Routes available

List for €999

Show your airport’s vacant routes to anna.aero’s annual 1 million+ unique visitors

Getting your stock of vacant routes on the shelves of anna.aero’s Route Shop has never been easier.


Full Service Option

This is your airport’s stand alone, cyber route marketing package generating first page Google exposure for “YOUR AIRPORT NAME routes.”

We’ll send you a simple document to complete in your own words. You’ll give us your airport’s list of desired routes and send it back to us with lots of pictures of your airport and nearby key attractions. anna.aero’s expert editors will then take over to help with further research, copywriting and presentation. We’ll even design for you any essential items such as a customised catchment area map.

€2,999/$3,999 for 12 months.

See Christchurch example

Route Shop Lite Option

This new abbreviated product allows airports to list just their vacant routes and essential contact details in the Route Shop. Route Shop Lite entries are fully searchable and can be retrieved and interrogated just like the intensively detailed Route Shop entries. This option is ideal for airports which want high search engine visualisation from airline network planners at fractional cost.

€999/$1,399 for 12 months.

See Kelowna example