Queen Beatrix International Airport – Aruba (AUA/TNCA)

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Total continent volumes

Total North American market: Passenger O&D between Aruba and North America from January to April 2016 was 560,761 pax – up 4.3% vs same period 2015.
Total European market: Passenger O&D between Aruba and Europe from January to April 2016 was approximately 50,953 pax – down 14.2% vs same period 2015.
Total Latin America market: Passenger O&D between Aruba and Latin America from January to April 2016 was approximately 371,433 pax – up 64.7% vs same period 2015.
Total Caribbean market: Passenger O&D between Aruba and the rest of the Caribbean from January to April 2016 was 77,602 pax – up 41% vs same period 2015.

Other major reasons to serve this airport




Aruba has a great reputation for throwing memorable route launch parties to market its new routes. Whether the inaugural is during the day or late in the evening hours, the Aruba Airport team will make sure that every VIP and guests feel welcome with a great celebration!

Queen Beatrix International Airport marketing team

Aruba Airport welcomed the Arke Dreamliner

americas routes marketing-award aruba

Marketing and other support

  • Aruba Airport Authority N.V. offers tailored support packages to airline partners whom are members of our family and those that are contemplating joining in the fun.
  • We have a close working relationship with our tourism partners: the Aruba Tourism Authority and the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association.
  • Our detailed support package for marketing, sales and public relations is a collaboration of best practices from each stakeholder and a sure recipe for success!
  • Launching a service is one thing, but working together to maintain and grow service is our secret to success. Plus, we have earned a reputation for throwing the best service launch parties in the region.

Press releases

  • Airports large and small from around the globe demonstrated airports’ commitment to providing an excellent customer experience.
  • Aruba Airport congratulates Surinam Airways (SLM) with their inaugural flight to Sanford (SFB), Orlando

Diverse landscape: While the Aruban economy is built around tourism, a large workforce is dependent on the island's thriving oil sector.

Catchment Area

  • You can get from one side to the other side of the island within 45 minutes. Traffic? All right – make it 35 minutes. Imagine this; time between deplaning and enjoying your first cocktail underneath a palm tree with sun block – 60 minutes flat.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Please contact us for more information on freight opportunities.

The pulsing capital, Oranjestad (Orangetown) and the island's pristine beaches are a stone's throw from the airport: a less than ten minute drive. (Photo: Aruba Tourism Authority)


  • Aruba’s capital city Oranjestad is located five minutes from the airport
  • The main road connecting the western and eastern part of the island passes in front of the airport
  • Taxi cabs, bus transportation and car rental agencies are located on property
  • Eagle Beach, famous for miles of white beaches and turquoise waters, hosts several low-rise resorts, time share and condominium properties are a mere 10-minute ride from the airport
  • Palm Beach, the largest strip of beach and home to world-class high-rise resorts, is not very far from Eagle Beach and not more than 15 minutes by car from the airport

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Runways: one runway 11/29 – 2808 meters long
  • Slot Coordinated: No
  • Operating hours: 07:00 – 24:00 daily
  • A single-terminal concept with a USA departing wing; a non-USA departing wing and an arrival wing in the middle. There are continuous renovations going on.
  • Min. connect time: 1 hr and 45 minutes
  • Fantastic Shopping Mall; Central Security; Food Court; WiFi; VIP Lounges
  • Pre-Clearance US Customs and immigration

Queen Beatrix International’s terminal is undergoing an “extreme makeover”, focused on further improving the Arrivals area and adding new landside f&b and retail facilities.

Latest & Ongoing Airport Developments

  • Free WIFI system
  • F&B Renovations & Expansions
  • Revamp of VIP lounges & terminal restrooms
  • New baggage system upgrade up to full EDS TSA standards
  • 3 additional Gate positions
  • Expansion U.S check-in hall
  • Rehabilitation of the runway
  • Revamp NON US Departures Plaza
  • Rehabilitation aircraft stands 1 & 2
  • Beautification of the terminal
  • Replacement runway edge lights with full LED system
  • Expansion project South Side General Aviation apron
  • East Side Apron extension – 2 category “C” (B737/A320) remote stands

Air Service Developments

December 2013

  • LAN Airlines launches Aruba service form Bogota

LAN Airlines is to introduce a new link between the Colombian capital Bogota and the Caribbean island of Aruba.  The new twice weekly service was launched on December 1, 2013 and the new route is operated by LAN Colombia using an Airbus A320.

January 2014

  • JetBlue upgrades equipment to AUA from JFK

JetBlue Airways operated both its A320 as well as its A321 for the months of February, March and April. The bigger A321 had 190 seats compared to the A320.

April 2014

  • InselAir Aruba launches Aruba – Miami Service

InselAir Aruba launched four times weekly Aruba-Miami service on 15-Apr-2014, using Boeing MD-83 equipment.

May 2014

  • Thomson Airways launched first B787 Dreamliner to Aruba

Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) was glad to welcome the first B787-800 aircraft on the island. The aircraft operated by Thomson Airways arrived on May 6th, 2014 as part of its summer schedule from London Gatwick.

  • InselAir Aruba launched new La Romana – Aruba service starting April/May 2014.

InselAr Aruba launched La Romana (Dominican Republic) – Aruba service starting May 2014 as part of its aggressive network expansion. The service includes a once weekly flight on Saturdays using the MD-83 with 152 seat capacity.

June 2014

  • United Airlines resumes Houston to Aruba service

United Airlines resumes its IAH-AUA route for the months of June, July and August of 2014.

Permanent service to continue starting this upcoming winter period (Dec 2014).

  • Avior inaugurates new Valencia – Aruba service

On June 5th, 2014 the Venezuelan carrier, Avior Airlines started its third route, VLN –AUA service with their B737-200. This is Avior’s second new service to Aruba in less than a year. In November of 2013 they started the Maracaibo – Aruba service and also operate Caracas –Aruba service twice weekly.

  • Amsterdam – Aruba Arke (TUI Group) new B787 Dreamliner

On Monday June 16, 2014 the Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) was very happy to welcome the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner by Arke to Aruba on. Arke is currently scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and will use both the Dreamliner and the 767 for these flights. In winter 2014 Arke will be using the Boeing 787 for all of its flights to Aruba.

July 2014

  • Frist International flights Southwest Airline – Aruba

On July 1st Southwest Airlines launched their first inaugural flight from Baltimore to Aruba, and increased from 9 to 15 weekly flights from three different destinations and has been the success story for Aruba in 2014. With this acquisition the airport of Aruba opens up possibilities for connections from other destinations and markets in the US.

  • Copa Airlines increases PTY-AUA service frequency from 7 to 11 weekly to Aruba

After some very successful years’ operating in Aruba and strong passengers demand, Copa Airlines announced increase in service between the airline’s  Hub of the Americas Tocumen International Airport in Panama city and Aruba  from 7 weekly flights to  a total of 11 weekly flights. Double daily service will be on MON, THU, SAT & SUN. The additional 4 flights accounts for a   total of 360 additional seats per week, connecting to more than 64 markets worldwide. These additional flight frequencies between Aruba and Panama City allows us to offer our customers a more complete service and more travel options to main markets such as Brazil (5 daily flights to Panama),  Argentina, Chile, Peru, USA, Colombia, Santo Domingo, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador and San Salvador.

Jan 2015

  • Insel Air Aruba

Insel Air Aruba expanded their network out of Aruba once more, this time Aruba Airport welcomed Insel’s new service to Manaus, Brazil (MAO) on Jan 14, 2015. The new route is operated twice weekly on Wednesdays & Sundays with Insel’s Fokker 70.

Mar 2015

  • Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines marked history on March 7, 2015 as they launched the first international flight out of Houston-Hobby Airport to Aruba. Current service to HOU is 1x weekly on Saturdays. As part of Southwest’s new network plans, BWI-AUA and MCO-AUA services were increased to daily flights.

July 2015

  • Insel Air Aruba

InselAir Aruba announced the inaugural of 4 new destinations out of Aruba in the month July 2015. The new services to San Juan (SJU) Medellin (MDE), St. Domingo (SDQ) and St. Maarten (SXM) will be operated 2x weekly with their F-70 aircraft.

July 2015

  • Aruba Airlines

Aruba Airlines introduced new flights to MIA on July 24, 2015. The airline will be operating their new MIA route daily using their A320 aircraft.

July 2015

  • Albatros Airlines

Albatros Airlines introduced a new service after less than 8 months of starting operations to Aruba. On July 20th, Albatros started the new route Margarita (PMV) – Aruba with their Embraer 120 with a capacity to carry 30 passengers.

August 2015

  • PAWA Dominicana

PAWA Dominicana is the latest airline to be welcomed at Aruba Airport on Aug 8, 2015 with a water canon salute and official welcome ceremony. PAWA will be offering 4x weekly service to/from St. Domingo with their MD-80 aircraft.

October 2015

  • Insel Air Aruba

Insel Air Aruba continued their network expansion from Aruba with the launch of their new service to Quito, Peru on Oct 29, 2015. Service for the AUA-UIO routes is scheduled 2x weekly with the Fokker 70.

December 2015

  • Aruba Airlines

Aruba Airlines introduced new flights to CUR on Dec 16, 2015. The airline will be operating their new CUR route 3x weekly with service on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays using their A320 aircraft.

Vital statistics

Traffic Results YTD Apr 2016
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