Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME/UUDD)

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For some time Domodedovo's world-class facilities have been the first choice of international airlines serving Moscow. Now exceeding 20m passengers a second terminal is underway to serve demand.

The instantly-recognisable skyline and its stunning new buildings serve as advertisements for the viability of new air services desired by this powerful city.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • The biggest airport in Moscow, Russia and Eastern Europe in terms of passenger traffic
  • The largest network to Russia and CIS from Moscow
  • The only airport in Moscow with two parallel runways for simultaneous use
  • 27/7, no curfews
  • CAT III from both courses

New service support: Sergey Rudakov Domodedovo’s Airport Director, John Beyrle US Ambassador to Russia, and Michael Whitaker, VP United Airlines open United’s non-stop service from Moscow Domodedovo to Washington Dulles at the start of the 2009 summer season.

Marketing and other support

  • Special support for start up period
  • Joint inaugural events
  • Joint advertising
  • Promotion in mass media

Significant portions of the 142m Russian Federation falls within Domodedovo’s catchment.

Catchment Area

More than 40m inhabitants within a few hours of ground transportation

  • 75% of Russian passengers fly abroad from/via Moscow
  • 70% of domestic traffic goes to/from/via Moscow
  • 50% of railway passenger traffic goes to/from/via Moscow

DME Route Network

  • Domestic: 79
  • International: 114
  • CIS: 46
  • TOTAL: 239

Modern Moscow – Mosow and money. The city’s transformation into a concentration of wealth and power is clearly marked in its skyline including the Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy and the imposing Gazprom headquarters.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

The economic impact of this major world city is drastically under-represented, not only as a passenger traffic opportunity, but also in terms of freight – Domodedovo handled 197,000 tonnes in 2012.

Downtown-to-Domodedovo takes just 40 minutes with a dedicated express train and city centre check-in.


  • Domodedovo airport is located south-east of Moscow (22 km from Moscow Ring Road (MKAD), 42 km from city centre.)
  • Dedicated non-stop airport express train every 30 minutes between DME and downtown terminal in the centre of Moscow (40 minutes travel time).
  • Shuttle buses and express coaches also circulate from the airport to the nearest Metro station along the dedicated highway

S7 is Domodedovo’s largest user with 5.5m passengers.

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Operating hours: 24 hours. No noise, emission, radio and electromagnetic radiation and other constrains.
  • Runways (number and length): 2 runways for simultaneous use:
    • RW32R: 3800 х 53 m, ICAO CATIIIа, 42 operations per hour
    • RW14R: 3500 х 60 m, ICAO CATIIIа, 42 operations per hour
  • Main Terminal: International and Domestic “under one roof”; (Total area of Passenger Terminal: 181 240 sqm.)
  • Passenger Terminal capacity: Departure area – 3,840 pax/hour; Arrival area – 3,500 pax/hour. Facilities include: 160 check-in desks, 53 airport CUSS kiosks for self-check-in, 56 cabins of passport control on departure, 56 passport control cabins on arrival, 44 gates, SITA DCS, fully automated baggage sorting system.
  • 130 parking stands, 22 stands equipped with air bridges and hydrant fuel systems, 33 stands for self-propelled mode

Vital statistics

Data for 2012

  • Total: 28.1m (+ 9,6% YoY’ 2011)
    • International: 16.5m (incl. CIS)
    • Domestic: 11.6m
    • Scheduled: 24.8m
    • Charter: 3.3m
    • Transfer: 3.5m (+4,1m Transfer)
  • Freight: 170,000 tonnes
  • Largest carrier: S7 (incl. Globus) – 7.08m pax