Aalborg Airport (AAL/EKYT)

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Aalborg: An attractive tourist destination, university city, important shipping port, and home to Scandinavia's largest carnival (2011 attendance >100,000).

New route possibilities

Crete has proven to be a profitable route, and was only abandoned due to the bankruptcy of Cimber Sterling in May 2012.

  • We will gladly deliver actual passenger figures upon request.

Festival city: Restaurants and nightlife along the popular Jomfru Ane Gardeet. Aalborg has hosted the 2011 and the 2012 Danish Song Contest

Major reasons to serve this airport

  • Aalborg is a prosperous region with a high GDP and a thriving commercial sector.
  • Complete refurbishment and large-scale airport expansion carried out between 2011 and 2013.
  • We offer free parking to the benefit of your customers.
  • We have experienced the second largest growth among all major Nordic airports two years in a row.
  • Aalborg is Denmark’s second most visited tourist destination right behind Copenhagen.
  • Excellent weather conditions minimise delays.
  • De-icings are done directly on flight stand to minimise delays.


In 2011, new routes included KLM's service to Amsterdam and Comefly's connection to Fort Myers, Florida. Profitable available routes include Paris which was served by Norwegian with three weekly departures until 2009, and only abandoned due to Norwegian's lack of aircraft. In 2012 Berlin and Barcelona are new routes.

Marketing and other support

  • Our determined goal is to establish a long, successful partnership with the airlines. We aim for the long-term profitability of the route. The level of our participation in ensuring a route’s success is always up for discussion.
  • Flight event (B2C and B2B): Every new route is accompanied by a gate event for passengers. This includes festive activities at the gate for departing and arriving passengers on their first flight. VIP event for airline representatives.
  • Exclusivity and frequent flyers: We offer special VIP treatment for your frequent-flyer passengers – your travellers can be offered a free VIP parking space, just outside the terminal. Furthermore, in the second phase of expanding Aalborg Airport (2012) our exclusive lounge area will be on offer.
  • Brand exposure at Aalborg Airport: In collaboration with Aalborg Airport, the new destination will be advertised on TV, outdoors at attractive locations, together with online and offline media – brand exposure to create public awareness.
  • Co-advertising: Marketing support to create public awareness, co-branded or individually branded. Possibility of cross-marketing and/or co-promotion.
  • Campaign strategy at start-up: Airline-branded marketing support to create public awareness focused on introducing the airline into the new market.
  • PR activities: Press releases will be written continuously and distributed to relevant media. We have a near 100% success rate on our PR initiatives. Possibility of press conferences targeted at the Danish media.
  • Support to new destinations: Incentive programmes can be confidentially discussed.

Located 7km from the city, Denmark's third-largest airport offers a 2.5 million catchment characterised by high disposable income and significant tourist and industrial activity.

Airport Catchment area

The airport is ideally situated near the motorway E45 and only 7km from Jutland’s second largest city, Aalborg. Although all airports in Jutland have a potential uptake from the entire region of Jutland, Aalborg airports offers some unique features:

  • Free car parking (only at Aalborg Airport)
  • Ideal location close to the E45 motorway and national train lines
  • Jutland’s two largest cities Aalborg and Aarhus are a 5min and an 1h drive away respectively

Aalborg Airport offers the unique competitive advantage of attracting passengers from much further away than its other competing airports would.

From anywhere in Jutland (population approximating 2.6 million), Aalborg Airport can be reached within a maximum of 2½ hours. The rapid growth observed in the past two years is attributable to a very high demand for direct traffic out of Aalborg, increasing levels of business in the surrounding area and to an intensified marketing effort, which is pulling passengers from Aarhus (the second-largest city in Denmark) and also the region south of central Jutland. This is a demand, which airlines like Norwegian and Air France/KLM have successfully exploited.

Already a primary goods junction, Aalborg has huge potential for developing airfreight, especially to and from Greenland. The area also hosts the global headquarters of Aalborg Industries, as well as the popularAalborg Akvavit distillery.

Under-served freight opportunities and other economic impact factors

The new airport is seen as a major boost to the province’s economy – essentially because of the $1bn+ tourism and real estate business, although there is also a significant agricultural hinterland growing produce year-round for Northern European supermarkets.

Significant investment is underway which will see an extension from 6 to 11 gates by 2013.


Aalborg Airport is situated 7km outside Aalborg City Centre. It is the only major Danish airport offering free parking, a major unique selling point in attracting passengers for international flights.

Aalborg Airport is at the heart of the European motorway E45. In addition to free parking the airport terminal is served by an extensive network of buses and taxis. The major national train line is only one bus stop away ensuring easy access via trains from north and south. Aalborg Airport is the primary gateway to the lovely Northern part of Denmark with Skagen and the north-western beaches and coastline. This part of Denmark sees the second largest annual amount of tourists after Copenhagen and is a major industrial area. The typical family in North and Central Jutland has a very high disposable income for general spending compared with other regions.

Infrastructure & Operations:

  • Runways: two 2,650m
  • Fire & Rescue: RFF/CFR cat 7
  • 7 aircraft stands (10 by the end of 2011)
  • 14 check-in desks – check-in mainly automated.
  • Each baggage-tag carries RFID tracking of baggage, minimising lost luggage issues.
  • Aalborg Airport is a designated schedule facilitated airport. This is performed by ACL.
  • Operating hours: 24
  • Terminals: 1 combined international and domestic terminal. Planned major expansion and refurbishment – finishing in 2013.
  • Minimum connection time: 45min

Important infrastructure developments and/or other news

  • Addition of 6,400m2 to terminal area
  • Refurbishing 12,000m2
  • Extension from 6 to 11 gates
  • Extension from 7 to 10 apron stands
  • 1,000 new parking spaces
  • Extra security flow
  • Additional check-in machines
  • Larger tax-free, shopping area and food and beverage
  • Top of the line lounge facilities

Vital statistics

  • 1.4 million passengers in 2011. 2012 forecast 1.5 million
  • Aalborg Airport has experienced growing passenger numbers for 8 consecutive years.
  • Airlines: Norwegian, SAS, KLM, Atlantic Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, Vueling Airlines,Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Jet Time, Balkan Holidays, Onur Air, Iberworld and Air Norway.
  • Charter: Spies, Star Tour, Apollo, Bravo Tours, Sun Tours, Scanway, Falk Lauritsen, Nazar Travel, Århus Charter, Best Travel.
  • Largest carrier: SAS

Existing charter destinations

Mallorca, Rhodes, Antalya, Sunny Beach, Crete, Dalaman, Milas, Zakynthos, Canary Island, Tenerife, Pisa, Firenze, Phuket, Cyprus, Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Punta Cana – Dominican Republic, Cancun (2013).