Cagliari Airport (CAG/LIEE)

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The number of tourists from the Eastern European region to Sardinia is growing fast. From 2010 to 2012 Russian passengers at Cagliari Airport increased by 62%, registering 150,000 overnight stays in 2012. In 2012 Poland, Czech Republic and Romania have registered significant tourist flows: almost 125,000 overnight stays in total.

Throughout history, Sardinia has been settled and brought under the rule of various colonial powers, leaving historical landmarks as well as a rich culture full of traditions to be enjoyed and explored by today's tourists. The reason why every year tourists visit the island is because they are attracted by one of Sardinia's most fascinating natural beauty: its fabulous white sandy beaches, which includes Costa Rei Beach, classified as the fifth most beautiful beach in the world.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

Sardinia is one of the most popular holiday destination worldwide. Each year 2 million tourists visit the island for a total of over 10 million overnight stays. Sardinia is famous for its spectacular white sandy beaches and many other attractions such as: wide diversity of landscapes, many cultural traditions, religious celebrations, wine&food events, some of the oldest archaeological sites in the world, music festivals and many more. Sardinia is the sunniest region of Italy, which makes Cagliari a perfect destination for all year round services.

  • Cagliari Airport is the largest and most important airport in Sardinia. The airport serves over 51% of the total regional traffic and represents the best gateway of the Sardinian region
  • 60% of the Sardinian population live within Cagliari Airport’s catchment area
  • The airport is located at just 7 km away from the city centre
  • The airport reached almost 3,6 million passengers in 2012
  • Passenger number growth: 6,2% annual average between 2005 and 2012; from 2005 to 2012 passenger traffic increased by 52,5%
  • Cagliari Airport has a healthy mix of passengers in terms of purpose of journey:
    • 27% business traffic
    • 35% leisure
    • 28% VFR traffic
    • 10% other
  • 59 airlines of whom 15 scheduled (2012)
  • 66 regular destinations (2013)
  • 20 countries (2013)
  • Cagliari Airport, thanks to its favourable position in the South of Sardinia, is the ideal connection between Europe and North Africa and the East and West of the Mediterranean
  • South Sardinia boasts many luxury resorts: Forte Village one of them has been voted the “World’s Leading Resort” fourteen times in a row
  • 4.107 accommodations of which over 48% are in the catchment area of Cagliari Airport
  • Active tourism is a booming segment in Sardinia: Golf is an example of success in this segment, every year thousands of tourists visit Sardinia’s golf courses
  • In May 2011 Cagliari Airport has hosted the 6th edition of Routes Europe and has been the official host of the ACI Europe’s Regional Airports Forum


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Marketing and other support

  • In order to widen its business interests, Sogaer aims to promote international flight connections which, on the base of documented economic evaluations, can contribute to the growth of its airport business.
  • Airlines interested in making a business proposal for the start-up of a point to point route can contact the Airport Management Company.
  • In order to comply with competition rules, Sogaer informs that business proposals related to the same route will be compared in order to determine the best offer.
  • Proposals must be submitted by means of a business plan which shall illustrate the profitability prospects of the route, for both the carrier and the airport.
  • Sogaer applies to all airlines, in a transparent and non-discriminatory way, the published airport charges regulated by ENAC.
  • Handling services supplied by the associated company Sogaerdyn can be subject to special commercial conditions.

Airlines interested in discussing further such business opportunities can contact Sogaer S.p.A. at the following fax number and e-mail address:

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Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia. 60% of the island's population live within a 60 minutes' distance from Cagliari Airport. The entire island can be reached within 3.5 hours

Catchment Area

  • 60 min catchment area: 1,000,000 inhabitants
  • 120 min catchment area: 1,300,000 (equal to 80% of the total population of Sardinia)
  • 200 min catchment area: 1,668,000
Aircraft docking at Cagliari Airport

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Cagliari has one of the largest fish markets in Italy. It is the main commercial and industrial center of the island, with many major Italian factories located within its provincial boundaries. The multinational communications provider Tiscali has its headquarter in town. Cagliari also has one of the biggest container terminals of the Mediterranean Sea. Many multinational corporations like Coca Cola, Heineken, Bridgestone and Eni Group have offices and factories in town.


Cagliari Airport’s stunning new terminal was only opened in 2004. Along with the brand new runway, the modern airport is equipped for a capacity of 6 million passengers.


  • The airport is located at just 7 km away from Cagliari city centre and just half an hour drive from important tourist towns like Pula and Villasimius. Short distances and efficient transport links make the airport easily and quickly reachable from all parts of the island
  • The “Sardinia Outlet Village”, located only 5 km from the airport, is considered the Fashion City and offers well-established brands at discounted rates

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Runways: Runway 32-14 – Length: 2,803m x 45m CAT 4D Class B ICAO was entirely reconstructed on 7th April 2009
  • Capacity: 6,000,000 passengers
  • Fully coordinated airport: slot requests through Assoclearance
  • Operating hours: 24h/7, 365 days a year
  • Short turnarounds, cost effective
  • Check-in desks: 42
  • Aircraft parking stands: 25 of which 6 are served with loading bridges and 12 are remote stands

General Aviation Terminal

A brand new dedicated General Aviation Terminal has opened in July 2011. VIP lounges, crew areas, private meeting rooms and catering areas share the majority of the new 1,100 sqm General Aviation Terminal.

Vital statistics

  • Annual passengers (2012): 3,592,020
  • Domestic passengers (2012): 2,880,453
  • International passengers (2011): 690,833
  • CAGR: 6.21% between 2005 and 2012;
  • Passenger Traffic from 2005 to 2012: increased by 52.5%

Detailed statistics

CAGLIARI Airport is one of the Italian airports with the lowest airport charges. See attachment for full airport charges.