Bremen City Airport (BRE/EDDW)

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Toasted everywhere in the world for its Brothers Grimm's Stadtmusikanten, Bremen keeps its Hanseatic traditions alive: The long list of high-profile household names active here includes Mercedes Benz, EADS and Kraft Foods.

bremen city

It's Bremen's universities that really make the city attractive to a student population exceeding 25,000. The Goethe-Institut, Germany's largest cultural association with 150 worldwide branches, also originates here.

airport city business park

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • Attractive catchment area
    • second most populous city in Northern Germany and no. 10 in the whole country.
    • 15 million citizens in the greater north-west region of Germany.
    • the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area alone has 2.4 million inhabitants.
  • Bremen – A modern industry and trade location and home to global players
    • Bremen is Germany’s fifth biggest industrial location, with a GDP of 37 billion USD in 2014. The people living in Bremen dispose of the third-highest available income among all 16 German States. Furthermore, Bremen has the highest density of income millionaires.
  • Bremen – A wide range of industries
    • Automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, luxury products, renewable energy, life sciences, logistics and tourism.
  • Bremen  – City of global players
    • Coffee, breakfast cereals, beer and cars have made Bremen famous throughout the world. Bremen based companies are represented around the globe.
    • Companies like Mercedes-Benz (operating its worldwide biggest production line in Bremen), Airbus and Airbus Defence & Space, Mondelez, AB InBev (the world biggest beer brewer), Kellogg’s, BLG (operating the world’s biggest car transhipment center for cars in Bremerhaven) and many others are at home in Bremen.
  • Bremen – The aerospace capital
    • Bremen is one of the world’s big players in the aerospace business (Airbus, Airbus Defence & Space, satellite builder OHB and hundreds of other companies active in this business) and research centre of the University of Applied Sciences and the University of Bremen with focus on aerospace and aviation.
  • Airport City business park
    • Advanced manufacturing, trade and service location in the immediate vicinity to the airport (total area of 2 km²) with 16,500 employees in about 500 companies.

Marketing and Sales Support

Experts in airline sales and aviation marketing

  • “Routes Europe Airport Marketing Award 2015”:
    • ranked number 1 by partner airlines & airline panel in the category of under 4 million passengers
  • “Routes Europe Airport Marketing Award 2014” and “Overall Award 2014”:
    • ranked number 1 by partner airlines & airline panel in the category of under 4 million passengers and additionally overall winner
  • World Routes “Highly Commended Award 2014”:
    • ranked as the worldwide number 2 by an airlines panel in the category of under 4 million passengers
  • “Routes Europe Airport Marketing Award 2012”:
    • ranked number 1 by partner airlines & airline panel in the category of under 4 million passengers

Attractive marketing and sales support packages

  • Different packages of measures like attractive fees, marketing support, as well as special benefits and services for best sales opportunities and support:
  • Presenting your airline:
    • on our website
    • in our monthly newsletter
    • on social networks
    • ads in newspapers
    • our airport magazine (print circulation: 500,000)
    • public transport (tram design)
    • airport events
    • media partnerships ( marketing campaigns print, radio and events)
    • travel fairs in Germany’s north-west region
  • In addition to pure marketing support, we also use a very effective tool to boost the sales revenue of our airline partners. A special sales platform called, the travel portal of City Airport Bremen, was created in early 2012 in cooperation with a partner from the tourist industry. The aim is to increase capacity utilisation/reservations, as well as passenger volumes at Airport Bremen. On, only flights and trips from Bremen are offered. People interested in travelling will also find many attractive and inexpensive offers for hotels, cruises and package holidays. With our reservations platform, we offer our airlines professional support in marketing and selling their seats/flights.

Bremen City Airport's catchment reaches well beyond the 15 million in affluent and industrialised north-western Germany – the airport's extensive services are also highly attractive to Groningen, the largest city in the northern Netherlands.

bremen catchment

Catchment Area

  • BRE’s market covers the entire metropolitan region of north-west Germany  (about 15 million citizens)
  • The catchment area reaches from the north-east of the Netherlands to Hamburg in the east and southern Lower-Saxony.

Fertile ground for advanced manufacturing and an important R&D centre for aerospace – Bremen maintains a healthy mix of advanced industries creating plentiful opportunities for air cargo development.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

In the cargo field, City Airport Bremen has unique benefits to offer. Here you will find all the relevant partners in the logistics chain under one roof: airfreight forwarders, airlines, the customs office – and the cargo division of City Airport Bremen.

The full range of services provided by Aircargo Bremen ensures that procedures run absolutely smoothly in customs clearance, freight manifesting, handling of hazardous goods, processing of documents, AWB issuing, assembly and dismantling of ULDs, loading and unloading of trucks, palletising and depalletising, warehousing of special freight, handling of freight, and stockpiling of your consignment.

The advantages of cargo handling at City Airport Bremen:

  • Perfectly suited to intermodal transport concepts
  • Closely meshed with one of Europe’s biggest logistics centres
  • Rapid handling due to one-stop full-service facilities
  • All relevant players under a single roof
  • Strategically well place in the northwest of Germany
  • Excellent links to major airfreight hubs
  • Cargo Terminal beside the runway
  • 4,500 sqm logistics hall
  • Special equipment for handling freight of all kinds
  • Security Officer in accordance with EU 2320

Our specialisation: Handling and clearance of special freight and freight chartering. Our Aircargo Terminal is located right beside the runway and features eight docking stations, a covered ULD facility with motorised Rolldocks, retractable lifting tables, state-of-the art weighing equipment, as well as refrigerated, heated, and isotopic rooms.

Just 3.5km to the city centre, Bremen City Airport literally is a 'city' airport, and ranks equally high for inter-modality with road, rail and sea infrastructure.


Located a mere 3.5 kilometres from the city centre, the airport is Bremen’s gateway to the world. Nowhere else in Germany will travellers find an international airport that is so close to the centre of town. In terms of intermodality, we rank top of the European table. This optimal interlinkage of air, rail and road is one of the key factors accounting for our success. Local public transport and shuttle services stop right in front of the terminals – just a few steps away from the check-in desks.

Bremen Airport can be quickly reached by car via the new A 281 motorway and it has access to the trans-regional road network A1 and A27.

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Runways (number and length): Runway 09/27 asphalt, useable length 2,040 m, width 45 m, 13 ft. above sea level. CAT-IIIb-equipped from either direction.
  • No slot restrictions
  • Operating hours: 06:00 am – 22:30 pm LT
  • Terminals: 4 (3 + 1 low-cost terminal)
  • Bremen airport offers more than 4,500 parking spaces in two multi-storey car parks.

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • Although the terminal was only built in 1998, it will undergo an extensive reconstruction from 2016 to 2018. Construction work will mostly be done at night to reduce the impact on the passengers to a minimum.
  • The two existing security check-points will be consolidated to ensure a faster process and avoid queueing.
  • State-of-the-art shops, eateries and services will be available, making the stay in the gate areas even more comfortable.

Vital statistics

  • Total pax: 2.66 million in 2015