Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO/ENBR)

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Football and fjords – key reasons to serve Bergen include the fact that at least 40,000 Norwegians travel to see UK Premier League football matches each year.

The World Heritage listed Bergen Brygge waterfront and do you define this beauty adequately?

Other Major reasons to serve this airport

  • Passengers stepping off their flights are within easy reach of a wealth of world-class attractions and immense natural landscapes.
  • Less than 30 minutes from the airport, the city of Bergen is renowned for its nightlife and superb historic attractions, all backed up by an excellent transport infrastructure and a wide range of cosy hotels, trendy shops and gourmet restaurants.

Zero take-off charge for new year-round services to new international destinations. The airport has evidence that Milan is just one of the opportunities that are eligible for marketing support from Fly BGO.

Marketing and other support

Airlines opening new services to Bergen benefit from both aeronautical cost reductions and other incentive programmes from Avinor as well as benefits delivered by Bergen’s own Fly BGO scheme. Benefits include zero take-off charges for the first year for qualifying services. Fly BGO also offers market information, statistics, analyses and help to stage marketing.

Beauty and Business: Bergen’s catchment is 430,000 with 300,000 within 30 minutes. Besides obvious in/outbound tourist possibilities a large portion of catchment relates to North Sea oil and gas exploration.

Catchment Area

  • Less than 30 minutes from the city centre of Bergen. Bergen is the capital of western Norway and an important shipping hub and a major global supplier for oil and gas.
  • Some 430,000 people live close to the airport and more than 300,000 people can reach BGO in around 30 minutes. The local population is generally affluent and has a very high propensity to travel.
  • Very few tourism destinations anywhere in Europe can compete with Bergen’s unique ‘Fjord Offer’, based on a breathtaking stretch of coastline that simply has no equal.
  • Bergen symbolises the economic power of modern Norway. Long established as a hub of trade between Norway and the rest of Europe, Bergen today is the country’s most important export region in the energy, seafood and maritime sectors. As much as 40% of Norway’s exports are created in the Bergen region

Norway’s largest deep-sea fishing fleet is based at Bergen and processess more than a million tonnes a year for export - including 60,000 tonnes by air.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Bergen’s fish/seafood industry is equally impressive. Norway’s largest deep-sea fishing fleet is based at the city’s port and processes more than a million tonnes a year, for export around the world. More than 60,000 tonnes fresh salmon was exported by air from Norway last year and the market is growing. This is a great opportunity for additional revenue on long haul passenger flights.


  • Less than 30 minutes from the city centre of Bergen. Long established as one of the most important regional airports in Norway, Bergen Airport’s primary role has always been to serve as a regional hub, efficiently serving the local community’s transport needs, while also ensuring that the world’s holiday-makers and tourists have easy airline access to the world’s number one sustainable tourism destination – the fjords.
  • Transport; 30 minutes to city centre by car, airport bus leaving every 15. minutes.

Infrastructure & Operations:

Bergen Airport Tower

  • Runway length: 2,990 meters – sufficient for all commercial aircraft to take-off and land.
  • Slot Coordinated: Yes (Airport Co-Ordination Norway)
  • Operating hours: 24 hours a day
  • Terminal Capacity; 11 contact gates with air-bridges and a capacity of five million passengers a year. Plans to construct a new terminal are at an advanced stage.

Vital statistics

  • Total passengers 2011: 5,601,394
  • Domestic: 3,415,063
  • International: 1,790,787
  • North Sea Oil Rigs: 243,160
  • Transit: 152,387

To view the Bergen Airport general brochure, please click here.


All Norwegian airports operated by Avinor currently levy the same scale of charges on their airline partners; the Ministry of Transportation sets these charges annually.

Visit the Avinor website for further details