Gazipasa-Alanya Airport (GZP/LTFG)

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Alanya’s booming tourist sector – best summed up by the stunning Kremlin Palace Hotel – TAV has extended the runway making commercial operation possible at this much-desired airport.

New route possibilities

  • Antalya Gazipasa Airport in Alanya is a new secondary and low cost airport of Antalya. It started to operate by July 2009 and welcomed 730 thousand passengers in 2014 where it had served 360 thousand the year before. Thomas Cook Scandinavia, SAS, Transavia, Tailwind, Corendon Airlines, Jettime and Sunexpress are some of the major airlines operating to GZP from numerous European destinations. In addition, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air and Anadolujet connect GZP to Istanbul and Ankara (ESB) with frequent domestic flights. The route network of GZP will expand further in 2015. Moscow, Warsaw, Katowice and Riga are possible new routes which possess a high traffic potential to/from GZP. With the infrastructural enhancements at the airport, a wider range of aircraft including A320s and B737-800s are capable to operate GZP flights.
  • Proving flights – the airport was originally built in 1999 but unable to open due to operational restrictions on the short runway. Since taking over TAV experts have lengthened the runway and prepared the airport for opening – much to the relief of this breathtaking resort.

Proving flights – the airport was originally built in 1999 but unable to open due to operational restrictions on the short runway. Since taking over TAV experts have lengthened the runway and prepared the airport for opening – much to the relief of this breathtaking resort.

Major reasons to serve this airport

  • Located on a peninsula which is bordered by the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea on the south, Alanya is a giant resort which hosts over a million tourists each year and has recently become the most serious contender for tourism among Turkey’s southern resorts such as Bodrum, Çesme and Antalya. Only 135 km east of the Antalya, it stretches along a 70-km coastline nestled against the Taurus range.
  • The tourism industry, worth about €1.5 billion annually, is the leading industry in Alanya. Especially in the last 10 years, hotels have raced to accommodate the influx of tourists (there were 470,000 hotel beds in the city in 2014). Many tourists, especially Scandinavians, Germans, Russians, and Dutch, regularly vacation in Alanya during the spring and summer months, drawn to the region by property prices, warm weather, long beaches, access to Antalya’s historic sites, and fine cuisine.

Monthly distribution of foreign visitors in Antalya*

Months 2012 2013 2014
January 105,335 94,105 101,003
February 162,857 157,155 140,365
March 296,420 335,563 304,595
April 614,860 666,940 769,2740
May 1,219,630 1,414,189 1,468,790
June 1,492,881 1,609,252 1,730,668
July 1,737,281 1,784,568 1,976,349
August 1,717,019 1,831,906 1,955,595
September 1,521,767 1,666,222 1,576,642
October 1,035,119 1,155,282 1,091,872
November 275,176 279,813 260,431
December 121,031 127,515 130,766
TOTAL 10,299,376 11,122,510 11,506,350

*Number of foreign visitors in Antalya

European Residents Second Homes in Alanya:

In line with the tourism industry, the housing industry in the city has become highly profitable with many new private homes and condominiums built for European and Asian part-time residents, thanks to the provisional elimination of restrictions on land purchases by non-nationals.

The European Volleyball Confederation has bulit a volleyball training facility in Alanya, and made it the exclusive ''Centre of Beach Volleyball in Europe''.

Sports events in Alanya

Besides its natural beauties, Alanya is well-known for its festivals and sports events. An anual triathlon, part of the International Triathlon Union series, has been held every October since 1990. Alanya is also the regular host of The Turkish Open, part of the Nestea European Beach Volleyball championship tour, which takes place in May. In 2007, the Turkish Volleyball Federation persuaded the European Volleyball Confederation to build a beach volleyball training facility in Alanya, and make it the exclusive “centre of beach volleyball in Europe”. The city is also a frequent host to national events, such as the annual beach handball tournament, and the finish of the seven-day Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey. Other cycling events include the Alanya International Mountain Bike Race. Additionally, the European Cycling Union will have its 2010 European road cycling championship and 2010 ordinary congress meeting in Alanya.

Cultural attractions

Thanks to the city’s seaside many festivals are organised through the summer period. These include the Tourism and Art Festival, which marks the opening of the season from at the end of May or beginning of June. The Alanya International Culture and Art Festival is then held in the first week of October at the close of the season. Other regular festivals include the Alanya Jazz Days, which has been held since 2002 in September or October at the Kizil Kule, which is otherwise home to the municipal ethnographic museum.

Marketing and other support

Please download the Alanya Gazipasa brochure for more information.

Antalya Gazipasa Airport catchment map

Airport Catchment area

Gazipasa-Alanya Airport (GZP) is the most convenient point of entry into Alanya for the vacationers. GZP has convenient access to the highways that makes travel to farthest destinations in Antalya area possible within two driving hours. GZP considerably shortens the airport-hotel transfer time for Alanya visitors and saves them valuable holiday time.

Airport Distance to

Major Tourist Destinations (km)























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Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

The new airport is seen as a major boost to the province’s economy – essentially because of the $1bn+ tourism and real estate business, although there is also a significant agricultural hinterland growing produce year-round for Northern European supermarkets.

Antalya Gazipasa Airport terminal

Terminal facilities are simple but clean, modern and ideal

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Terminal Area: 8,000 m²
  • Single Runway: 2,000m*45m (will be extended to 2,350m)
  • Aircraft Parking Space: 6
  • Largest carrier: THY
Antalya Gazipasa Airport (GZP) 2013 2014 Change
Domestic International Total Domestic International Total Domestic International Total
GZP Pax 110,590 227,932 338,522 316,999 409,253 726,252 187% 80% 115%
GZP ATM 771 1,698 2,469 2,527 2,822 5,349 228% 66% 117%
GZP Freight (tonnes) 1,002 3,208 4,210 3,054 4,845 7,900 205% 51% 88%
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2015 DHMI Airport Tariff  Charges