Aeroport de Bordeaux Merignac & billi (BOD/LFBD)

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Bordeaux airport
4,6 million passengers in 2013, 1 780 265 passengers / international traffic, 1.582.445 passengers / lowcost traffic.

New routes and frequency possibilities

Africa / Oceania
  • Senegal, West Africa, Reunion, Madagascar

Wine is serious business. The impact on an airport serving the world’s best-known wine region can be gauged by a single event – the 50,000 visitors who come to Bordeaux for one week each June for Vinexpo – the world’s largest wine fair.

Major reasons to serve Bordeaux airport

  • Bordeaux Airport lies at the heart of the world’s best-known wine region. Surveys of foreign visitors, conducted by the ministry of tourism, show Bordeaux to be one of the “Top 3” tourist destinations in France.
  • Bordeaux Airport is situated at the centre of a modern transportation system, including an efficient and very affordable regional rail network. This has contributed to a boom in the number of foreign visitors choosing to purchase a second home in the area.
  • With well-balanced incoming/outgoing passenger flows, Bordeaux Airport offers a wide range of services. The airport has demonstrated its ability to respond to the diverse needs of its passengers and its airlines, allowing for a wide selection of airlines that includes both legacy and low cost carriers.
  • For legacy and airlines requiring services of quality to be offered to those passengers, Hall A and B…

billi is the low cost, purpose built, terminal of Bordeaux.

Who is billi?

billi, the low cost purpose built terminal of Bordeaux. Its name stands for Bordeaux illico, meaning Bordeaux straight away. It offers 25 minutes turn around and specific process for low cost operators. By the end of 2012, over 1 300 000 passengers will have used the facility, still billi open to new opportunities and operators.


  • Straightforward design that meets security requirements while also delivering the simple, “no-frills” approach sought by low-cost carriers
  • Ready to cater for 2 million low-cost airline passengers
  • Fitted with pre-boarding gate areas, purely in line with the identified needs of low-cost carriers
  • 737/A320/A321 aircraft parking stands directly in front of the building; all boarding and disembarking is on foot, meaning fewer processes and greater costs savings
  • Rapid turnarounds for all aircraft; 25 minutes from stand to departure
  • Optimization of services, integrating low cost airline-specific base requirements
  • Handles both Schengen and non-Schengen flights simultaneously
  • Complies with the low cost airline primary targets and offers tariffs reflecting the services provided

Welcome to billi: Simple, innovative…and very low in price

In addition, billi offers:

  • A fantastic entry point as the gateway to the entire South-West of France.
  • One of the world’s favorite tourism destinations
  • Access to a large conurbation and a mobile local population open to new possibilities for air travel

265km of superb beaches for families and watersports, 2,200 hours of annual sunshine.

The surrounding area

  • Bordeaux is typical of the South of France in terms of atmosphere, architecture and the fact that the city enjoys over 2,200 hours of sunshine every year.
  • The long summer days and the immensity of the surroundings contribute to a unique sense of freedom referred to as the “Atlantic Coast touch”.
  • Close to the Atlantic Ocean with 265 km of beaches, the Aquitaine region basks in a warm, Gulf Stream climate (average temperatures: January 10.5°, August : 25°). The region is also one of the best in Europe for surfing and various tournaments take place in the area.
  • Aquitaine is the fastest-growing tourist region in France.
  • Another indication of the region’s prestige comes in the form of Bordeaux’s 2007 addition into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other local UNESCO sites further add to the sense that this area is among the richest in France in terms of the historical treasures it possesses including the medieval city of Saint Emilion, the pilgrimage routes to Saint Jacques de Compostella and the fort in Blaye.
  • The region is equally known for the famous cave paintings of the Grottes de Lascaux, the spectacular coastline of the bassin d’Arcachon, and the Pyla Dune – the highest natural sand dune in Europe.
  • The Bordeaux region boasts a wealth of beautiful lakes and is bordered by the spectacular views provided by the Pyrenees. It is blessed with numerous picturesque villages, medieval castles and a breathtaking landscape.
  • Bordeaux is France’s premier spa destination. Having benefitted from an historical reputation for its medical benefits, it now offers very modern facilities.
  • There are 50 golf courses in and around Bordeaux.
Bordeaux billi: economy

Bordeaux airport, natural access to thr “Aerospace Valley” – seam of hundreds of companies involved in air transport manufacturing and services. And yet more wine – 1,500 bottles of Bordeaux are sold globally every minute supplied by 8,000 “châteaux” within close reach.

An attractive economic area

  • Access to Bordeaux and its region; a ‘European California’ offering a superb lifestyle full of opportunities for business:
  • Aerospace and Electronics
    • World leader in rocket engine manufacturing
    • World leader for production of industrial pumps and valves, fittings
    • European leader in manufacturing private jets
    • European leader in avionics manufacturing
    • Home to Major national aeronautical maintenance centre and hosts for The “Aerospace Valley”
  • Wood-paper
    • First European producer of raw paper “Fluff” and paper craft
    • First European centre for thermo-structural materials
  • Food industry
    • First European producer of corn; Fresh products fruits and meat
  • Pharmaceutical and medical industry
    • Leader in advanced medical research (neurology, heart and implants)
  • New technologies information and communication
    • Optic/laser: high technology and research works
    • Referenced European “Laser Valley” set up
  • Services and capital investments:
    • Insurance: Ranks 3rd in France
    • Banking: Ranks 4th in France
  • And wine! Traditional long-lasting predominance: 123,000 hectares of vines; 10,239 wine growers/producers; 850 million bottles of Bordeaux sold every year; 1,500 sold every minute throughout the world; 8,000 “châteaux” within close reach.

Bordeaux billi: Routes: Who

Bordeaux – 2nd french city for congress hosting

According to ICCA ranking and criteria, Bordeaux becomes the 2nd French city for congress hosting – only next to Paris. In 2012, more than 80 000 congress participants and visitors are expected.

Bordeaux – serving these main cities

Agen, Bayonne, Bergerac, Biarritz, Cognac, Dax, Lacanau, La Rochelle, Mont-de-Marsan, Pau… Bordeaux Airport also gives easy day trip access by car to the north of Spain (San Sebastian, Bilbao).

Marketing and other support

Bordeaux airport will be supporting you all along the way to develop your routes.

  • Passenger profiling
  • Market information: statistics, market analysis on request, route potentials
  • Marketing/commercial team support
  • Website
  • New route marketing support – based on a contractual agreement signed between Airlines and BOD (from 2 to 5 years period depending on the importance of development programs).
  • Full communication package included, inaugural flight, press conference, press release…
  • Specific conditions will apply for the setting up of an operational base in Bordeaux.
Bordeaux billi: Marketing quote 1

Pascal Personne, CEO of Bordeaux Airport: “billi will sit alongside our existing regional and international airport facilities – we look forward to welcoming many low-cost airlines delivering a growing number of tourists and business travellers to our region”.

"We look forward to welcoming many low-cost airlines delivering a growing number of tourists and business travellers to our region".

“We look forward to welcoming many low-cost airlines delivering a growing number of tourists and business travellers to our region”.

Bordeaux Catchment image 1

The Bordeaux catchment area includes close to 5m people. It is the 3rd most popular destination in France, with significant levels of 2nd home ownership.

Catchment Area

  • Bordeaux greater metropolitan area: 0.8m
  • 60 min catchment area: 1.7m
  • 120 min catchment area: 4.9m

All cities within the entire South-West of France are easily reachable by motorway access from Bordeaux Airport.

Easy access to regional trains (TER) and buses also allows discovering the touristic attractions and unique culture sites available.

Bordeaux - Freight

Bordeaux is the home airport for the Médecins Sans Frontières logistics platform.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Bordeaux Mérignac Airport is home to the logistics platform that provides supplies for the assignments of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on its structural programmes and emergency intervention during displaced population crises, epidemics, natural disasters and wars.

Its also provides services to other humanitarian organisations.

The airport is the starting point for several night flight integrators, including DHL, TNT, UPS and Chronopost. The BOD express mail sector has experienced two digit growth rates for the last five years.

The location, at the corner of south-west Europe, and our easy motorway network along the Atlantic coast and into to northern Spain, offers great opportunities for Cargo operations based in BOD.


  • Situation: 10km West of Bordeaux, the capital of the Aquitaine region and the sixth largest city region in France.
  • Average access time from Bordeaux: 15 minutes.
  • Served extensively by the community urban transport system, the navette Jet’Bus between the airport and both the city centre and central railway station.

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Two Runways (3,100 metres – ILS cat III / 2,145 metres – ILS cat I)
  • No Slot coordination.
  • Operating hours: 24 (Please refer to specific conditions for night ops).
  • Min. connect time : 25 min
  • Three terminals :
    • Hall A : Dedicated to both domestic and international traffic, with jetty enabling rapid connection for regional airlines.
    • Hall B : Mainly dedicated to Paris and Schengen traffic.
    • billi : Bordeaux’s new low cost terminal.


This low cost purpose built terminal opened in May 2010. It was a brand new facility rather than a conversion from an existing building, and represents an investment of €5.5 million.

  • Simplified design to meet the needs of the low cost airline sector
  • Designed to cater for 2 million low cost airline passengers
  • Gate areas for pre-boarding designed purely to meet the needs of low cost carriers
  • Aircraft parking directly in front of the building; all boarding and disembarking on foot, meaning fewer processes to worry about
  • Rapid turnarounds for all aircraft; 25 minutes from on stand to departure
  • Optimisation of services, tailor made to low cost airline needs and requirements
  • Schengen and non-Schengen flights will be handled simultaneously
  • Tariff reflecting low cost airlines’ needs

Bordeaux billi: Facts: Stats

Vital statistics

Clearly illustrating its regions’ international dimension, the Airport has recorded impressive continuous growth in international passenger traffic (+15%).

  • Total passenger 2011: 12.4% = 4 117 302 full year passenger traffic
  • Continuous strong growth of low cost traffic
  • 1.5m international scheduled
  • 2.5m domestic scheduled
  • 120,000 charter passengers
  • Freight : 32K tonnes
  • BOD 2013 programme means:
    • 56 scheduled destinations
    • 21 airline companies
    • Continuous strong growth of low cost traffic

BOD Airport’s evolution:

Excellent traffic orientation in 2009-2013… and beyond

BOD Airport’s evolution

New offer

2011 2012 2013
Airline Destination Airline Destination Airline Destination
TAP Portugal Logo Lisbon easyJet logo Lisbon Volotea logo Olbia, Munich, Florence
Vueling Logo Barcelona Aigle Azur logo Algiers
Ryanair Seville, Rome Ciampino Volotea logo Venice, Ibiza, Palermo, Malaga
Jetairfly logo Agadir, Marrakech Vueling Logo Palma
Air Mediterranee logo Marrakech

Largest carriers – 2011 results

1 Air France 2,295,052
2 easyJet 659,473
3 Ryanair 198,205
4 British Airways 136,571
5 KLM 118,304

Top 40 destinations

Bordeaux: Top-40-destinations


For pricing policy, please contact the billi team :

Annual report: