Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen (FDH/EDNY)

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On the shores of Lake Constance, Friedrichshafen Airport is strategically located to serve four countries. The combined wealth of southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein provides ample opportunities for successful route development.

'We live the future': Friedrichshafen has long attracted visionaries and has rich history of progressive thinking, with both Count von Zeppelin and Claudius Dornier achieving significant technological landmarks. Today, their legacy continues to attract thousands of tourists every year.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

The Airport

  • Friedrichshafen Airport is the gateway to four countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) with one of the most profound and wealthy catchment areas within Europe.
  • FDH-Airport (Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen) has an excellent infrastructure and caters to a strong market in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Weather independent operations to/from FDH (2,354 m/45 m runway with CAT IIIB Anti-Skid Surface).

The Catchment

  • Catchment area includes 3.8 million inhabitants within a 1.5 hour distance, spread across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.
  • One million passengers in 1.5 hour catchment, up to 26% premium traffic (MIDT data).
  • Strong economy due to small and medium size enterprises and multinational corporations such as EADS, MTU, Tognum, ZF, Liebherr, HILTI, helvetia, Zumtobel, Doppelmayr and Wolford, located in the area.
  • More than 69,000 enterprises in the region.
  • Full employment: 2.4% unemployment rate.
  • Lake Constance region’s GDP €186 billion (Finland: €185 billion)


  • The airport is the gateway to the main ski and recreational areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein – close to 50 main ski resorts.
  • Ski Resorts such as St. Anton, Lech, Flims/Laax, Davos, Klosters are within easy reach of the airport.
  • Summer resorts and golf courses such as Bad Waldsee, Lenzerheide, Rankweil are within driving distance.

Marketing and other support

Friedrichshafen Airport offers incentives to new entrants who can fill gaps in the current route network. Interested airlines should note the Lake Constance regional GDP is slightly larger than Finland's!

Marketing and other support information upon request.

Germany's top-ranking, research-oriented Zeppelin University is located in Friedrichshafen, contributing to the region's innovation pool. Mobility is also Friedrichshafen's trademark in other ways – as a major hub for outdoors lovers.

Catchment Area


  • Catchment area in Germany offers opportunity to the North of the FDH airport
  • Austria has strong potential with demand centred around the far west part of the Country, Bregenz and its immediate vicinity for instance.
  • Swiss passenger volumes are centred around the immediate area around Lake Konstanz and the highway extension area to Graubünden
  • Passenger volumes pulled to FDH currently originate from the immediate FDH surroundings (i.e. – the three-digit post code 880)


  • The airport is located within the catchment of four countries, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein
  • The overall population within the catchment area is 3.8 million people within 90 minutes of the airport.  Over one million live in the immediate catchment area. The population growth rate at present is 5.2%
  • German is spoken as the main language in the direct catchment area, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein
  • Age spread: 14.2% below 15 year; 30.1% between 15 and 39 years of age; 36.3% between 40 and 65; and 19.6% are older than 65 years of age.


The airport is the gateway to the main ski and recreational areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein:

  • Ski Resorts in St. Anton, Lech, Flims/Laax, Davos, Klosters are within easy reach.
  • Summer resorts and golf courses such as Bad Waldsee, Lenzerheide, Rankweil are within driving distance from the airport.

High-tech, high value: Friedrichshafen is well known for being home to R&D and manufacturing. EADS Astrium develops and constructs satellites, while MTU focuses on diesel engines. The 85,000 meter exhibition centre next to the airport helps boost trade.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Innovations that count: Friedrichshafen Airport opened a new terminal in 2010 capable of handling 1 million passengers, while summer 2012 saw Gerold Tumulka take over as the airport's new CEO, bringing a wealth of air transport expertise.


The airport is located at Lake Constance serving the four countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein:

  • No special pilot training is required
  • Normal operations year round due to warm weather as a result of the proximity of Lake Constance
  • ILS CAT IIIB – all weather operation

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Runways: 06/24, 2345m, 45m wide, Anti-skid surface
  • No slot restrictions at all
  • Operating hours: 06:00-23:30 local 22:00 local last take off
  • Brand new terminal opened in September 2010 with a capacity of 1 million passengers per annum.
  • Minimum connecting time: 15 minutes
  • Transfer infrastructure with transfer tunnel and airside transfer counter

Transportation Links

  • Train station at the airport – local, regional and interregional trains running to Friedrichshafen, Ravensburg, Ulm, Basle and Lindau (connections to Austria).
  • Local and regional busses from the airport bus stop.
  • All major rental car companies.
  • Taxis to surrounding cities and shuttle busses to the ski resorts.
  • Ferry to Romanshorn in Switzerland and high speed catamaran to Konstanz

Vital statistics

  • Top 10 Served Destinations: FRA, CGN, PMI, TXL, HAM, VIE, DUS, LPA, TFS
  • Top 10 Airlines: InterSky, Lufthansa, germanwings, Germania, Sun Express, airberlin, Sky Airlines
  • Largest carrier: InterSky, Lufthansa, airberlin, germanwings
  • No weather diversions in 15 years
  • Ample freight opportunities due to strong industry in the region