Enfidha – Hammamet Airport (NBE/DTNH)

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Location, location: Tunisia’s gleaming new Enfidha - Hammamet Airport lies at heart of the main Tunisian tourist centres. A new route here could serve several top resorts to the north or south in a way that no other existing airport can.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • Tunisia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa recent years. Tunisia’s beaches and hotels attract approximately 9 million visitors per annum. It attracts tourists mainly from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. New Enfidha – Hammamet airport is the most convenient point of entry for the vacationers.
  • Enfidha – Hammamet airport is a brand new airport located 65 km south of the capital Tunis, in the heart of the country’s primary northeast tourist region. The airport is able to serve the overwhelming majority of Tunsian resorts – around 80% of the keys destinations – more than any other Tunisian airport as this table illustrates.
Enfidha is closer to most holiday destinations!
Tunis (TUN) Enfidha (NBE)
Sousse 130 40
Hammamet 70 50
Nabeul 65 55
Kairouan 130 60
Skanes 150 60
Monastir (City) 155 65
Tunis 8 65
Mahdia 170 100

Gleaming new airport, access to several top resorts such as Sousse, very low airport charges.

Marketing and other support

Please download the Enfidha – Hammamet Airport Brochure.

A warm people who appreciate visitors – not surprisingly the most significant “catchment” lies at the other end of Tunisia’s routes – nearly 10m visitors from northern Europe. In particular demand for golfing holidays is being met with a plan to double the number of Tunisia’s courses by 2020.

Catchment Area

Tunisia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mediterranean for holidaymaking Europeans with year round sunshine, excellent hotels and beaches, fine golf courses and friendly service, with a short flight time from Western Europe.

Please download the Enfidha – Hammamet Airport Brochure.

It's not all about tourism: The opening of Enfidha - Hammamet airport, in partnership with private investment from TAV, was a core component of the Enfidha zone of economic and logistics plan.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

With its state-of-the-art facilities and futuristic design, Enfidha – Hammamet airport (NBE) will enable Tunisia’s ambition to become a regional centre of international trade and services, allowing stronger integration into the world economy. It will also facilitate an improved regional balance with an industrial park; deep sea port and new soon to be built tourist area in Hergia.

Waiting for you – a superb international terminal and pristine beaches – like this one at Hammamat – a single route to this airport can serve several top Tunisian destinations.

Infrastructure & Operations

New Enfidha – Hammamet airport is an architectural and aesthetic wonder, boasting the latest technology and first class facilities and services; both for passengers and the airlines themselves. The 90,000 m2 terminal, initially designed for a capacity of 7 million passengers, has been designed to allow expansion up 22 million travelers by the middle of the century.

  • 1 runway; 3300m
  • Operating hours: 24/7
  • 18 passenger bridges+ 14 remote parking positions
  • Terminal Usage Area: 90,000 m2
  • Car Park Area: 52,000 m2 /1,100 cars

Vital Statistics

Enfidha-HammametAirport (NBE) 2013Total 2014Total ChangeTotal
NBE Pax 2,272,074 2,215,428 -2%
NBE ATM 18,465 14,877 -19%


  • Enfidha – Hammamet airport offers low airport charges:
Item Low price
Landing €9.00 / tonne (For MTOW from 41 to 80)
Parking €0.16 / tonne hr
Lighting €24.00 / flight
Navaid €315.00 / flight (Over 40 tonne)
Noise Charge None
Security Charge €1.60 / departing pax
  • Enfidha – Hammamet airport offers competitive ground handling charges too.