1%
    • British Airways: 4.8%
    • Air France: 4.3%
    • Lufthansa: 3.4%
  • Current low-cost carrier market share in Genève Aéroport is around 45%
  • Largest carrier in Genève Aéroport: EasyJet


News from Genève Aéroport