Cancún International Airport (CUN/MMUN)

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Cancún – world-class resort, world-class airport being quickly expanded to meet demand.

Beautiful turquoise Caribbean water and archaelogical treasures...

Major reasons to serve this airport

  • 12% growth on the international market in 2008
  • 11% growth on the domestic market in 2008
  • More than 80 airlines serve the destination
  • 125 origins
  • World famous resort
  • The most modern airport in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • More than 58,000 hotel rooms in the area (Cancún, Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres)
  • Archaelogical treasures nearby: Chichen Itza, Tulum, Koba, etc
  • Beautiful turquoise Caribbean water
  • The warmth and fun of the Mexican people
  • Great gastronomy
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Young girl bodyboarding

ASUR works closely with the tourist and development agencies and may offer competitive incentives support new routes.

Marketing and other support

  • Based on a business case for every specific new route, ASUR may offer a competitive incentive package to support it
  • Dedicated sales and marketing team
  • Reception and celebration of your inaugural flight in our airport
  • Market analysis, statistics and intelligence
  • We work closely with the Cancún and Riviera Maya VCBs, the Ministry of Tourism of The State of Quintana Roo, The Mexican Ministry of Tourism and Mexico’s Tourism Board, to attain the best conditions for a successful route development
  • Contact us for further information

Cancún has an impressive 1m+ catchment within 30 minutes – but the really significant opportunities are inbound.

Catchment Area

  • 30 min catchment area, 1,090,000 people (Cancún)
  • 60 min catchment area, 1,250,000 people (Cancún and Riviera Maya)
  • 120 min catchment area, 1,340,000 people (Cancún and Riviera Maya)
The beach at one of the holiday resorts in Cancún

Tourism itself generates substantial freight requirements, closely matched by indigenous manufacturing and agriculture.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • More than 16,000 tonnes 2008
  • Great connectivity
  • 5,000 square meters of cargo facilities (including cold storage)
  • Year round service (24/7)


  • Located at the tip of the Yucatan peninsula, Cancún is a world known resort with wonderful beaches and the beautiful Caribbean Sea turquoise waters. 40 minutes drive from the heart of the Riviera Maya and 60 minutes drive to Tulum archaeological site.
  • Cancún hotel zone is a 10 minutes drive from Cancún airport. Getting to downtown Cancún takes 20 minutes.
  • Rental cars, minivans, taxis and buses are available at the airport
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One of the runways at Cancún Airport

Airport investment: This composite image shows Cancún’s many users – and the need for the new runway which opens later in 2009 – an event which also requires the new 97 metre tower which can be seen in the background.

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Runways (number and length):
    • Runway 1: 12 -20= 3500m x 60 m (11483 x 197ft)
    • Runway 2: 12L -30R =2800m x 45m (9186 x 147ft)
    • *Capacity for independent and simultaneous landings and takeoffs
  • Runways Capacity – operations per hour: 80
  • Largest Aircraft Runway 1: B747 – 400 & B777 – 300
  • Largest Aircraft Runway 2: B747 – 400 & A777 – 300
  • Taxiway width Runway 1: 23 m
  • Taxiway width Runway 2: 25 m
  • Slot Coordinated? No
  • Operating hours: 24 Hrs – No curfew
  • Two active terminals T2 and T3. Total stands 47 (33 for T2 and 14 for T3). Total 218 check in counters.
  • Elevation Runway 1: 7.55m
  • Elevation Runway 2: 6.26m
  • ICAO Reference code: 4E

President Calderón cuts the ribbon to officially inaugurate the new runway, accompanied by the First Lady, ASUR’s C.E.O. Fernando Chico Pardo, and the Governor of the State of Quintana Roo

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news


Parallel runway allowing simultaneous operations doubles capacity and represents fundamental element of Airport’s long-term development programme

On the 20th of October 2009, the Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, officially inaugurated the new runway of Cancún International Airport with the first ever simultaneous landing in the history of Mexican aviation. As part of its continued programme of investment, the airport operator ASUR has in recent years built an entirely new 45,000-square-metre terminal and a new administrative building, as well as expanding and upgrading existing terminals, car parking facilities and airside infrastructure. The most recent expansion project, however, is one of the airport’s most ambitious to date. In order to build a second runway far enough from the existing runway for both of them to be used at the same time, it was also necessary to construct a taxiway bridge for aeroplanes to cross over the main road leading to the Airport, as well as a new control tower tall enough to afford unrestricted views of both runways. At almost 100 metres, the control tower is the tallest in Latin America. Cancún International Airport is now the only airport in Mexico capable of handling simultaneous takeoffs and landings on both of its runways. The new infrastructure, built at a cost of some 67 million dollars, increases the operating capacity of the Airport to more than 80 operations per hour. This means that it is now capable of receiving 28 million passengers per year, and it is expected that this will satisfy future demand at the destination for the next 50 years.

Vital statistics

  • Over 12.7 million passengers in 2008
  • An impressive 11.4% growth in 2008
  • 71% international passengers, 29% domestic
  • The three largest carriers in CUN during 2008:
    • Mexicana, 1,264,769 passengers
    • American Airlines, 1,042,423 passengers
    • Continental Airlines, 838,660 passengers
  • Freight: Over 16,000 tons of cargo in 2008