Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC/LEAL)

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Besides its own 5.5 million catchment are and core inbound tourism, Alicante is also growing and diversifying its events business, and is the current host of the start of the around-the-world Volvo Ocean Race. This event is held every three years with the 12th edition of the race starting from Alicante in October 2014.

Other Major reasons to serve this airport

  • Well known tourist destination with a complete offer of beaches, leisure and culture.
  • There are 200 kilometres of coastline known as the Costa Blanca in Alicante province. There are 47 beaches in Alicante which have the blue flag distinction.
  • The most important festival, the Bonfires of Saint John, takes place during the Summer solstice.
  • The Costa Blanca has become one of the favorite golf destinations for lovers of the sport thanks to the variety and quality of facilities. There are 16 golf courses in Alicante.
  • Alicante is one of the fastest-growing cities in Spain.
  • Important second residence location for European tourism.
  • Catchment area of 5.5 million population.
  • 825 lodgings/hotels in Alicante region.
  • Various private companies have rewarded the airport’s work:
    • rewarded Alicante-Elche Airport in 2012 for its contribution to safety in all operational processes;
    • Alicante-Elche Airport’s new terminal received an award to the best public works of the province in 2011;
    • Alicante-Elche Airport received an award in 2011 for the maintenance of AENOR certification in environmental management systems and quality;
    • Alicante-Elche Airport collected the award “Anticipated 2010” in the category of companies and institutions for their work on prevention of occupational hazards in their facilities.


Alicante marketing

The new terminal opened in March 2011.

Marketing and other support

  • Incentives are available in the Spanish airports:
    • Passenger growth incentive:
      • 75% discount in the passenger charge for additional passengers on a route in year ‘n’ (payable 50% on year n+1 and 25% in n+2).
      • 100% discount in the passenger charge if the route is to a new destination in year ‘n’ (payable 75% on year n+1 and 25% in n+2).
    • Transfer incentive: 30% discount in passenger & security charges in 2014 and 35% in 2015.
    • Freight: is exempted of cargo charge from the 5 July 2014.
    • Charges will have a maximum increase of 0% for the next ten years until 2025, as per the Royal Decree-Law 8/2014, published on the State Official Bulletin.
  • PR support for new routes:
    Aena offers Marketing Support actions for the opening of new routes, which may include:

    • Opening flight ceremony:
      • Dedicated area at the airport for the opening flight ceremony;
      • Cocktail for the passengers of the opening flight ceremony;
      • Invitation of relevant authorities, press, agencies and participants to boost profile of event.
    • Water salute: 
      • Water cannon salute at the opening flight;
    • Publicity at the airport:
      • In the airport: publicity spaces (MUPI) and digital screens for publicity;
      • On-Line: Promotional banner on the airport’s web page or at info-vuelos web page and promotion of the new route through the social media and other channels;
      • Off-Line: Official press release with impact on major national media and press release at Aena’s magazine;
    • Publicity outside the airport:
      • Information in the UNAV (Unión de Agencias de Viaje -Travel Agencies Union) newsletter, that includes 120 members with 1,500 sales points and promotion of the route through the eSIPA* monitors (* Flight information platform installed at various hotels, fairs & conventions centres, and other placements outside the airport).
    • Promotional discounts
      • Discounts at airport’s parking, retail and food & beverages;
      • Promotional flyer at Aena Aeropuertos’ website announcing the new routes and including the promotional discounts with airline logo to be delivered to the passengers.
    • Base start-up
      • Note: There are minimum conditions for the number of based aircraft and traffic growth associated in order to be eligible for these actions.
      • Discount on the current official rate in the rental of check-in machines and/or check-in counters;
      • Discount on the current official rate in the rental of offices, premises and commercial counters;
      • Discount on the current official rate in the branding of the boarding gate area in line with the airline specifications;
      • Special banner at info-vuelos website (1.7 million visits/month).
  • Possible cooperation from the Spanish Tourism Board (Tourspain):
  • Market information: statistics & market analysis on request at
  • The conditions of the Aena Incentive scheme and PR support are according to the wording included in the legislation in force. For more information please visit:

Substantial 5.5 million local catchment - virtually unlimited inbound.

Catchment Area

  • 30 minutes: 1,251,487
  • 60 minutes: 2,824,886
  • 120 minutes: 5,475,045

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

Alicante-Elche offers access to the resilient and affluent Costa Blanca economy. Nine new routes were launched in the S14 season alone.


  • Alicante-Elche Airport is located nine kilometres to the south-west of the capital, in the municipality of Elche.

Road Access

  • Airport access is via the A-7 and N-332. The distance between the urban centre of Alicante and the turn-off for the airport is eight kilometres.

Bus Access

  • Several bus lines connect the airport with the centre of Alicante, the towns of Torrellano, Elche, Benidorm, Calpe, Santa Pola, Guardamar and Torrevieja, and the city of Murcia.
  • Alicante-Airport, Line C6 (connection with regional rail network TRAM).
  • Elche-Airport-Arenales del Sol, Line 1B.
  • Elche-Airport, Line 1A.
  • Benidorm-Airport line.
  • Murcia-Airport line.
  • Torrevieja-Airport line.
  • Santa Pola-Airport line.

Train Access

  • Alicante-Elche Airport is connected by the C-6 bus route to the different train-tram and tram routes of Alicante’s TRAM Metropolitano, linking the city centre with towns on the Costa Blanca, including El Campello, La Vila Joiosa, Benidorm, L’Alfàs del Pi, Altea, Calp, Benissa, Gata, Teulada and Denia.

Infrastructure & Operations

ACL Aerial shot

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

For more Alicante regional information go to:

Vital statistics

2013 figures

  • Passengers (commercial): 1,089,484 domestic passengers; 8,537,226 international passengers.
  • Air transport movements: 94% scheduled flights; 6% charter flights.
  • Frieght: 2,600 tonnes.
  • Largest carriers (Top 10): Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling, Norwegian, Monarch Airlines,, airberlin,, Thomson Airways and Iberia Express.


Airport charges

Annual report