Brussels Airport (BRU)

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New routes and frequency possibilities and why these routes would work

Note: There is significant and proven market potential for these services. Please contact the Brussels Airport Aviation Development team for more information.

Other Major reasons to serve this airport

  • Brussels is the Capital of Europe; it is both politically and economically at the Heart of the European Union. Brussels is where decisions are made.
  • With 26.4 million passengers and 2.7% growth in 2019, Brussels Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe and the main airport in Belgium. Brussels Airport connects the capital of Europe to over 220 destinations around the globe, served by 61 passenger airlines who operate from 3 non-congested runways.
  • With an annual 667,000 tonnes of cargo, Brucargo, the air cargo hub, plays an important role in international logistics and in the success of specific industries including the pharmaceutical industry.
  • With almost 20 million people living within one and a half hour’s drive, the airport has a wide catchment area including Belgium, the south of the Netherlands and the north-eastern part of France. Four out of five passengers are O&D, highlighting the strength of the Brussels Airport catchment.

Marketing and other support

BRU will support any new scheduled route or additional scheduled frequency with an attractive incentive scheme to support start-ups. Based on the individual merits of the proposed route and route growth, Brussels Airport may look to offer additional backing. On top of this, hosts Brussels Airport other marketing initiatives such as newsletters, advertising, trade events etc… to strengthen the promotion of the route.

For more information about our Route Development work, as well as joint marketing opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact the Brussels Airport Aviation
Development team!

Detailed incentive scheme can be found here:

Brussels Airport catchment area map

Catchment Area

  • With almost 20 million people living within one and a half hour’s drive, the airport has a wide catchment area including all of Belgium, but also incorporating the south part of the Netherlands and the north-eastern part of France. Four out of five passengers are O&D, highlighting the strength of the Brussels Airport catchment.
  • Belgium is very densely populated with 363 people/square kilometre.
  • Passengers using Brussels Airport have a very broad profile, underpinned by high-yield business travel from political institutions such as the EU and NATO, and major multinationals based in and around the city and the wider catchment. The densely populated catchment, and in particular the large expatriate communities, also provide a significant leisure and VFR market.
  • Over 1 million inhabitants of foreign origin live in Belgium embodying an incredible mix of languages and cultures. In addition, almost 400,000 Belgians live abroad. These people highly value a reliable connection with their home base.

Brussels combines its role as the capital of Belgium, enhancing a headcount of 11.5 million inhabitants with the capital of Europe. Thanks to its central location in Western Europe is the catchment about 20 million passengers.

Brussels Airport catchments area is quite larger than Belgium. Some nine million people live across the border from which 4.1 million in the North of France and 4 million in the South of the Netherlands.

Population drive times:

  • 60 minutes catchment: 4.5 million
  • 90 minute catchment: 10 million
  • 120 minutes catchment: > 25 millions


  • Brussels Airport is conveniently located 15 kilometres or 20 minutes from Brussels city centre. The heart of political decision making in Europe, the EU Quarter, is located between the airport and the city centre.
  • A dense motorway network surrounds Brussels, and Brussels Airport is located right on the Ring road around Brussels, with easy connections to the main motorways crossing Belgium: E19 Amsterdam – Paris; E40 London – Cologne; E411 Brussels – Luxembourg. Ample car parking facilities are available, a short walk from the terminal building.
  • The dedicated railway station underneath the Brussels Airport terminal. Six direct trains connect the airport with Brussels city centre, 2 trains an hour to the EU institutions, as well as 84 cities in Belgium can be reached by train from Brussels Airport.
  • In addition, Brussels Airport is served by a dense network of high frequency local, regional and buses. Taxis are available to bring passengers to and from their destination.

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Runways: 07L/25R: 3,638 m, 07R/25L: 3,211 m, 02/20: 2,984 m.
  • Runway capacity: 74 movements per hour, 44 take off and 48 landings. With ambition to grow to 84 movements an hour by 2020.
  • Stands: 110 of which 57 contact stands.
  • Fully Slot Coordinated.
  • Operating hours: 24/7.
  • One terminal, two concourses.
  • Minimum Connecting Time: 50 min.

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • In 2017, Brussels Airport revealed its Strategic Vision 2040 which supports a long-term development plan for the airport itself and for Belgium as a whole.
  • The plan details the developments Brussels Airport has in mind to meet the expectations of its customers, passengers and air carriers, and to strengthen its competitive position in Europe and the rest of the world. Courtesy of this ambitious development plan, Brussels Airport is set to solidify its role as Belgium’s second economic growth hub

Vital statistics

  • Total passengers 2019: 26.4 million international passengers.
  • About 18% of passengers made a connection at Brussels Airport in 2019.
  • Travel purpose of passengers:
    • Business: 29%
    • Leisure: 51%
    • VFR: 20%
  • Freight: 667,000 tonnes of freight was flown through Brussels Airport in 2019.
  • Largest carriers: Brussels Airlines, Ryanair, TUI fly, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines.


Brussels Airport Charges

For details about airport charges and incentives, please contact the Brussels Airport Aviation Development team.