Almaty Airport (ALA) (ALA/UAAA)

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  • Welcome to Almaty International Airport (ALA), the largest international airport in Kazakhstan. ALA keeps the first place in the country be it domestic and international passenger and cargo operations. Every part of the country can be reached by air from Almaty, ALA has international distribution transport hub status, focused on attracting major freight flows from Asia to Europe and from Europe to Asia. Located in the south east of the country, in addition to its importance to the Silk Road, Almaty is a strategical point along China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ project, connecting Central China to West Asia. Located only 15 km of Almaty city centre the Airport is easily accessible and convenient to many tourist and business destinations.


  • The airport was founded in 1953 and up to 1990 it was the part of Kazakh Department of Civil Aviation. Since 1993 it operates as an independent business unit.
  • ALA was recognized as an international airport in 1998m after reconstruction of a runway.
  • In April 2021, Global airport operator, TAV Airports, has officially taken over responsibility for operating Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan.

TAV Airports took over operations in Almaty, the economic capital and the busiest airport of Kazakhstan in April 2021. TAV is now 85% beneficial owner of Almaty Airport and associated fuel and catering businesses, and Kazakhstan Infrastructure Fund, managed by VPE Capital and backed by Kazyna Capital Management, holds the remaining 15% stake. Almaty is the first airport in TAV’s portfolio where the company owns the airport instead of a time limited concession. Kazakhstan’s main aviation gateway and the flag carrier Air Astana’s base, Almaty Airport is an important junction on the modern “Silk Road”.

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  • International Passenger

One of several projects in Almaty International Airport is expansion of its main terminal. The expansion plan includes construction of spacious arrivals and departures area, new gates capable of handling domestic and international flights, new shops and dining options in the airport.

  • VIP Terminal

The expansion will significantly improve passenger experience. New VIP terminal will offer a world-class travel experience to all passengers of Almaty International Airport.

ALA has one of the largest multimodal terminals in Central Asia. Cargo terminal is equipped with railway access roads, which allows to handle goods coming in rail containers up to 40-tons.

Warehouses are equipped for loading and unloading operations, technical and production parameters are in line with international standards.

Total area – 5.5 hectares

DG Storage

COLD storage. Temperature range +2+8

Freezer Room. Temperature range -18

Valuable bond/vault


Radioactive Room

-          Developed infrastructure (up to 200 thousand tons of cargo per year).

-          Experience in handling more than 100 thousand tons of air cargo per year

-          Developed route network of cargo and passenger airlines

-          Customer base, strategic partners in transit cargo (airport, airline, logistics company, cargo owner)

-          Multimodal operation (ability to handle cargo by air/railway/car).

-          Territory for the expansion of the cargo terminal, apron.

-         Extensive experience with transit cargo arriving by road/railway with further transshipment by air and vice versa.

-          Experience in the entire cargo supply chain (sender, transit, broker, airline, logistician, recipient)

-          Pharma processing according to IATA standard CEIV Pharma

  • ALA has two runways for all types of aircraft:

Class A airfield, 4Е ICAO code, suitable for all types of aircrafts, 2 Cat. IIIB ICAO certified runways:

  • RWY 05R/23L – dimensions 4,400 m х 45 m (asphalt/concrete)
  • RWY 05L/23R – dimensions 4,500 m х 45 m (concrete)
  • The airport serves a number of international airlines including Asiana Airlines, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways Cargo, Hong Kong Air Cargo, Atlas Air, Cargolux, Antonov Airlines.