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About The Routeshop

The virtual shop for selling viable air services to airlines

The Route Shop StoreThe Route Shop is hosted on www.anna.aero (anna – Airline Network News & Analysis) the totally free and open website dedicated to outstanding airline network planning intelligence.

anna.aero has over 100,000 visits per month – so it’s a great place to host a shop full of viable air services.

Like anna.aero it is totally open, free-of-charge, and has no silly log-ins or passwords. Anyone can enter The Route Shop at any time.

Now stocking over 300 airports and 3,700+ viable routes

Airlines can already find out a great deal about any airport just by using search engines. But they can’t easily discover which new routes airports think are crying out to be served, nor the evidence to support claims that these services are viable.

Route Shop route stock is carefully crafted and presented with the full assistance of anna.aero’s experienced editors so that only the freshest and most attractive routes are presented to prospective airlines backed by easily understood, fully-illustrated evidence.

The Route Shop is cheap, but very powerful, very prominent, and totally relevant.

Stocking your routes in The Route Shop is by far the cheapest and easiest way to sell your air services – just speak to any of our assistants and they’ll help you every step of the way.