Azores Airport (PDL/LPPD)

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ponta delgada terminal exterior

Ponta Delgada Airport Terminal.

Other major reasons to serve this airport

  • Main gateway to the Azores for air and passenger freight.
  • An emerging destination.
  • Competitive airport charges (lower than average airport charges).
  • International sports event destination.
  • Mild climate throughout the year.
  • Top destination for whale and dolphin watching, with a unique breathtaking experience of volcanic landscapes and flora – “The best place to feel nature.”
  • Azores was given the title of being the first destination to receive the Quality Coast Platinum Award.
  • Given international awards thanks to its unique ecosystem and strong cultural identity.

Marketing/ and other support

  • Ponta Delgada Airport is available to promote marketing initiatives and provide all the support airlines may need. The airport has co-investment marketing funds to support new business opportunities and unserved routes.
  • There is also strong support from the tourism authority.
ponta delgada catchment

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Airport Catchment area

  • The total catchment area of Ponta Delgada Airport is the entire population of the Azores which is close to 250,000 inhabitants.
  • The distance varies throughout the catchment, from between 30 minutes (Ponta Delgada – S. Maria) and 90 minutes (Ponta Delgada – Flores).

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

  • For further information on freight opportunities please contact the airport.
ponta delgada terminal interior

Ponta Delgada Airport is able to accomodate 1,262 passengers per hour.


  • Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, Ponta Delgada Airport has a strategic location between Europe and North America.
  • Ponta Delgada Airport is situated in the town of Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel, the largest island in the Azores.
  • Ponta Delgada is a 3-kilometre distance from the centre of town.

Infrastructure & Operations

  • Ponta Delgada Airport ensures secure services, fast and efficient, with a focus on the needs and expectations of every client.
  • Ponta Delgada is a modern airport designed to deliver first class operational facilities for both airlines and passengers.

Operational & Technical data

  • Operational hours: 06:00-24:00.
  • Slot coordinated: Yes.
  • Medium temprature: 23°C summer/ 15°C winter.
  • Runway: One – 12/30.
  • Runway length: 2,353 metres/7,700 ft.
  • Taxiway width: 23 metres/75 ft.
  • ILS: CAT I.
  • Aircraft stands: 16 (up to 747).
  • Passengers per hour (departures & arrivals): 1,262 (642:620).
  • Movements per hour (departures & arrivals): 14 (six:eight).
  • ICAO cat: 4E.
  • Apron PCN: 70RBWT.
  • Firefighting: CAT 7 until CAT 9/FAA index E.

Vital statistics

2015 Figures

  • Total passengers: 1.27 million – a growth of 29.5% when compared to 2014.
  • Aircraft movements: 13,400 – a growth of 15% when compared to 2014.
  • Passenger split by airline: Scheduled (73%); LCC (25%); Charter (2%).
  • Home-based airlines: Azores Airlines and Ryanair.
  • 28 non-stop destinations and 12 airlines serving Ponta Delgada Airport.

Passenger profile (2015)

  • Inbound: 53%
  • Outbound : 29%
  • Transfer: 13%
  • Multi-destination: 5%
  • Male/Female split: 45%:55%
  • Passenger purpose of travel: Leisure: 41%; VFR: 31%; Business 28%.
  • Age: 18-24: 8% | 25-34: 23% | 35-44: 33% | 45-54: 23% | 55-64: 7% | >65: 6%.