Memmingen (FMM) – Allgäu Airport – Munich Metropolitan Area (FMM/EDJA)

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Ryanair, which began serving Allgäu Airport in 2009, now operates 14 routes to the airport and Wizz Air offers flights to eleven destinations. The 8.1m people who live within 90 minutes driving time have nice houses, after all their per capita income is up to 28% higher than the all-German average.

A group of regionally active private sector stakeholders brought vision and financial resource to the Allgäu Airport development. Today we have 73 shareholders, which in turn have invested in the Allgäu Airport Express buses to ensure fast connection to Munich.

Regional new route requirements

In addition to the cities suggested above, evidence also exists to support new routes to:

  • Baltic states
  • Benelux
  • Eastern Europe
  • Scandinavia

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • The Allgäu Airport – completely financed and supported by 73 regional and private stakeholders, is the best alternative in Southern Germany, just 60 min driving time to Germany’s third largest city Munich and 80 min by car to the automotive capital Stuttgart.
  • Due to the great location at the motorway intersection A7/A96, there is an easy accessibility to the catchment area – by bus, train, taxi, rental car or express coach. The Allgäu Airport Express Bus offers direct connection to the central railway station in Munich, Kleinwalsertal, St.Gallen, Lech/St. Anton and Zurich.
  • Memmingen airport, the one and only regional airport south of the Danube with easy access to the Munich Metropolitan Area, offers one of the most attractive catchment areas to cover Southern Germany, Western Austria and Eastern Switzerland: 8.1 million Inhabitants within 90 min drive, 3.2 million inhabitants within direct reach of the airport and approx. 11.3 million within 2 hours driving time. In addition, the catchment area offers also a prosperous economic region and therefore shows a high potential. Memmingen and its catchment area is with its GDP 90 % above European and about 30 % above German average.
  • Memmingen is the gateway to Germany’s largest tourism region and to some of the world most famous summer and winter sports regions. 5 of 10 main Bavarian tourist attractions are situated within 60 minutes of the Airport. With its 6.2 million foreign arrivals there is even more potential for air traffic. Tourists can visit the beautiful fairy tale castles (Neuschwanstein in Füssen) and spectacular scenery or attend varies sport activities (e.g. Golf courses, climbing courses).
  • Memmingen airport offers a low cost structure for their clients but nevertheless excellent ground handling, security and customer service and further extremely competitive turnaround with 25 minutes on average.
  • The airport shows an impressive reliability (99.6% with ILS Cat I and anti-skid runway) and a high load factor and passenger volume (In 2014: 147 pax/flight).
  • But there is still a huge potential for expansion. Eastern Europe, the Benelux countries and Baltic states are still underserved. Cities like Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Madrid are typical desirable destinations.

Allgäu's current routes and route marketing efforts.

Marketing and other support

  • Exclusive online travel portal for trips from/to Memmingen
  • Re-launched website with approx. 200.000 visitors per month, Mobile page for fast and easy access to flight data and service information.
  • Monthly information given by newsletter on travel/flight offers, new routes, news about the airport, travel tips, events and cultural occasions.
  • Very useful and successful social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
  • The magazine of the airport – AirReport, published twice a year, is about exciting destination reports, airline portraits, travel tips and behind the scene stories.
  • Placement of various adverts in different newspapers and magazines of the region or radio spots.
  • Participation in lots of interesting trade consumer fairs.
  • Organisation of special roadshows and B2B events.
  • Flymemmingen: Travel portal with many various packages, see

Furthermore, an individual marketing package which is tailored to the needs of the airline to reach optimally the customers. This is agreed individually.


allgau catchment

Catchment Area

  • Allgäu airport serves one of Europe’s most heavily populated, affluent and actively industrial regions. Within 2 hours drive 11.7 million people live in our catchment area.
Memmingen – Kempten 20 min
Memmingen – Ulm 30 min
Memmingen – Switzerland 45 min
Memmingen – Bregenz 50 min
Memmingen – Augsburg 50 min
Memmingen – Feldkirch 60 min
Memmingen – Munich 60 min
Memmingen – Stuttgart 80 min

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • Real Estate to develop freight available
  • Many well-known forwarding agencies in our region: e.g. Dachser GmbH & Co.KG (totally 24.900 employees), Honold Internationale GmbH & Co. KG, Epple Internationale Spedition GmbH, Nagel Verwaltung & Logistik GmbH, Georg Kolb GmbH & Co. KG, Gebrüder Weiss Transport & Logistik GmbH

The airport utilises beautifully converted military facilities that are expected to see traffic jump from 462,000 in 2008 to 930,000 in 2011.

Express coach connection to Munich, Kleinwalsertal, St. Gallen, Zurich, Lech/St.Anton


  • The airport is located at the motorway intersection A7/A96
  • 30 min driving time to Ulm (source: Google maps)
  • 60 min driving time to Munich (source: Google maps)
  • 30 min driving time to Austria (source: Google maps)
  • 45 min driving time to Switzerland (source: Google maps)
  • 80 min driving time to Stuttgart (source: Google maps)
  • Easy accessibility to the catchment area – by bus, train, taxi, rental car or express coach

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Terminal with 7 gates
  • Location: 2.37 NM (4.4km) 090° from the city of Memmingen
  • Runway: 2.981m length
  • No Slot restrictions
  • Operating hours: 06.00 – 23.30 LT(between 22:30 and 23:30 with restrictions)
  • Terminals: 1 – newly build 2007 (Services: VIP/Business Lounge, Briefing Room, gastronomy: restaurants/ cafes/ beergarden, seven car parks incl. short car park, Airport Shuttle bus Allgäu Airport Express adapted for the air traffic, four rental car providers)
  • Terminal capacity: up to 2.000.000 pax

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • Runway extension program
  • Terminal expansion
  • Increase of reliability of 99,3 % to 99,8 % by increase of ILS
  • Express coach connection to Munich, Kleinwalsertal, St. Gallen, Zurich, Lech/St.Anton
  • Bookings and current journey times: www.allgä
  • Transfer to your desired destination:
  • Infrastructure in the passenger terminal:
    • different travel agents, ticket and information counter, car rental counters, Coffee fellows, RAGAZZI (Italian food), a typical Bavarian beer garden after the security check, a playground in the outside area, the Travel Value & Duty Free Shop.
  • Real Estate at the Airport:
    • Allgäu Airport offers unusual commercial premises and premises for innovative companies looking for a special site. The former military buildings of Allgäu Airport are ideally suitable for a prestigious office or a large storage area with unique flair.
    • Contact:

The airport’s expanding destination network attracts more and more passengers that make use of a wide range of parking facilities.

Vital statistics

  • In 2015: 860.000 pax, 14.132 aircraft movements (5.670 scheduled/charter)
  • 70% leisure travel and 30% business travel (source: panel survey Allgäu Airport 2014)
  • Largest carrier: Ryanair, Wizzair
  • Non-Schengen (approx. 350.000) / Schengen Pax (approx. 490.000)