Athens International Airport (ATH/LGAV)

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The Major Competitive Advantages of Athens International Airport

  • Unrestricted 24-hour operations with no curfews.
  • Only “schedule facilitated” Medium/Large European airport with no capacity constraints.
  • State-of-the-art technology & equipment. Highest standards of safety and security.
  • Customer-oriented management and operations.
  • A wide range of Incentives which offer significant discounts on airlines operating costs.
  • Consulting level services for advertising and promotion within the Greek market.
  • Use of enhanced e-tools and techniques for commercial and operational purposes.

Athens International Airport marketingMarketing and other support

Understanding our business partners’ needs and providing sustainable solutions to business development plans are top priorities for us at AIA. This is why, we respond to your requests for longer lasting and even more generous business development support, by delivering more to you every day. Towards this direction, we review & update frequently our incentive policy, aiming to offer a contemporary, strong & attractive portfolio.

More specifically we are offering:

  • Globally one of the strongest incentive schemes available comprising discounts up to 100% on airport’s Landing & Parking charges for five (5) years period. One year discounts on Ground Handling infrastructure charges. Hence if you require additional details on our incentive schemes and eligibility please, visit us online.
  • Customised analysis, traffic forecasting and route evaluation studies.
  • InfoGate, 24/7 online traffic information per route per airline, market & capacity shares, passenger profile & demographic data, raw data etc (user access only).
  • Auto-Pilot, enables you to calculate with accuracy turnaround costs, rotational discounts & year round savings from our incentive schemes (available via info-gate).

AIA offers extensive marketing support and in-depth knowledge of the local Greek market & Media enabling airlines to achieve awareness and stimulate the local market. The marketing support activities are inclusive but not limited to the following actions:

  • Free & heavily discounted advertisement placements within the airport premises.
  • Insertions in airport’s standard publications (timetables, Guides, etc.).
  • Opportunity to participate at the Airport’s other media promotions.
  • Co-sponsoring of Events.
  • Inaugural flight celebrations, travel market events, etc.
  • Support of press conferences.
2011 Incentives Discounts on…
Landing & Parking charges Ground Handling
Yr1 Yr2 Yr3 Yr4 Yr5 Yr1
Growth Incentive
(3 Int’l Routes within a Year)
100% 100% New of Add Routes Incentive 40%
5th Freedom Traffic Rights 100% 100% 100% 75% 75% 40%
New Long-haul routes 100% 100% 100% 75% 50% 40%
Additional Long Haul frequencies 100% 50% 20%
Other Additional 50% 50% 25% 15% 10% 20%
New seasonal frequencies 50% 25%
Thin routes

athens-europe-catchment-mapCatchment Area

  • Europe’s seventh largest city with a core catchment of up to 6 million people.
  • The city’s position in the heart of the most dynamic world region offers direct access to the Balkans area, South-Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and to the Middle East.
  • Athens, established its position as a modern, vibrant business and cultural centre for the region.
  • Excellent weather conditions make Athens an ideal year-round leisure destination.

Transport links & Parking

  • By Bus: Six public bus routes connecting the airport with the greater area of Athens & Piraeus. Single fare 3.20euro per/pax
  • By Metro Line 3: The journey with the metro line 3 to the Syntagma sq. lasts 27′ min. Single fare 6 euro, return 10 (w/ 48hrs), mobility impaired 3 euro. Departs every half an hour.
  • By Suburban Rail: The journey from a/p to Athens Central railway station lasts 38′ min. Single fare 6 euro, return 10 (w/ 48. hrs). Train departs every 15′ min.
  • Parking: P1 & P2 short tern parking lots. 1.357 positions. Rate card applies for up to 24 euro for 24 hrs parking. P3 long term parking, 5.800 positions. 12 euro per day.

The combination of air and sea transportation via the port of Piraeus and Athens International Airport.

Athens Airport seanairgy

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Competitive Advantages for Air Cargo Development at Athens

Strategic Position

  • Strategic location among three continents, gateway to Europe.
  • Regional hub for N. Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean and the Balkans.
  • Transit point for Sea-Air Cargo (ME via Athens to N.Europe/USA).

Functional Environment

  • 24hr-7-day operation, no slot and night constraints.
  • New infrastructure, high standards of safety & security.
  • Four front-side cargo terminals of 275,000 tonnes capacity.
  • Simplified customs procedures, and new electronic customs services as of January 2011

Dedicated People

  • Airport Cargo Community Committee as a facilitation and development tool.
  • Minimum Service Delivery Standards for inbound flows.
  • Choice among 3 cargo handlers.

Attractive Incentives

Supportive Scheme for New or Additional International Cargo Flight:

  • Year 1 – 50%.
  • Year 2 – 37.5%.
  • Year 3 – 25%.

Development Opportunities

  • Attract new transit flows mainly to the Balkan countries through the development of a road-feeder-service (RFS) network.
  • Develop new sea-air cargo flows from the wider Eastern Mediterranean region and create herewith additional demand for main deck capacity to North America.


  • Athens International Airport is located 33 km northeast of central Athens and enjoys a well established multi-modal access.
  • The airport is accessible through a six lane highway linked to the city centre and the national highway network. Suburban and metro link as well as, an expanded bus transport network.
  • Advantageously located between 3 ports with regular daily connections.

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Runways (number and length): Two parallel runways, separation 1,575 m for independent operation.
  • Runway 1: 4,000m Cat II.
  • Runway 2: 3,800, Cat II.
  • Athens International is the only major schedule facilitated European airport.
  • Operating hours: 24hrs operation, no curfews.
  • Check-in desks: 144.
  • Passenger Gates: 50.
  • Aircraft Parking Stands: 85, out of which 24 are served with air bridges.
  • Terminal Capacity: Currently 21 Million/Year, 50 Million/year upon completion of Development.
  • 25 min. turnaround time possible.
  • Min. connect time: 45 Minutes.

Vital statistics

  • 15.4 million Scheduled passengers.
  • 2.3 million foreign pax visited Athens for holidays.
  • LCC traffic surpassed the 1.0 million mark, accounting for almost 10.0% of International Scheduled traffic.
  • Business/Leisure Split: 30% – 70%.
  • Domestic/International Split: 36% – 64%.
  • 191,800 flights.
  • 97,000 Tonnes of Cargo.
  • Top 3 Airlines: Olympic Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Lufthansa.


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