Burgos Airport (RGS/LEBG)

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Burgos – old and new: The cathedral, a UNESCO heritage site since 1984, contrasts with the more contemporary Museum of Human Evolution.

Burgos is the eastern gateway to two of Spain’s most important wine regions – Ribera del Duero and Arlanza. Wine tourism has grown dynamically and nowadays embraces the whole spectrum, from small family wineries, to large industrial-scale bodegas.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • The airport was opened in July 2008, and provides new facilities and available capacity.
  • Burgos is a historic city, home of the only cathedral in Spain which has been individually awarded the World Heritage designation.
  • The province is home to the Atapuerca, a major prehistoric archeological site, and designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Burgos city is also home to the Museum of Human Evolution.
  • Major wine region (Ribera del Duero and Arlanza).
  • It is also the location of Santo Domingo de Silos, a Romanesque monastery on the Way of St James.

In S15, Burgos offered flights to Barcelona and a number of seasonal destinations operated primarily under the Iberia banner.

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Marketing and other support

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Potential cooperation from the Spanish Tourism Board (Tourspain): infosmile@tourspain.es

Market information: statistics and market analysis on request at airlinebox@aena.es

To contact the local authorities, please go tohttp://www.turismoburgos.org

The map shows the population within a two-hour drive from Burgos Airport (the red square) and the nearest airports in the area. The Feast of Corpus Christi – an incarnate devil jumps over babies, cleansing them of evil spirits. The airport is also ready to take some leaps forward – improving domestic connectivity is an especially strong desire, flights to the Spanish isles are particularly sought after.

Catchment Area

  • 30-minute catchment: 211,122.
  • 60-minute catchment: 492,285.
  • 120-minute catchment: 3,803,668.

Agriculture remains dominant, but automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries have a strong presence.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Previously a military base, the airport was converted to civilian use in 1995 and the modern terminal building is less than 10 years old.


  • The airport is located four kilometres to the north-east of Burgos.

Road access

  • The airport has a connection to the N-120 at km. 107. At this point there is a roundabout with an exit to the airport access road that leads to the front of the terminal building.

Bus access

  • Plaza de España-Airport, Line 24.

Infrastructure & Operations

Burgos Airport

For more regional information please go to:

Vital statistics

2016 figures

  • Passengers (commercial): 19,211 domestic passengers.
  • Air Transport Movements: scheduled and charter flights.
  • Main carrier:  Inaer Helicopteros.